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Post | actual fish posted in PLO: Turn and river play in SRP

PLO 100 (5 Players)
UTG: $123.83
CO: $92.10
BTN: $76.95
SB(Hero): $111.40
BB: $105.60

Fold, CO pots to $3.50, BTN calls, Hero calls with AcAd2c4c and BB calls

Flop($14) 2h2sQd
Hero bets $7, fold, CO calls and BTN folds

Turn($28) 8s
Hero checks, CO checks

River($28) 3c
Hero checks, CO checks

Preflop I don't 3 bet bc I didn't want to be in a 3 bet multiway pot OOP with marginal aces. This was played on PPPoker, and the opponents were very loose. The only stat available on PPPoker is VPIP, and all opponents had VPIPs of 45% minimum. So I didn't think I would be getting too many folds by 3 betting here. On the flop I lead out for half pot. I thought this sizing was appropriate but I also could have gone smaller due to the dry texture. On the turn I check. Even though the spade brings the flush draw I didn't want to inflate the pot with trip 2's. On the river I check again and it gets checked back. Should I be betting the river in this spot for value after he checks back the turn and the river doesn't change the board?

Jan. 16, 2019 | 7:13 p.m.

Comment | actual fish commented on counting wraps
section 5.2 towards the end addresses wraps and was very helpful to me.

Jan. 15, 2019 | 1:39 a.m.

PLO40 (2 Players)

BTN(hero): 36.28
BB: 78.66

Hero pots to $1.20 with Td8d7s6c, BB raises to $3.60, Hero calls

Flop($7.20) 9d3d3h
BB bets $3.91, Hero calls

Turn($15.02) 9d3d3h5d
BB checks, Hero bets $15.02, BB raises to $60.08, Hero calls and is all in.

I think calling the 3 bet is fine given we're heads up and my hand is coordinated with a suit. He could easily have a high pair that a rundown would play well against. It's also possible he 3 bet with a higher rundown type hand though. On the flop I think it's an easy call with the flush draw and BDSD, I have many good turn cards and position. On the turn when he checks it over to me I'm thinking he's got some AAxx or another high pair that is checking the flushing turn and I pot it. I wasn't worried about the paired board bc I don't think he's 3 betting me with many hands having the 3 along with either the 5 or the 9. When he raises it I only had $13.95 left behind so I called it off with the T high flush. My main questions are should I be taking the paired board as more of a threat and should I be playing the T high flush less aggressively on the turn?

Jan. 13, 2019 | 1:43 p.m.

PLO60 (5 Players)

UTG: $107.30
CO: $90.69
BTN: $93.82
SB: $10.50
BB(Hero): $56.10

UTG pots to 2.10, fold, fold, SB calls, Hero raises to 6.30$ with AhAd6c8c, UTG calls and SB folds

Flop(14.70) Js8s6ss
Hero bets $14.70, UTG calls

Turn(44.10) 2c
Hero checks, UTG pots for $44.10, Hero calls and is all in for remaining $35.70 of stack

Pre flop I should have raised pot and only 3x'd it. On the flop I bet because I don't have many good turn cards and my hand is quite vulnerable. I feel like on this drawy board texture betting may have been a mistake. Once he calls my flop bet on this board I think calling it off on the turn was a pretty big mistake. Honestly I just started playing PLO and just read PLO from scratch. In the book it said not to give up too easily in 3 bet pots and that was running through my head as I called the turn. I played this hand on PPPoker so I don't have any stats on villain and he was an unknown to me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Jan. 11, 2019 | 8:17 p.m.

Just starting out with PLO and part 1 and this video are a great help. Looking forward to part 3.

Nov. 27, 2017 | 9:02 p.m.

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