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Post | benashi posted in NLHE: NL10. Q8 BB vs BU

Party, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 6 Players
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SB: $10.05 (100.5 bb)
[b]Hero (BB): $11.89 (118.9 bb)[/b]
UTG: $11.93 (119.3 bb)
MP: $13.72 (137.2 bb)
CO: $12.30 (123 bb)
[b]BTN: $9.85 (98.5 bb)[/b]

3 folds, [color=red]BTN raises to $0.30[/color], [color=grey]SB folds[/color], Hero calls $0.20

[color=red]Hero bets $0.35[/color], BTN calls $0.35

[color=red]Hero bets $0.83[/color], BTN calls $0.83

[color=red]Hero bets $1.85[/color], [color=red]BTN raises to $8.37 and is all-in[/color], Hero calls $6.52

[b]Results:[/b][spoiler] $19.75 pot ($0.98 rake)
Final Board: :Qh: :7s: :6s: :4d: :5d:
Hero showed :8d: :Qd: and lost (-$9.85 net)
BTN showed :9h: :8h: and won $18.77 ($8.92 net)

I decide to play donk bet, becouse I don't want play x/c with top pair middlekicker. I get an extra equity on the turn - gutshot so I conitune agression. I think that river i good for me. My value bet was good? or I should play x/c? Most important question is: Should I call to his ship? I have 8' so I blocked same 98 combination also can he plays like that with set or two pair?
I don't know abou villian anything.
P.S This i s my first post on this forum so thanks for help.

Dec. 6, 2018 | 2:42 p.m.

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