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First, sorry if this is not appropriate in the forum as this is not about traditional online poker. I am referring to a Pokerrr 2 club I am involved with.

The info:
- 8-10% rake (depends on day) capped at $2
- stakes are .25/.50, straddle is on but not used too frequently (I tighten my range up in these hands)
- buy in is capped at $150 but most players buy in for $100
- games are 8 handed (sometimes only 6 sitting)

The player pool is of mixed variety, with some tight and aggressive players but a lot of players who limp hands I would put in my PFR range and bet nearly pot on the flop with any connection to the board (even second pair, good kicker). They also have variable opening sizes from 3-5bbs -- I get the impression the player pool is similar to a live 1/2 table at most casinos

I think over-limping preflop would yield a lot of lost value especially with the rake and open limping is just not part of my strategy. Given the info I have my immediate thought is to play far fewer pots, but make them on the bigger side. In my first few sessions I made the mistake of playing too many hands and c-betting to small but I have noticed that the players are also sticky and willing to call bets that should price out flush draws and straight draws, I have had a lot of situations where players are calling my 2/3 pot bets only to get there on the river

My current approach summarized:
- play fewer hands, ideally bigger pots, only limp to close the action with suited connector style hands (not sure how I should treat a hand like JKo when I have 3 limpers ahead of me)
- post flop start betting nearly pot to price out draws with premium hands (TPTK, top two, etc)
- I still need to think about how I want to tweak my open/calling ranges and opening sizing
- I also need to think about how to play multiway pots more -- their ranges are less defined esp when it goes 4 ways to the flop, most hands are multi way

Any input you all have would be great, I have started transitioning form playing online to more so in these clubs and eventually live and am not sure what the best adjustments should be. Thanks!

April 28, 2020 | 10:11 p.m.

At my stakes (10NL), I see a few regs who open from the CO/BU a lot and when I defend my BB I see them regularly cbet a large amount at a large frequency, the sizing makes my X/R very hard and if I call I almost get double-barreled.

How should I think about reacting to this line?

April 24, 2020 | 8:13 p.m.

Why would JJ not be in ones 3betting range vs. an UTG open?

April 22, 2020 | 6:06 a.m.

Thanks for your input!

That makes sense, I think I will try out 25NL when I get to ~10 buyins. I play a lot of home games that are bigger stakes, but much softer so my P/L is pretty nice.

I currently think of my two bankrolls as separate entities, is that normal?

April 21, 2020 | 11:02 p.m.

I play on BetOnline, 10NL cash games. My sample size is small as I recently got a HUD (~5000) hands and I am up $70 with an $EV difference of -$20. I know that is most likely just variance on my end but now that I have a HUD I have a few questions of how I should think about my opponents.

At my stake, there are ~5 accounts I have tagged as bots (confirmed by others on poker forums) and another 4-5 that I consider good regs. While I have only had a HUD for a small-time I have played against all of these players for at least 10k hands before this and had a decent understanding of their style.

Against all of these accounts, I am beating them, and my HUD shows that I am the person they lose the most too. Is this most likely just because I only get their stats from the tables we play together? Certainly, they must be losing to others semi-regularly.

I have no intention of moving up stakes yet as my bankroll cannot handle 25NL yet even though I am just a rec player (who tries to play well) and this is a hobby. I am mainly looking for people to confirm that this is too small of a sample and I am interpreting the data incorrectly (and offer any input on how to improve)

Thanks for the time -- apologies if this was an improper post, I just joined RIO

April 21, 2020 | 6:26 p.m.

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