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Darren Chandler You cannot compare Monker vs PLO Calc. Monker is a EV based Solver and PLO Calc is a equity based solver. I would compare PLO Calc with what is Flopzilla in NLH. Calculations in PLO Calc are done within some seconds, whereas in Monker it could take days. Unfortunately PLO Calc is limited to headsup. But for multiway spots i would recommend Pro poker tools, which is one of my favourite Poker Softwares overall. I hope this answers your question :-).

Feb. 27, 2021 | 9:49 a.m.

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Darren Chandler If you want a very indepth view on PLO its probably the best platform for this. Although IMO i think GTO doesnt work that well for PLO, especially for low limit, since ranges are all over the place and there are many multiway spots - this is just not solveable. Maybe if you play PLO100 and above, GTO might be a thing. But below this you are better in exploiting with solid Preflop ranges (which should be at best near GTO) and good general concepts - like presented in the course of EMTY :-D. But thats just my opinion.

Feb. 24, 2021 | 10:13 a.m.

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JohnnyUtah i also use PLO Calc and have written my own ranges based on some PLO Mastermind Spreadsheets. Could you tell me how to implement real GTO Ranges into PLO Calc or could you for example sell me a set of them since you have them as PLO Calc - Ranges??

Jan. 24, 2021 | 1:41 p.m.

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Thx for the reply :-). Just a final question: What would you do vs a population that has never leads, so they can have all the top range? Would you still c-bet? Because i checked the equity from T987:hhsc and it was about 50%, were i would even with position check back most of my hands that have a) very good future equity and b) dont want to blow up a big pot. Is this to tight, since in my pool all check/raises are near to nuts (QQ,88,66,As:Q,wraps)?

PS: Your course is really good! This is not my first PLO course, but i must say its so far the best structured and clear-minded course! Great job!

Jan. 21, 2021 | 8:37 a.m.

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In Episode 25: "SRP IP as PFR" you talk in the first handreview (T987$ss opened from BTN vs SB Cold Call) about C-betting this hand on flop Q86:ss. I dont have PLO Vision but i like doing my studies with PLO Calc. I am not sure but IMO this a clear check back since OOP has clearly a range advantage over the whole spectrum of hands. Just curious to know, if this is an exploitive approach? Thanks a lot!

Jan. 20, 2021 | 4:43 p.m.

Thanks for the video Vincent. But i think i found a mistake(not a big one but perhaps some of the viewers might be a bit irritated). In your video (starting at 4:04) at point 3 ) you have written the formula "Reward=pot + hero's Bet + villain's Call= 1+2s"!
Now this is only true for Pot=1!!. For the last point in 5) the Potsize doesn't matter , since EV =0. But for a better understanding for the viewers i would say 3 and 4 should be corrected : 3) Reward=Pot(1+2s)
4) EV(call)=(P(bluff)
Its a bit nitty but i hope you understand what i mean!

March 7, 2017 | 1:39 p.m.

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