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Hey dreamstrike13,

I tried To find other sites To learn the game and strats and cant really find anything. I saw smartspin that look cool but not sure i can get To the member session. If you can recommand à few it Will be nice of toi.

In the meantime, ill try To watch some HU here.

March 5, 2018 | 3:38 a.m.

Also intéressed in spinNgo videos. I saw Steve Paul séries and wanted more. Please give us one or pe5t me know if there is any other videos right now

March 2, 2018 | 11:32 p.m.


Sorry first of all on only playing NL2. I know this seems pretty boring to you but i'm trying to learn the game in here,

So i wonder what is my call here when hero Shove. I mean, when the 3rd ace come on the board, i'm almost sure that he cannot have the 4th ace and that my kings are now good.

I though he was on something with a low-mid pocket pair (44-JJ)...
badly for me, i did call and he did have the ace.(AJo)

let me know,

Feb. 28, 2018 | 4:50 a.m.

Hand History | ex3ggutor posted in NLHE: zNL2 - 3 aces on the board with KK
Blinds: $0.01/$0.02 (6 Players) BN: $2.71
SB: $1.94
BB: $2.37
UTG: $2.62 (Hero)
MP: $1.42
CO: $4.69
Preflop ($0.03) Hero is UTG with K K
Hero raises to $0.06, MP folds, CO calls $0.06, 3 folds
Flop ($0.15) 2 A A
Hero checks, CO bets $0.14, Hero calls $0.14
Turn ($0.43) 2 A A A
Hero checks, CO bets $0.41, Hero calls $0.41
River ($1.25) 2 A A A 7
Hero checks, CO bets $1.54, Hero

Feb. 28, 2018 | 4:46 a.m.

Salut Serge,

I'd like To know your thoughts on zoom game vs standard cash game. What are the reason for playing standard cash game and why do you prefer FR vs 6Max.

Aussi, dans ton vidéo, 2 fois tu respectes pas le chiffre que le RNG te donne haha.


Feb. 24, 2018 | 10:55 p.m.

Feb. 24, 2018 | 3 p.m.


Id really like à video with someone using is HUD effectively on close call and explaining how To understand those stats while playing.

Also, would love To see Cameron couch back :)
Btw: im essential member


Feb. 22, 2018 | 4:11 a.m.

Hey Iain,

is it possible for you to explain your hud.. I'm trying to figure out what thoses number means but i have no idea for some of them.

In the picture, we see that this player have 5 number above him (13, 18, 12, 3 and 28) and 3 on his right (27, 44, 27)

what do they represent and why do you set your hud like this and not just in one frame ?


Feb. 19, 2018 | 8:59 p.m.

Nice Vid, really enjoy the format with the RNG. will be looking at your others vid even tho i play 6-max

Feb. 12, 2018 | 10:41 p.m.

Hey Wei,

You said at the begining that you were more active preflop than most others. The Thing that i dont understand is why are you almost always opening 2x no matter What?(except sb vs bb)

Imo, this is more vulnerable To be call by a bad hand (marginal) from the blind ..?

I think that it is like the .99 ... you will get called more often while betting 2x than 2.12x in exemple.

What are your tougths?

Feb. 6, 2018 | 10:01 p.m.

Ok it seems To be working on my cellphone.. i Will try on my computer later. Thx

Jan. 26, 2018 | 7:43 p.m.

not working

Jan. 26, 2018 | 2:36 a.m.

stxtony is the funniest player alive lol

Jan. 20, 2018 | 5:01 p.m.


Noob question.. in the video, we saw you a lot of time doing a "find this player" when you are taking decision like should I call, should I fold, etc.

What is your rules on there ? If the player is one tabling, he is probably a weaker player than a 4 tabling one.. but I mean, the guy that is one tabling might want to give some more action than the one four tabling?

I'd like to hear your thoughts about that.


Dec. 12, 2017 | 9:15 p.m.

Post | ex3ggutor posted in Chatter: Poker rooms in 2017 ?


I have been playing poker for some times in the past, almost exclusively to fulltilt and pokerstars (and espacejeux quebec).

I'm currently learning some stuff here, on runitonce and i watch a lot of twitch. On twitch, i saw a few other poker rooms that look interesting..
Natural8 and America's card rooms.

what do you think about them and what is the best comparaison with thoses 2 sites and pokerstars ?


Dec. 12, 2017 | 4:17 p.m.

Dec. 7, 2017 | 2:44 p.m.

Post | ex3ggutor posted in Chatter: Transitioning from CG to MTT


Not a long time member here. Been getting back to poker after a year of break, playing primarily casually at micro stakes (was playing NL10 before).

I want to play poker for fun but also to be proud of the way I play and learning the game.

I learned a lot in the series about MTT where i realize that my play was clearly not optimal (and still got some issue) but I'm really happy that in 2 days, I did 2 final tables (2.20$ tournement).

One that I finished 5th and the second one I finish 7nd for about 300$ on ROI.

The only thing is that the hourly rate that I'm doing now is not really worth it but I mean, poker is a fun game (sometime!!)

Thanks !

Dec. 7, 2017 | 2:39 p.m.

Ok. Thanks guy !

I wasn't sure what to do after his 2.90 bets. He was 11/10 on my hud with a hundred of hands played. Him calling the 2x original raise PF looks weak to me but cannot put him on any hands.

This is clearly a type of spot that I need to improve and get a better read of my openents.

Dec. 6, 2017 | 5:50 p.m.

Hand History | ex3ggutor posted in NLHE: Was my push any good ?
Blinds: $0.02/$0.05 (6 Players) BN: Kosta_PFC: $15.53
SB: KaiserTso: $4.57
BB: Ex3ggutor: $10.15 (Hero)
UTG: alexbrandao: $5.56
MP: jyk699: $5.15
CO: gcalio: $5.00
Preflop ($0.07) Ex3ggutor is BB with 8 5
alexbrandao raises to $0.10, 2 folds, Kosta_PFC calls $0.10, KaiserTso folds, Ex3ggutor calls $0.05
Flop ($0.32) 5 5 2
Ex3ggutor checks, alexbrandao bets $0.25, Kosta_PFC calls $0.25, Ex3ggutor raises to $1.00, alexbrandao folds, Kosta_PFC raises to $2.90, Ex3ggutor raises to $10.05 and is all in, Kosta_PFC calls $7.15
Turn ($20.67) 5 5 2 T
River ($20.67) 5 5 2 T 7
Final Pot Kosta_PFC wins and shows a full house, Deuces full of Fives.
Ex3ggutor lost and shows three of a kind, Fives.
Kosta_PFC wins $19.81
Rake is $0.86

Dec. 6, 2017 | 4:16 a.m.

Hey John. Thanks a lot for this blind defense series. I realize that this was one of the biggest mistake i was doing (not protecting my blind and folding way too much).

I realize that I was playing MTTs too much like CG.

Thanks !

Dec. 2, 2017 | 7:09 p.m.

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