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Di Dang began his poker playing career during his third year of college. He and his brother Hac deposited $50 onto PartyPoker and began playing in low stakes NL games. Having each other to bounce ideas off of in the beginning proved to be an invaluable resource for the Dang's early in their poker careers.

When they started realizing that they could make good money playing poker, Di switched to a limit holdem player and dedicated time to learning the game. He played countless hands and quickly rose through the stakes. He experienced a good amount of success before making the decision to transition back to No Limit.

At the same time he was crushing the high stakes games, Di managed to get his degree in Engineering from the University of Virginia.

You know him from playing and beating the highest stakes NLHE and PLO games under the screen name Urindanger on FTP and ilvdnfl on Pokerstars. Di is one of the winningest players in online poker history.

In early 2011, Di decided to use some of his poker winnings to start a restaurant called Chasin' Tails near his home in Northern Virginia. He has dedicated the same effort to this new endeavor as he did to poker and it is beginning to show as business has taken off. Although the restaurant takes most of Di's time, he still manages to find time to play in the high stakes PLO games from time to time.

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