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ye u right, with this SPR and this spot, I should have a more developped sizing strategy and I have more options than push or give up

i like the bsmall/f vs BB and b/decide vs UTG

work to do on sizing in a general way

Nov. 14, 2018 | 3:59 p.m.

PLO100, all 100bb

Hero - BU - AcAd4c5h

UTG raises to 3.5bb, call, Hero raises to 15bb, fold, BB call, UTG call, fold

Flop (50b) 8s 8d Ts

check, check, Hero ? (85bb left)

Classic spot but I never know what to do on those fcking pairy boards and on those spots.

UTG is a fish aggro opraising 100%, and BB reg

3bet std, and flotp I don't know

i'm burning my money to 8xxx.
UTG can have lots of hands.
BB is more tight, better to have a 8xx flop than a JJx flop for sure, but he can have some 8xxx to sometimes (middle rundowns)

In an other way, this flop is very drawy and i need protection too.
But just pushing <10% equity vs those 8xxx.

HU with this SPR would a push ?
3way, just fucking check and give up (except hitting K letter)?

Nov. 13, 2018 | 6:25 p.m.

Preflop, in a standard game with full stacks (100bb) decent players, this would be a clear flat preflop for me.
You have kind of the worst AAxx possible, and are in the worst position.

But here, as you described Villains, and as BB is short stack, I would 3bet this to get action.
Except if you have the read "BB aggro vs opr, but sticky vs 3bets". Here is ok to flat and let BB enjoy his move. But it's a very specific scenario

Flop, with this SPR you can't go anyway but get all in
actually, this is not such a bad flop for your hand (it's rainbow, the connection flop isn't low (69T would be a worse flop for exemple)

Nov. 12, 2018 | 5:05 a.m.

PLO 100 - HU

Hero - BB - 100bb - KsQcTs4c
SB - 100bb

SB raises to 2.5bb, Hero raises to 7.5bb, SB calls

Flop (15bb) 7s 9d Tc

Hero bets 10bb, SB calls

Turn (35bb) 4h

Hero check, SB bets 20bb, call

River (75bb) Qh

Hero check, SB bets 75bb

SB/BU good tight reg

No idea on what I have to do.


seems me ok HU, with double-suited hand, 3 broadway. The 4 is disconnected, but the hand seems me good HU


pffff, TP w 2OC + GS + 2BDFD.
But drawy and straighty board.

Need value/protection and I got good cards, but board connected and drawy, I'm going to get call often and it'll be hard to play oop on most turns/river.

Maybe a conservative c/c would be far better here


getting a DP, but no getting a FD...
As played flop, I think it's a must 2barrel here, but not sure.

Decide to c/c, but don't know where I'm going and I'm going to dislike all rivers with SPR ~1
But i've some equity with nut GS + low full draw (TT44) and he giving me a decent price


completing QJKx (for exemple).
I make DP but I don't see why I'm beating here, i don't think he valueshove a lower DP
Maybe split vs QTxx (if he got JTQx or KQTx like me) but i don't think he shoves it

std fold i guess

Nov. 10, 2018 | 4:54 a.m.

I think I would 3bet here, because UTG is only 80bb deep (SPR lower on 3bet flop), and in my xp, players which doesn't autoreload are generally not good players (and can make spews pre

Moreover, those AAxx are not great but they're not really bad. Rainbow, sure it sucks, but the K is good card, and there is a little connection here (A4, AK... to flop some ovp+GS)

Here I think i 3bet.
But 100bb deep vs 100bb deep, vs an UTG player standard/good, i would have flat too

Postflop seems me ok.
Terrible river if he decides to bluff here lol.
But he can easily valuebet overpairs or AJxx

Nov. 10, 2018 | 4:11 a.m.

PLO100 - 6 players

Anyone have 200+bb
Hero UTG 230bb
BU has 250bb too

Hero AAA3r

Hero raises to 3.5bb, call, call, BU raises to 18bb, fold, fold, Hero raises to 60bb, fold, fold, call

Flop (128bb) 569r

Hero (170bb left) ?


Dynamic is very special here

BU is a huge fish, who is on tilt after having running god (+1000bb on the table at a time) and then give it all back to all players.
He's on tilt right now and is 3betting 100%

Other players are chasing.

I see those terrible AAxx.
Hard to make worse AAxx (triple A, rainbow)

I know BU will 3bet all the time and I could play a big pot flop with those AAxx.
But in an other way, other players smell the blood here and want to play against BU too, so it will be hard to get a HU pot here, and my AAA3r play awful multiway.
And another thing, even in raw equity I'm not good here, being a little behind kinds of double suited here.

Maybe it's just an openfold here


With this SPR, std pot/call I guess, on this flop that looks favorable here (rainbow), even if BU can have any4 here

Nov. 10, 2018 | 4:02 a.m.

Post | benfiquista posted in PLO: Top full turn vs action

PLO 100 - 4 players

All 100bb

Hero BB with J66Qr

CO call, BU call, SB cal, Hero check

Flop (4bb) Qs Qc 5d

check, Hero bets 2bb, CO calls, BU calls, folds

Turn (10bb) : Qs Qc 5d 6s

Hero bets 6bb, CO folds, BU raises to 30bb (68bb left), Hero ?

CO no reads but seems me passive fish
BU good aggro reg




don't know what's the move here.
Betting 4way oop on such a dry flop I'm showing my hand... J kicker is not that high.
Not sure about the play, the sizing, so I did this halfpot bet


vs 2 calls on this flop, i wonder which kind of hand could have call flop here.
There must a Qxxx for sure, or 55xx. Sometimes an overpair (KKxx/AAxx, which should have raise preflop) calling for a good price, maybe sometimes (rare) ahead, and big implied odds

So bet here for value/protection vs Qxxx (lots of river can kill me). Giving a price to FDs/Straightdraws in the case someone hit this turn.


BU raises here (quite big).
I think at least a Qxxx.
Maybe a big Qxxx (AQxx) that want to protect vs Qxxx + draws that are coming with this turn.
It's unlikely he have Q6xx (one combo left)

I don't see "bluff" here, nether big draws (which kind of draw turn could have call that flop) ?

I'm nut here, but in an other way, a lot of river can kill me (all rivers > 6 except J), and I need protection vs this.

If I'm calling here (for trap), it'll be dangereous on most rivers.
And for him, when I'm calling here, he's not going to bluff rivers (even if i think he's not bluffs).
And with is value hands (Q5xx, 55xx, AQxx), he should be careful in most river too and check back a lot with no-nut river

So, just reraise allin turn and pray that he got 55xx/Q5xx or feel commit with Qxxx w 3OC ?

Nov. 10, 2018 | 3:52 a.m.

PLO100 - 5 players

All have 100bb

Hero is BU 8s9cTsJc

UTG raises to 3.5, CO calls, Hero raises to 14bb, fold, fold, UTG call, CO call

Flop (43bb) 2d 3d 8h

check, check, Hero ? (86bb, SPR ~2)

UTG very tight reg
CO loose fish

Preflop, I could have flat this, as we're already multiway, and UTG is really tight (like 20/10/2) and his opraising UTG range is full of AAxx or big Axxx dominating me (AKQJ etc...)


erf... low SPR, but 3way, just top pair w oc.
Totally miss the flushes.

UTG should have miss this baby disconnected flop, except some KKxx + FD, or like AKQ4-AKQ5 + FD etc...

CO is quite loose and could touch more often.

It's not likely I'm facing often sets here (22xx, 33xx, and I'm blocking a 8)


If bet for value/protection, just pot/call ?

Nov. 10, 2018 | 3:32 a.m.

every move turn have arguments for it except fold ^^

depends on reads and history you have vs UTG

Preflop ~100bb deep I usually never flat AAxx ip, but i don't say it's a mistake.
And if you have a flatting AAxx range preflop ip, then this AA8s3s is a good candidate as it's a very poor AAxx


This low dry flop (a little connection, lots of card are turns are making straights in an other way) doesn't smatch very much his UTG opraising range.
It connect a little more your range.

Depends on your reads vs him, but against an aggro/barrelish player I would often call here for induce/value, in plan to call most of turns (and bet sometimes where he check).

He can be cbetting here with complete air (like 4 overcards 9TJQ+like) or value/protection with overpair (QQ+xx). if you raise here he folds all his air obv
Try to let him get his top pair turn and let him value/protect

Raise flop (~10bb i'd say) has arguments too, for value/protection.
not high cards but he allways can have some pair + ovc here (79TJ-like, AKQx ds with x being 2/5/7 etc...), or draws (678x).

Moreover, with some (aggro) history and guessing games, he could be leveling himself a little (he knows that disconnected flop doesn't hit his range, and you could be bluffraising - not totally bluff raising but raising light (TP w over etc...) and call lighter (ovp, 7xxx w OC etc...), maybe calling turn too on blanks and pairing turns

So I'd say
- call vs unread
- raise vs loose (calling/catching) player
- raise vs a player against who you got some aggro history

Oct. 5, 2018 | 5:36 p.m.


SB - Hero - 100bb
BB - 100bb
CO - 100bb
BU - 100bb

Hero As Qs Jc Jh

fold, BU raises to 3.5bb, Hero raises to 11bb, fold, BU calls

Flop (2 players, 23bb) : Ac Ad 7c

Hero bets 12bb, BU calls

Turn (2 players, 47bb) : Ac Ad 9c Kh

Hero bets 29bb, BU calls

River (105bb) : 5h

Hero ? (53bb left)

Reggish table

BU good aggro-reg vs who I've history.
A little sticky/catching


Not an auto-3bet oop, but my hand is a good hand

3bet doesn't seems me awful, but calling oop with a hand with playabilty ok but not awesome, A suited, good pair (not that big) and make some nut straights seems me ok


Trips good kicker.

cbet it obv, for value, for protection vs FD, vs Axxx low kicked, for the times I'm not having Axxx but rep it etc...

Not sure about the sizing.
paired locked board when I'm repping strong, I put a ~55% size bet, but maybe too heavy, I could have bet lighter (7-8bb)

When BU calls, he's not that heavy as ip, and vs me in a board I'm cbetting very often, he will try often to catch etc...
Good flush draws, intermediate pairs catching (especially if he gets FD with), all is Axxx obv


not the best turn of course.
I'm dead (and oop) vs AKxx
He could have some KKxx that bink this turn

But I've still value/protection vs FD (which he would fold often here now), midpair (same, even if he doesn't have much because with my QJJx I'm blocking lot of them. Stay KKxx that is full now)


SPR ~0.5
not the scariest river

I'm giving my money vs AKxx
I'm valuing / giving him some headache vs undertrips (even if here, with my AQJJ, I'm blocking lots of trips with big kickers)
I may hope he fold / giving an headache vs A5xx. Not this 5 is the most terrible river. But as he's aggro preflop and he's opraising almost all his Axxx and not fold very much oop vs 3bet, if he has Axxx he would have any cards with it

check/decide doesn't seem me a good option.

check/calling, I think I don't have much value (bluff catch) with check/calling as if he's catching to here with some middle pair, he's not bluffing now.
And he wouldn't bluff with draws (who are very rare here I think).

check/folding seems me not possible with that SPR and that hand

so bet for value lower Axxx

Oct. 2, 2018 | 8:35 p.m.

SB is a player playing some 95/20/5.
Not gambler and love see and play flops.
I mean he can easily call a 3bet with JJ92, A467ss and trash like it to see what happen flop.
But wont gamble a whole stake preflop with trashy hands

Not a profile standard, i confess, but I'm quite confident on my reads on him
Ye problem is BU having connected hands that are automatically dominating me, and wouldn't fold here (I can just except him to fold his Axxx and not good KKxx hands)

In this particulary table dynamic (two very passive players, and SB being spotted by others which will play more hands to stack him), the best would be openfold my hand, as it look sexy but very low and ultradominated.
And on a table we're allways playing multiway and my hand just playing very bad and with awful reversed odds on multiway spots

Sept. 17, 2018 | 6:30 p.m.

i play with ~1000 buyin of my stakes, so i'm not that we can call "scared money" lol

Call ip can makes sense in some situations with gamblers, or in an other way if i can expect a call from SB.

But here my two opponents would play quite tight in this situation
SB some passive fish (preflop play some 65/12/3, entering games with 50bb generally), and he's almost never dking in this situation (deep, oop vs 2 players)
and HJ tight reg (24/18/5) being even more tight postflop.

I suspect both to be ultrastrong here, and my call being raised and gii by the two players, and i would be commit

just put 3.5bb here. If i gii, I think i make fold one opponent maximum (if the two calls it would be better with my NFD ofc)
And I'm putting ~147bb for a ~325bb pot (between 340bb if SB gii and HJ folds, and 310bb if SB fold and HJ gii).
So needing ~45% equity HU, which I wouldn't have here (playing mostly vs sets, and some DP+draw. And one of the player would have probably fold a hand cutting me some outs)
If it gii 3way, need 147/451 = ~32% equity. Which would be ok vs two sets but not enough vs set vs combo draw

Sept. 17, 2018 | 6:24 p.m.

PLO100 - 3 players

BU - 60bb
SB - 100bb
BB - Hero - 100bb

Hero Ac Ad 6s Jd

Preflop : fold, SB raises to 3bb, Hero raises to 9bb, calls

Flop (2 players, 18bb) : Ah 4h 9d

check, Hero bets 11bb, calls

Turn (2 players, 40bb) : Ah 4h 9d Js

check, Hero bets ???

BU fish
SB tight reg



SB tight reg but don't know why he opr tons bvb vs me
3bet standard here with AAxx ss


Good flop.
Top set, disconnected flop (not affraid of wheel wraps here), but this FD heart.
Don't want to bet too loud. Give him prices to call at least one street with Axxx, and hit DP later.


Still nutty on this board, but it's turning quite drawy now.
I need value/protection, and SPR is turning quite low (SPR ~2)

Just pot it ? With the SPR and the drawiness of the board, it doesn't seem me a mistake.

In an other way, I'm never bluffing here when I pot, and on this spot maybe I need a range of bluff (I'm ip, I can try to rep AAxx if I have some 5678-like that missed, and I have some FE turn and place to put the 3rd barrel bluff river if needed)

And how would you play turn with a medium hand (like bare DP A4xx or A9xx) ? line, sizing ?
And with a good straight draw ? wrap ? pot it too

Sept. 17, 2018 | 1:08 a.m.

PLO100 - 6 players

HJ - 150bb
BU - Hero - 150bb
SB - 150bb
BB - 100bb

Hero As Tc 7s 2c

fold, HJ raises to 3.5bb, fold, Hero calls, SB calls, fold

Flop (3 players, 11.5bb) 3s 8d Js

SB bets 8.5bb, HJ raises to 35bb, Hero ?

HJ some decent tight reg (a little weak, bumhunt and doesn't play a lot vs me)
SB some passive fish, able of tricky moves ip, doesn't gamble


Not such a great call preflop.
Double-suited and an A, but quite disconnected and low cards except A

But this A suited, SB and BB being quite bad players playing too much hands.
And HJ decent player, but quite weak postflop, avoid to play vs me and HU ip I think I can't outplay him quite often.


Good flop, with no-nut GS + NFD, ip vs 2 players.

But now both are giving action on this dynamic flop.

SB, oop almost never dkbet, especially vs 2 players. Strong range here
and HJ, tight reg and 150bb deep (and with me to be playing after him) has a very strong range here, moreover vs SB who he knows that he is passive.

Back to me.
I think my no-nut GS is too often dead here (wraps 9Txx are often here).
The NFD is good ip multiway here.

The problem is that both of Villains are showing strong ranges here.
If I call, I believe that very often it will turn in a reraise from SB etc... and 3way allin (maybe HJ would fold a middle/bottom set here if SB reraises)

We're playing 150bb and I only put 3.5bb in this pot.
Not happy to put 147bb here.
Dream scenario would be allin 3way and playing vs two sets (I'm ~37% equity)
But on this board, I think if it goes all in, it will be vs set and a big combodraw (9TQx-like + FD, DP + FD + GS), dominating my GS and cutting two flushy outs (I'm ~25% equity)

Fold seems me weak. But I don't know.
Calling ip and praying for a call from a SB no-gambling with a combo-draw ? And push and pray if action goes allin flop ?

Sept. 17, 2018 | 12:38 a.m.

PLO100 - 6 players

HJ - Hero - 100bb
CO - 70BB
BU - 150BB
SB - 150BB
BB - 100BB

Hero : 3457ds

folds, Hero raises to 3.5bb, CO calls, BU raises to 14bb, SB calls, BB folds, Hero raises pot...

CO some passive weak fish
BU good aggro reg
SB ultrapassive whale

The table is very sticky.
SB being a fish vpip preflop almost everything (vpip ~95%)

I have a good-looking hand, but on this dynamic table, not so sexy as it looks.
I opr it, called by CO, and BU squeeze.
BU range is strong, but he's a very aggro reg, high %3bet preflop (~11% overall), especially against me. we have some history.
SB calls as always.

Then back to me.
If I call, CO would call often, and we're going to play 3way or 4way more often.
I really don't want to play flop this hand against 3 players with a SPR of 1.xx, as I would be dominated so many times

I decided to 4bet for some reasons :
- CO will often fold (cs preflop but not gambling)
- BU has a strong range, but not allways AAxx. I saw him 3bet/fold quite often. I think he will fold most of is Axxx (non AAxx obv) and KKxx. Moreover he's 150bb vs SB.
If he has AAxx, my hand is quite ok vs him (40-50%). Let's hope he doesn't have some 6789-ish
- SB wants to see and play flop (he calls any raise and lots of 3bets with really trash), but won't put 80bb here with trash.

Does my play look ok ?

Sept. 17, 2018 | 12:12 a.m.

ye you understand what I was saying

thx for your answer. It's logical and explained this well.
even if this doesn't fix my problem of making monkey calls river ^^


Aug. 23, 2018 | 4:38 p.m.

Post | benfiquista posted in PLO: Statistic River call


I play mostly PLO50/PLO100/PLO200

I was looking at some stats on my PT4, and i filtred on River opportunities - River calls.

Lifetime, I am loosing ~80bb/100 on those spots (on ~23K opportunites of calling river)

It shocked me. It's a stat indicating a major leak isn't it ?

I confess that I'm too often fuckcalling river in dirty spots, like i got a monster all way long but see terrible river completing lots of draws, but with low SPR (~0.3, 0.4), i almost never success to fold even if I'm beaten like 90+% of the time.
I confess that, these last weeks/months, I used to be maybe leveling myself and got too sticky on the river, searching apologizes to make stupid calls river (and that's why i looked at this stat)

but -80bb/100 on those spot seems me absolutely terrible.
What are your results on this stat ?
I guess I should be AT MINIMUM breakeven on this stat ?

Other stats river that maybe could be relevant here.
WTSD : ~26, W$SD : ~50, River call efficiency : 1.85

Thoughts about this ?

Aug. 22, 2018 | 8:12 p.m.

SB - Hero - 150bb
BB - 150bb

Hero Qc Td 9h 6c

Hero raises to 3.5bb, BB raises to 9bb, Hero calls

Flop (18bb) 3s 4s Tc

check, check

Turn (18bb) 3s 4s Tc 9d

check, Hero bets 14bb, BB raises to 60bb, Hero raises allin

Villain is a decent reg, tight most of the times but versatile, and sometimes goes on much more aggro style for a period

At this moment he was 3betting a bit higher than usual


std i guess


Well, he uses to cbet a lot (except very specific boards), and with à 60% pot sizing

This flop doesn't hit his range, but it's a flop low and not that drawy, and he use to cbet often here
When in check on such a flop, I'm waiting him to try a c/r here

Anyway, I don't have such a good hand to bet it and make him pression (TP w 3OC + BDFD) and check would be std even in vacuum I would say


He checks again, DP max now, let's bet for value/protection on such an heavy drawy board

When he c/r.

Well got DP max here with a board non-straigthy, non-flushy

But the SPR is quite high (>10 before I bet)

Could have some sets sometimes : TTxx connected (TTJQ, 9TTJ), some pp+pp that made sets etc. But i'm holding 9Txx, and so 99xx/TTxx are fewer in his ranger

Could have massive draws too (KQJx+FD), or some hands which were trapping on the flop (KKxx/AAxx + FD) and still can be c/r here for value (putting me on a draw on this turn, and still having big equity vs DP etc...)

Reraise shove this turn seems me logical, but the SPR is high.
Calling ip could make sense, but I'm not waiting many card, he can complete so often his draws, and if he bluffs on brick it'll be difficult to be
The good thing would be that he would shove on my outs (9/T)

May 9, 2018 | 5:45 p.m.


UTG - 100bb
MP - 400bb
CO - 300bb
BU - 65bb
SB - 200bb
BB - Hero - 220BB

Hero Ks Kc Qs Qd


fold, fold, call 1bb, calls, calls, Hero raises to 5bb, call, call, call

Flop (20bb, 4 players) Ad Kd 8d

check, Hero bets 8bb, CO raises to 35bb, fold, fold, Hero raises to 110bb

BU passive fish, SB tilting/gambling fish, CO tricky reg


Std I guess


middle set + nut blocker.
Bet 40% on this flushy flop.

Thing I would do with nut flush, good flush (2nd) (maybe not betting 4way) and sets.
good for balancing i think, and i give me "a good price" to chase my full outs

I think I'm going to 3barrel most times (except on A maybe). maybe not the best plans with SB especially, and BTN too, who are bad/passive players who can too often nobrainer calldown with any flush

Now CO is potraising me
I am surprised here.
I can't see with what he's raising here.
Totally bluff 4way vs cbet seems me sick
A raise with a low flush (and this heavy sizing) seems me weird too, with another player behind and 3 others players on the pot. Maybe some "raise for value/information" xD
Or maybe some AKxx + random flush (call would be better i think)
He doesnt have nut blocker since I got it.

I can't eliminate AAxx in his range.
I saw him many times coldcall AAxx preflop, even ip and even with AAxx not awful.
Moreover, SB is tilting, opraising/3betting everything and CO could be trapping here

... now I have this nut blocker + 2nd set.

Calling oop would be difficult to play for the suit (even if i think i would play this way with nut flush).
Moreover, turn A and even pairing turns (except K) are not "safe" for me.
Could c/c flop and c/r turn on blanks when/if he 2barrel, to make him fold low flushs. Problem is that if he 2barrel with AAxx, he would feel commit and Im fucked

So I just 3bet shove it, to make him fold low flush (Having good equity if he decides to call) and make him fold AAxx too, which would be almost sure to bet against (nut)flush here and doesn't really have equity enough to call

May 9, 2018 | 5:13 p.m.

PLO 200 (5 players)

UTG - Hero - 400bb
CO - 150bb
BU - 500bb
SB - 750bb
BB - 100bb

Hero Tc Qd 8d Tc

Hero raises 3.5bb, fold, fold, SB raises to 12bb, BB calls, Hero calls

Flop (36bb, 3 players) 9c Js 3d

SB bets 30bb, fold, Hero calls

Turn (96bb, 2 players) 9c Js 3d 4s

SB bets 75bb, Hero calls

River (246bb, 2 players) 9c Js 3d 4s 8h

SB check, Hero ?

CO good reg, BTN passive regfish, SB tight reg sometimes playing weird/tricky, BB aggro-fish


Decent hand
Maybe opr quite loose UTG that deep and on a table with 2 loose players playing lots of pot, and big stacks.
Vs the 3bet, not sure about the call.
Not the hand we are very happy to play 3way with big stacks (no nutiness, big reversed), but good hand in vacuum and I have position

I mean, 100bb deep it would be standard, but in this spot I'm not sure


Wrap 17/11 + 2BDFD

Not bad.
Maybe could raise/broke that flop

But don't think SB has just bare ovp here (AAxx etc...).
Maybe some AAxx + GS/oesd (AATQ, AA8T, AAKQ), p w oc + gs/oesd (AKQJ, ATQJ etc...), DP + GS/oesd etc... (9TJQ), wraps (QKTx)
But getting myself TTxx, it block a lots of combos and decrease the Txxx / straightdrawing hands he could have
Some sets are possible too (99TT, TTJJ, JJQQ, AApp/KKpp that made some set)

Raise/broke could make him fold some too light hand (TP/OVP + GS for exemple), but he's going to call with sets (not a big problem since i have big equity against it) and some and that are dominating me or splitting with some of my outs (like p+oesd, or p+overwraps)

So just call ip seems me far better, with those 2BDFD in more


not the color I wanted to see

He bets heavy again

Not the better board now (FD i don't have and he can totally have, big straight draw but far for nutty, and very few implied odds when I'll hit them

But I still have equity enough I would say, and position



I think i've to bet now xD

But now this river is so scary (most scariest river with K) and completes all straight draws (nut oesd, wraps) which are composing mostly my range when I'm calling that flop+utrn, that's hard to value

How much would you bet here ? (~320bb left)

"Standard" sizing bet 60%-70% pot (~160bb) ?
Some small sizing to give him good odds (~70-80bb) ? An extra small vbet to make him fuck call with DP/sets (~30-50bb)
A "suspicious" massive bet like pot, try to make him level himself and make some herocall ?

May 9, 2018 | 4:44 p.m.

yes they say they're working on it


April 13, 2018 | 5:30 p.m.


hand played on ipoker

saw that with RIO support (sending the original HH) but it seems there's a problem of compatibility

I edited the hand a little to try to make it more easy to read. not sure it worked well :)

Is there no way to put "manually" the symbol flush of the card in the text ? (heart, spade etc...)

April 13, 2018 | 2:29 a.m.


SB: 125 BB (VPIP: 73.29, PFR: 15.44, 3Bet Preflop: 3.34, Hands: 592)
BB: 108.05 BB (VPIP: 40.35, PFR: 23.21, 3Bet Preflop: 9.03, Hands: 9,884)
Hero (CO): 212.51 BB
BTN: 133.18 BB (VPIP: 37.88, PFR: 23.65, 3Bet Preflop: 8.16, Hands: 4,372)

SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

(pot: 1.5 BB)

Hero has Th Td 4d Qh

Hero raises to 3.5 BB, BTN calls 3.5 BB, fold, BB raises to 14.5 BB, Hero calls 11 BB, BTN calls 11 BB

(44 BB, 3 players)
7d Qs 7h

BB checks, Hero checks, BTN checks

(44 BB, 3 players)
7d Qs 7h 6s

BB checks, Hero checks, BTN checks

(44 BB, 3 players)
7d Qs 7h 6s 3d

BB checks, Hero checks, BTN bets 30.8 BB, fold, Hero calls 30.8 BB


BU and BB two good regs, esp BU.
BB can be more often tilting and overplaying/spew


Opr ok from the CO I guess, even if i wouldn't like to play oop vs BU (which can call wide on the BTN)

Vs the 3bet, i think it's a call ip vs 3better, even if my hand is not great playing multiway and BU almost never folding here


Random TP here, just check it


played it passive.
The board gets drawy now.

No idea how my QTxx is here.
Not sure BB fold an ovp here (he squeezed oop vs 2 regs, that means strenght imo, even if he could have some high connected cards no pair. He can have AQxx too against which i run terribly and not sure he folds)

BU could call a bet too with draws (numerous here)



This "3" doesn't mean much things

He's not likely to have much 33xx here, or even 45xx.
A 7xxx would have move before, turn at least

I strongly believe that BU thinks i'm out here.
He can try to steal the pot from BB which sometimes is 3betting too loose and can have some A high etc...
I don't think he vbet with some good Qxxx (AQxx, KQxx) for the same reason (BB would often call with AAxx/KKxx, and Qxxx is ahead is AKJT-like)

So BTN could often bluff this spot at good price, good odds thinking I'm out and BB could have juste A high or something

April 11, 2018 | 2:59 p.m.


Hero : 102.75 BB
BTN: 148.34 BB (VPIP: 57.44, PFR: 17.51, 3Bet Preflop: 3.85, Hands: 592)
SB: 325.69 BB (VPIP: 45.95, PFR: 30.29, 3Bet Preflop: 6.33, Hands: 407)

SB posts SB 0.5 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BB

Preflop (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has T:heart: T:diamond: 5:club: 8:diamond:

BTN raises to 3.5 BB, SB calls 3 BB, Hero calls 2.5 BB

Flop (10.5 BB, 3 players) 4:diamond: 7:club: 5:diamond:
SB checks, Hero checks, BTN checks

Turn (10.5 BB, 3 players) T:club:
SB bets 9.35 BB, Hero raises to 38.55 BB, BTN calls 38.55 BB, fold

River: (96.95 BB, 2 players) 6:heart:
Hero checks, BTN bets 96.95 BB,


Sorry for the format, i didn't success to convert properly from PT4

BTN kind of weak reg(fish)
SB ok preflop but make big mistakes postflop i think


Got odds in BB but my hand is quite bad, not like my call very much even if it's may not be terrible


Ovp + GS + FD T high

Board quite wet, my hand hit very things but weak things

Decided to play it passively here, even if dkbet can have sense here (make fold BU fold a big part of his large opraising range, make fold weak overFD, OVP etc...)


Raise for value here.
Have seen lead turn some times in these spots with some "weak" hands (random DP, FD etc...)
Top set + FD I'm quite big here. Even if he gets nuts, I still got my ~40% equity here (if my FD is clean)

Moreover, this board is very heavy on draws and I'm happy to value/protect vs some wraps w/o FD etc...



Got second nut straight here, but this river hits just so much BU range.

I mean, when he call the bet + raise on this board, his range is strong and heavy on draws (he's not only NFD)
I think he's not sets here (since i block top set, and set even don't have directs odds to call here).
And nut straights turns should softplay here, but he would have cbet it flop so i don't give it him
His range is maybe something like :
- DP + (N)FD (which is rare since i block TT)
- nut oesd/wrap + FD (Nut GS + FD, i think he fold because of odds and SB could backfire)
- not sure he would call a "bare" nut wrap on a double FD board, but idk
- double FD (with one NFD)

Now this 6 river complete mosts of straight draws, which are heavily composing his range

April 11, 2018 | 2:38 p.m.

thx guys

"sounds like a classic case of eats like a bird shits like an elephant"

haha, true

"Do you playing longer sessions when you are down or up? This is usually a big indicator off why you have more BIG loosing sessiong then reverse"

ye this

I can have long winning sessions as long loosing sessions.
But sometimes, when sessions are running good but I'm done with my day want to do sthg else (or go sleep or whatever), I easily do it.
But when session is turning into bloodbath (and as i feel my game isn't too much deteriored), I can't leave the tables.

indeed, it's a logical reason for that fact

"Maybe if you have a stoploss then you end up being down more often."

I don't have stoploss because I don't think it's very logical.

I really was a tilting guy in my first years, but worked on it some years ago (thx Jared's books) and improve a lot.

Now I play and don't stop loss if things are going bad, for good logical reasons ("my game is still ok", "tables are juicy", "the fish is on fire and will give back it soon"), some "bad" reasons (can't give up vs those morrons) and some irrational/bullshit thoughts ("luck has too turn", "ok I'm running terrible, I'm just going to eat all the shit now and 'll have my quota for the month" etc...)

I still think that stoploss is a mathematical (as your game is a the same level), but indeed each I was getting in a terrible session, I almost never turn it back (or return to reasonable loosing session).

Maybe it would help.


Feb. 7, 2018 | 7:14 a.m.

to complete, here's a little description of my player profile

I play PLO for years now (beginning 2011 and playing likely pro since ~2013)
- style of play more loose than the average
- good results lifetime. Not saying I'm a top reg (if I was I would play higher), but I won my life well in the tables I play
- playing mostly PLO100/PLO200 tables
- multitabling 5 to 8 tables
- no table selection (except HU), but playing in smalls sites where the field is weaker than stars/party etc...
- because sites are smaller with low trafic, 'm often playing very short handed tables (3 or 4handed, and HU too. HU I'm avoiding reg battles, because I have 0 chance to win due to rake and my level + it can overstress me and make me play bad in all my tables)

Feb. 3, 2018 | 5:14 p.m.

nb : in this post, i'm reasoning in AIEV adjusted (too avoid the variance coming from pure luck/badluck, which is not very interesting)

Yesterday, I was looking to my lifetime results and looking for some things.

And I saw something that shocked me a little :

I was looking to the best sessions and worst sessions I had lifetime, and I saw that there are far more "nightmare sessions" (loosing ~15 stack / ~2K$ AIEV adjusted) than "dream sessions (winning ~15 stacks / ~2K$ AIEV adjusted).

And not close, a ratio like 3 nightmare sessions for 1 dreaming session.

This surprised me because I am lifetime winning quite big at my stakes (PLO100-PLO200), and was surprised that having (much) more epic failing sessions than big winning sessions

of course, I can't say that I play my optimal poker when things are running awful, but I don't monkey tilt too.

Is this standard ? Have you experimented the same thing ?
In my mind, I don't find it "logical", and I wonder if it points some leaks of my game / my game approach in general

Feb. 3, 2018 | 5:12 p.m.

ps : how do u post a hh in a good format for RIO from PT4 ?

July 4, 2017 | 5:22 p.m.

iPoker - €2 PL Hi (6 max) - Omaha Hi - 4 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4:

SB: €28.55 (VPIP: 61.69, PFR: 26.76, 3Bet Preflop: 11.19, Hands: 7,037)
BB: €592.70 (VPIP: 78.56, PFR: 26.96, 3Bet Preflop: 8.32, Hands: 8,213)
CO: €400.30 (VPIP: 23.93, PFR: 15.89, 3Bet Preflop: 7.29, Hands: 11,380)
Hero (BTN): €396.20

SB posts SB €1.00, BB posts BB €2.00

Pre Flop: (pot: €3.00) Hero has Ks Kd 9s 9c
CO raises to €6.00, Hero raises to €21.00, SB raises to €28.55, BB calls €26.55, CO raises to €135.20, fold, BB calls €106.65


CO kind of reg in the tight side of the game
SB random shortstacking spewing fish
BB stationfish

Preflop, 3bet ultra standard I think.

SB can gamble anything
BB calling range can be wide as he's a passivestation fish. But playing in BB oop vs CO opr + BU 3betting, he may tighten his range a little
CO 4betting here is 99.99% AAxx here

why should I do here ? Don't see if fold is reasonable or criminal here.
If I call, got 265€ left in a 320€ if BB fold / 420€ if BB calls

Will get his 265€ left 100% of the time hit my set (or a QJT flop, would be awful there's AAKx in CO range)
Big equity (~50%) when I hit spade draw, except flops A**:ss and nightmare scenario I'm running vs AAxx:ss (ovp + NFD)

But in an other way, Can I really fold with SPR < 0.8 or < 0.6.
On some spots yes (monochrome flops not spade, A** no spade draw).
In others spots it seems I'm often going to broke, so i got some big reversed odds here.

Moreover, BB if range a little stronger than usual, can have often some rundowning hands, cutting me outs (9's and K's... KQJx, 9TJx, 789x etc...)
SB can have K's or 9's too... yes i mean he can have anything (for info he got 266J), but having an Axxx doesn't change a lot for CO situation, but having a Kxxx or 9xxx is harshly dropping my equity vs CO's AAxx.

Moreover, my pp+pp is not really connected here (flops QJx, JTx, and QTx giving me some extra-equity sweet equity with the nut GS)

Here my situation vs AAxx + decent range

graph floppaility

July 4, 2017 | 5:17 p.m.



Hero (CO): €427.80
BTN: €350.05 (VPIP: 40.24, PFR: 4.28, 3Bet Preflop: 2.75, Hands: 5,350)
SB: €250.23 (VPIP: 12.50, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 16)
BB: €193.00 (VPIP: 27.84, PFR: 18.41, 3Bet Preflop: 7.42, Hands: 14,425)
UTG: €200.00 (VPIP: 49.38, PFR: 38.00, 3Bet Preflop: 18.66, Hands: 7,071)
MP: €581.52 (VPIP: 30.35, PFR: 19.24, 3Bet Preflop: 9.62, Hands: 8,654)

SB posts SB €1.00, BB posts BB €2.00

Pre Flop: (pot: €3.00) Hero has Qs Ad 8h Ac

UTG raises to €7.00, fold, Hero raises to €24.00, fold, fold, fold, UTG calls €17.00

Flop: (€51.00, 2 players) Kh 9d 4c
UTG checks, Hero bets €38.00, UTG calls €38.00

Turn: (€127.00, 2 players) Ts
UTG checks, Hero checks

River: (€127.00, 2 players) Ks
UTG bets €118.00, fold

UTG wins €242.00


UTG LAG very good reg
nb : his stats include HU, that he plays overaggressively.
Moreover, he'd got some tilt periods when he played a spewy/hyperLAG style
His "standard SH stats" would be some 40/30/14 I'd say


std. even if AAxx not top (rainbow unfortunately), but with Q8 it's not awful, I've position and we play 100bb deep, so 3bet more than std

he folds absolutely nothing vs 3bet


very dry flop, two "high" cards

cbet std


when he calls flop on a dry flop, I don't like this.
He's aggro/gambly, I think in this spot he would have c/r almost all his QTJx, Kxxx+GS. maybe his 9xxx+GS too.
Maybe he's peeling (oop) with some dry pair (Kxxx, some 9xxx maybe).
But when hes opraising UTG with a Kxxx or a 9xxx, it's a quite tight range, that mean often high ranked, and a minimum connected.
So when he got Kxxx, he'll often have broadways with, and so a GS with.

That I'm fearing is that on such a dry board, he could be easily trapping with a set (KKxx is the set the more present in his range), or even K9xx (even if with K9xx, his DP need a little more protection. there're some turns he wouldn't like to see. all broadways typically. I think he c/r allways DP, my history vs him i've reads that he almost never slowplay DP here.).
... anyway, checking a monstro on this dry board.

Get a SPR~1 turn and let me giving my stack when I'll barell turn on blanks (and there're numerous blank).

seems paranoid ?


well, on this T I don't know.

I've got one blocker on the straight.
've myself a nut GS (+ovp) now.
p+GS (that now are straight or DP) and wraps would have c/r the flop I think.
... i don't think I've FE vs DP (and vs a straight, even less).

and steal fearing about sets slowplayed.

don't know what to do.
betting here accomplish just to take value/protection vs random Kxxx (but I don't think tons of Kxxx raised UTG that aren't minimum DP here), and value/protection vs some draws coming turn (789x etc...)


well, likely he's not having KKxx too much now
but K9xx (even if i think he'd c/r it flop), 99xx, 9QJx are ahead now.

Randoms Kxxx peeling flop too (even if, once again, I don't see many Kxxx that opr UTG and didn't make p+GS or DP or set on this flop)

Things I'm beating now are 9xxx, 9Txx counterfeited... he could have it sometimes maybe.

moreover on my perceveid range, I've some Kxxx (big AKxx, Kxxx+broadways) that I could play this way, and AAxx obv.
But if he's got nothing, or a 9xxx (that never win), it could be tempting to bet, after the weakness I've showed

... 'm really lost here.

sizing... here his sizing patterns are allways loud river. or he check, or he bets loud (few times some tricky 35% pot sizing, allways small value, but it's rare).
I'd say in showdowns I saw vs him (history), it was mostly value (value nut or value more thin like low flushes in some spots, but most part of the time is value).
Moreover, globally I think it's a player who play aggro preflop, has a degen image, is aware of it, and use to play with ranges more strong than expected, and get lots of implied postflop.
... don't know if those "reads" are very useful here... maybe yes by the fact he's more tight than his stats/style can show at first time

May 23, 2015 | 1:44 a.m.

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