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Nice video sir.
I have a question about KJcc hand at 5:00 where you said he can go for value with AK+ and i am not sure if he can valuebet AK. I think we need some sort of a read that he doesnt like to fold rivers to valuebet AK....

Dec. 8, 2015 | 4:32 p.m.

I called in that spot and he had QsTs :)

Nov. 7, 2015 | 11:12 p.m.

What about pokerstars? I think rake there is the lowest? And action is probably still good on microstakes?

Nov. 6, 2015 | 12:28 a.m.

Hello guys! I am playing highstakes NL.
And I am just looking for an avice for my friend who would like to start playing poker. I will help him with strategy.
I would just like to know which site is currently best to start playing microstakes. Give the rake and rakeback? Is NL2 even beatable given size of the rake?

Thanks for your response guys. I have started playing 6 years ago and I forgot a bit and some things may have even change....Like there is not that big offer of rakeback currently.

Nov. 5, 2015 | 8:10 p.m.

Nice vid !
I have a question about KJo hand 20:,00 where you defend in BB. I like turn bet and river check. But I think river is more check-fold than check-call if he bets any reasonable amount like he did 10k. even if you have a very good bluffcatcher. If he bets like 1/3 is obv a call. I mean those players need to realize that they are not really repping many value combos and they can have a lot of bluff combos and if he bets big he obv. needs to expect that one of the players will fold Jx and I dont think they expect this.
Idk really how to explain this but when i bluffcatched in similar spots like this in multiway pots I was usualy beat.
What about if you have AJ in this spot? I think we can valueship or valuebet AJ.
Thanks for your response this really is great series.

Nov. 4, 2015 | 11:39 a.m.

@ ralph. Why do you think my betsizing is poor on flop and turn? If I block all top pairs and I dont think that they will call me with second pairs in such a tight spot. So most likely hands that will call me are draws and I want to charge them max as I can give how deep we are.....

Oct. 16, 2015 | 11:39 a.m.

Post | bang_bang posted in MTT: EPT barcelona main event

I will post a hand from EPT Barcelona main event which bothers me and I am not really
sure about.

Blinds 75/150: effective stack 35k:233bbs

UTG opens 375, MP calls, HIJACK calls, I squeeze KK on the BTN on 1800
UTG folds, MP calls, HIJACK calls

Flop (pot= 6.000): KsJs6h, they check to me and I bet 4.500, MP folds, HIJACK calls

TURN (pot= 15.000): 2c, he checks to me and I bet 11k, he calls

River (pot= 37.000): Ac, and he ships into me and has me covered by a 5-10k or something
So his bets is 17.700. Hero???

I didnt had any special reads on him. He was around 30 years old. And raised and
cbet flop few hands thats all. I know that he is almost never bluffing.Probably even
never not almost never.
But I dont think he has QTo so that only leave him with 4 combos of QTs. And
I think he folds QTs without flushdraw on the turn a lot so that only leaves him
with 1 combo of QsTs lets say 2 combos becaue sometimes he can also calls with only
straight draw.
I need around 25% to call. So maybe he can just randomly ship 66 or JJ enough % of
the time for me to call? Obv I dont think that donking with 66, JJ is good
in that spot. But considering that live players are not that very good in general he
can do that sometimes. I have seen a lot of worse plays in live poker.

Oct. 11, 2015 | 10:34 p.m.

20:35 Do you always just fold AJo on 378fd flop? I usualy check-call this hand. And with backdoor flushdraw i cbet it. Do you think that is a mistake to check-call that hand?

April 13, 2015 | 1:25 p.m.

@13:45 you are cbeting with 56s on 638r flop. What is your range in that spot for checking back the flop and than calling turn and folding river. And for the checking back the flop and calling the turn and the river.
Thanks for your response!

April 5, 2015 | 5:30 p.m.

31min: you said it's easy check call on turn with K6. Would you say the same for raised pot preflop? I think that we don't have enough equity for call.

Feb. 12, 2015 | 7:15 p.m.

Post | bang_bang posted in NLHE: 4Bet range

Hi guys, i was thinking a bit about 4bet range vs different opponents. Would you have more playable hands in your 4bet bluffing range vs players who calls a lot 4bets or would you adjust in a way that you simply 4bet less for bluff and more wide for value?

example 1: BTN vs SB: opponent 3bet 18% and fold to 4bet 55%. I ussually take here some hands based on blockers. ( A9off, A3-A5off, some suited Kx...)

example 2. BTN vs SB: now let's say he 3bet 18% and fold to 4bet 30% . Would you still 4bet same range there for bluff? how would you change it? Or would you 4bet less there for a bluff? ( fold more to his 3bet obv. )

It's similar situation in CO vs BTN. But it's even harder to play vs good player cos you are out of position.

Jan. 28, 2015 | 2:04 a.m.

Post | bang_bang posted in NLHE: 5-10 online river decision Here is the hand
I only know that villain is a regular but i dont have any reads.
I think for villain range to call a 3bet is A2s-AQs, ATo-AQo, KTo+, JQo, all pocketpairs, all suited brodways, K8s+, Q8s+, J8s+, T8s+, 97s+, 86s+, 75s+, 46s+, 54s and maybe also QTo, JTo.
Than on the river i dont think we can valuebet this hand because i think there is no chance to get called by worse enough % of the time. There is only a question to call or not. We only have a bluffcatcher there is no chance that he is valuebeting worse thats pretty obvious.
At first it looks like that is very hard to have a bluff for villain but than i did some analysis in flopzilla and if he wants to defend enough he also needs to call the flop with approximately 6 combos of backdoor flushdraw and this can be his bluffs and he can also turn into a bluff hands like JThh, J9hh, J8hh.
What do you guys think?

And i dont know how to make that link will word if you can be so kind and just copy paste it into browser :)

Jan. 20, 2015 | 12:10 p.m.

Comment | bang_bang commented on 25-50, squezed pot,

I folded this hand yes I also think that he has set or Axcc to much. But if I would have Axcc i would say fu** it and call....

Jan. 20, 2015 | 11:54 a.m.

great video: 23min: with A7hh. What line would you take with AJoff ( with spade and without). and with AKs..would you bet flop and turn?

Jan. 20, 2015 | 3:58 a.m.

Nice vid sir.
2:30-KQo What do you do in this spot if he bets 3/4+? I think against 1/2 it is quite easy
call but when he bets 3/4+ it starts to getting a lot closer...

29:10- KQo you are just folding KQ in the SB vs CO? I usualy 3 bet this hand since I have
linear range SB vs CO but when we are deep I would rather call but I think folding is way
to weak. I can understand folding vs UTG or MP but vs CO it is defenetly a call.

Jan. 14, 2015 | 1:13 p.m.

nice vid.
9:40--AK you cold 4bet AK 160bbs deep. What is your plan if he 5 bets you? I think that
cold 4beting is the best play. but then when he 5bets me i usually end up getting it against
AA or KK 90% of the time...

27:00--55 i think here is better to bet out 55 on the turn because when he checks again
i think we are ahead quite often and he almost always has 2 overcards.

Jan. 14, 2015 | 11:13 a.m.

Post | bang_bang posted in NLHE: 25-50, squezed pot,

Poker Stars $25/$50 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players - [url=]View hand 2633059[/url]
[url=]DeucesCracked Poker Videos[/url] [url=]Hand History Converter[/url]

BTN: $5000.00
SB: $5343.00
BB: $5035.00
[b]UTG: $5292.50[/b]
UTG+1: $5000.00
UTG+2: $5505.00
[b]MP1: $5075.00[/b]
MP2: $5000.00
[b]Hero (CO): $5000.00[/b]

[b]Pre Flop:[/b] ($75.00) Hero is CO with Q :club: K :club:
[color=red]UTG raises to $100[/color], [i]2 folds[/i], MP1 calls $100, [i]1 fold[/i], [color=red]Hero raises to $450[/color], [i]3 folds[/i], UTG calls $350, MP1 calls $350

[b]Flop:[/b] ($1425.00) T :heart: 8 :club: 3 :club: color=#336633[/color]
UTG checks, MP1 checks, [color=red]Hero bets $780[/color], UTG calls $780, [color=red]MP1 raises to $4625 all in[/color]
Hero ???

UTG is 44/25
and MP1 who i think has 88 and lower in his range, with 99+ he probably 3bets pre. and than some suited conecteors and lower suited brodways. He is a regular who I dont think that he plays 25-50 regular as neither do I.
I think preflop is standard to isolate weaker player and prevent that other players enter the pot. Maybe I should make it bigger like 550$ or 600$. And than on the flop we need 34% to call and I am not sure if we have it because i think that MP1 mostly has a set here. Against a set we are not getting the right odds but if we start putting some draws in his range it is a call.
What do you guys think? I really think that he just calls with draws because he is getting such a good odds.

Dec. 31, 2014 | 2:08 p.m.

Nice video!
Do you think that should also consider how many overcards do we cover ( hit two pair) on the turn. If we have A8 and A comes on the turn we can get 2 streets from all Ax hands. And if we are planing to fold to a check-raise than we it is even better to check-back A8 because we have 5 outs to improve and we are blocking mid set. And when we have 99 we only have 2 outs to improve and we dont block any sets but we are blocking his semibluffs.
So if I would have to rank these hands for betting I would say 1.99, 2. A8, 3.89

Dec. 2, 2014 | 1:54 a.m.

Very nice video. I always like to see some videos when some plays arent working for you coaches not because i wouldnt like you but it is just good for my confidence that even for you guys sometimes things dont work out ingame. Because it seems that every coach is always posting videos when everything works out for them.
And i have a question about last JJ hand. Do you think that checking back might be a good play vs player who slowplays a lot of his range? Because if he has KQ, Q8s and some 4 flush combos that is 24 better combos but he probably always check-raises at least some straights on the flop or on the turn so lets say he has 16 better combos than you on the river.
And give how hard it is for you to have a bluff in this spot i dont think he will herocall you very often.
And if we look at the worse hands he obv call with TT, 99, AJ that is 9 worse combos. I think AT is folding the turn a lot. And he might be folding 9Ts, TJs on the river given that you dont have many bluffing hands.
What do you think about that?

Nov. 14, 2014 | 1:35 p.m.

One question for 2nd hand. I agree that best candidate for bluff shoving is Kx spades. But we block all his best bluff  candidates for 3 barreling. So maybe is better for us shoving with Qx spades because snap fold all his bluffs everytime

July 18, 2014 | 3:12 p.m.

Great vid sir.

I have a question about AJs, 45:00. Would u still call if he bets  pot or close to pot in this spot? I think here is an easy call with his sizing because it seems he is just trying to get u fold QJ, QT, Q9s type of hands. But when he bombs it is seems he just wants to get max value from your KQ, Ax because he is expecting that you never fold those hands. I mean thats are my experience playing that spot do you aggre?

July 2, 2014 | 11:42 a.m.

That is very interesting spot and i have troubles playing it to. I think first we need to look what our turn beting range looks like. I would say it is AQ, KK, AA, 33,44,66 (50%),QQ, 57s =38,5 value combos. 

And than we have A5s(4), Axs fds (14 combos), Kx fds(10 combos), and another 16 combos of lower fds. (I obv assumed that we are always cbeting out backdoor fds otf.(44 combos), and than we can add like 10 random low equity bluffs. So on the turn we have 38,5 + 44 + 10 = 92,5 combos.

So he check raises us to 340 so his check raise needs to work 60% to breakeven so we look at gto we need to defend approximately 40% of out turn beting range. That is 37 combos.

We are obv calling our sets 10,5 combos, 57s (4combos) and than A5ss, A5cc, (2combos) =16,5 combos

And than we need to figure it out which hands are doing better vs his range and call find the rest of the 21 combos.

I think in this spot I would call with KK, AA without a spade=6 combos and AQ without As=7 combos (I chose this range because we dont block his fds if he decide to check-raise with those) and another 14 combos of A highflushdraws. Because i think that calling with lower fds is really thin here on the turn. so together we have= 43,5 combos so that is even more that we need to call.

And on the river we need to defend 58% so that is 25 combos.

So we will call with sets (10,5), 57s, (4),  AQ (5), AA (1) =20,5 combos so beside this range we also need to call 4 Axcc fds to not be exploited. But vs some tighter opponents i might only call with sets, 57s, AQ and AA 20,5 combos. 

I think AQ just must be a call here who says that he cant even have worse for value occasionally like 46s or Axss that he check-raised.

Do you guys agree with this analysis?

June 19, 2014 | 2:27 p.m.

35:20 TT:
What is the worst hand that you would call his river bet? I think even if we have AT we
cant be to happy calling there. So i think we can only call with AJ+.
Because i think he just cant have enought bluffs to ballance his overbet there...
And for value i think that he has AK, AQ, AJs.
Well that depends if he 3bets AK or not but i think that a lot of players just call with AK nowdays in those positions.

June 18, 2014 | 12:59 p.m.

Post | bang_bang posted in NLHE: river decision
Poker Stars $3/$6 No Limit Hold'em - 5 players - [url=]View hand 2524083[/url]
[url=]DeucesCracked Poker Videos[/url] [url=]Hand History Converter[/url]

BB: $618.00
UTG: $1074.17
CO: $618.00
[b]BTN: $724.98[/b]
[b]Hero (SB): $1128.89[/b]

[b]Pre Flop:[/b] ($9.00) Hero is SB with A :spade: K :club:
[i]2 folds[/i], [color=red]BTN raises to $12[/color], [color=red]Hero raises to $46[/color], [i]1 fold[/i], BTN calls $34

[b]Flop:[/b] ($98.00) 5 :heart: 9 :spade: A :club: [color=#336633](2 players)[/color]
[color=red]Hero bets $55[/color], BTN calls $55

[b]Turn:[/b] ($208.00) 6 :club: [color=#336633](2 players)[/color]
[color=red]Hero bets $138[/color], BTN calls $138

[b]River:[/b] ($484.00) 9 :heart: [color=#336633](2 players)[/color]
[color=red]Hero ???

Is this river easy river ship? I am asking because i did some math. And if he comes to the river with this hand range:  9d9c, 6d6h, 6d6s, 6h6s, 5d5s, 5d5c, 5s5c, 87s, AdQd, AhQh, AdJd, AhJh, AdTd, AhTh, Ad9d, Qc9c, Jc9c, Tc9c, Ad8d, Ah8h, Ad7d, Ah7h, Ad6d, Ah6h, Ad5d, Ad4d, Ah4h, Ad3d, Ah3h, Ad2d, Ah2h, AdQh, AdQs, AdQc, AhQd, AhQs, AhQc, AdJh, AdJs, AdJc, AhJd, AhJs, AhJc, AdTh, AdTs, AdTc, AhTd, AhTs, AhTc
that is together 52 hand combinations. And because i have pot size bet left he needs to call with 50% of his range so thats is 26 combos. And i only beat 9 combos from that 26 top combos from his range.

June 15, 2014 | 7:50 a.m.

Hey good video. What do you think about competition in tournament like super Tuesday 1k buyin? Because it is in the middle of the week and high buyin i assume there is not many weak players. I dont play much tournaments but i am 1k cash regular. Do you think that average 1k cash reg has edge in super Tuesday? Thanks for your response.

Feb. 11, 2014 | 12:04 p.m.

Hey. I think if you think that your opponent is solid enough that you cant get 3 streets from JTs, JQs, KJs, AJ you also cant raise river with your hand. But against most live players i would just close my eyes and go for 3 streets on good runouts (i wouldnt go on this one). 

Feb. 3, 2014 | 12:23 p.m.

Nice vid!

What would you do in the AsQ hand on QT3 flop if he 3bets flop? I think if he 3bets flop we are most of the time against 33, TT, QT and KJss so we should fold....

And if he calls how do you continue on spade, 9 or an A?

July 17, 2013 | 10:20 a.m.

Nice video!!!

I hoped so much that you would call with AJ and that spewtard schmeff would show A7o and I would just ship you 100$ on stars :P I hate those spewtards so much....

And I have a question for you about JJ hand when you folded to a river shove. If I calculated correct we need to be good 20%. And he probably doesnt have more than 10 combos of flushes so he only needs to have 2 combos of bluffs and i think if he has AxQc he definitely isnt happy to call a river bet so he could be turning that into a bluff and also KcQx with nuts flush blocker and you opened UTG so you cant have that many flushes. I am not saying that you should call I just want to say that this is really close spot. 

I almost havent played any zoom so i dont know if players are a lot more nittier. Would you rather call in regular 6max 3-6 or 5-10 game?

And another question about JJ hand would you valuebet AQ on the river or it is too thin? And would you rather call this river shove with AxKc or with JJ? Because with AKc you block some nuts flushes but on the other hand he cant have blockers to nuts flush so he will have less bluffs also.

Thanks for your response!

July 3, 2013 | 12:55 a.m.


I have a question about KK hand. Are you sure that is profitable to stackoff so deep on this board with KK? I put some hands in pokerstove and it looks quite bad for our hand:

Board: 8d 2d 9s

Hand 0:    76.029%    76.03%    00.00%     12043     0.00  { 99-88, 22, AdQd, AdJd, AdTd, QdTd, JdTd, 98s }

Hand 1:    23.971%    23.97%    00.00%     3797     0.00  { KcKh }

I think this is quite a reasonable range for him to stackoff. And he may even just call with his draws more because you are a bit deep. I donk think he will ever play TT-QQ like that.
Or would you give him different range?

June 26, 2013 | 2:25 p.m.

Nice video!

I have a question about 89hh hand. You said that you are never folding your hand when he raises the river but when I am in your spot and people raise me on the river when they cant represent anything they usually are not bluffing because i think they are aware that they cant represent anything and because of that their bluffing frequency is very low. But I mostly play 3-6 and 5-10 and i dont think that there is such a big difference between nl 500 and nl600 and 1k

And with AQ hand where you check-raised turn i think that  river valuebet is way to thin. Because you opened in MP and there are8 TJ and Q od the board and 9 makes a straight so it is really hard for you to have a bluff and I think you definitely arent get called by worse hand more than 50% of the time.

June 25, 2013 | 3:44 p.m.

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