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I'm having a hard time with these types of hands vs a 3bet from the blinds when I'm OTB
Kh 4h 5d 6c
Jd Td 5s 5c
Td Tc 7c 2h
As 4s 8c 9h
As Js 4c 9h
4c 4s 3d 6h

Are we ever folding pre once faced with a 3bet 100bb deep? I realize they are similar but they are different in strength imo... I find that they miss way too often. I am folding the first 5 to a 3bet and I feel it is a huge mistake however they just miss so often and then i feel i am bleeding money preflop as I'm way too passive on flops if i play these hands.

What are you doing with each hand? Maybe give a reason for doing such,
Thanks in advance.

Sept. 30, 2020 | 12:58 p.m.

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