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Hey Ryan, great video! Do you happen to know where I can find that 2 plus 2 analysis that you said about mid/high stakes turbo MTT´s?

July 20, 2019 | 11:01 p.m.

Comment | guilis commented on Equity Distribution

Hey, Qing Yang what excelent vid!
Thinking about the 2 puzzles that you delivered on the vid (withtout read any comment) I think that:

#1 the reason of we don't just jam on the turn of 12x pot is because if we do so will be losing 1 street of value of a big part of his range that "must" call on the turn. We'd lose 1,5x streets for those hands which would call at some frequency on the river if we go 2x 2x.

#2 I believe that the reason to bet jacks and tens on the 2 2 2 2 is because they're gonna become the bottom of our range with the best removals on the river, compared with QQ with is the hand that we'd like to attack.

What are your thoughts around it?

July 17, 2019 | 9:44 p.m.

Hey Slaski, how did you know who were the weaker players?
Were you already playing against them before the vid?
The the way you articulate both ranges is clean and smooth, thanks for this great content!

July 1, 2019 | 3:43 a.m.

Hey, great video man! Just didn´t quite understand why are we calling it off on the river with AJ vs the fun player on around 41:54 heheh. Don´t really see him beeing able to have almost any bluffs in this line, especially when we have the Jd blocking some J9dd, J8dd kind of stuff

June 21, 2019 | 4:42 p.m.

Hey sam, what do you mean by "the threshold of pushing equity” on 28’50’’? Can you explain that in another terms , please?

I appreciate that. (:

April 17, 2019 | 7:24 p.m.

Hey Sam. This vid provides a great conceptual understanding about range interactions.

Would be amazing if the series has one video about splitting probing ranges (ott and otr) and one about understanding the equilibrium across multiple boards and multiple streets.

Thanks for the vid!

April 16, 2019 | 9:59 p.m.

Hey, sauce, thanks for the vid, really clear though process.

7'05'' on 7sQdThJs4d you said that "we should be seeing at least 2 sizes here", based on his value regions.

I'm trying to craft my strategy from a conceptual stand point and i'm feeling a little bit confused about the process of building sizes.

What is the process that you suggest to design reall well crafted ranges as PFA on the river?


April 15, 2019 | 3:57 a.m.

Hey, Patrick thanks for the vid!

On J33 4 (2'55'') you said that "I like his turn stabbing (of 30%), I think it's a good choice". Why did you say that?

If the SPR was shallower (3 i.e.) would you say the same? Or would you prefer another size (smaller or larger)?


April 8, 2019 | 8:03 p.m.

Hey, Ryan what a sharp model, thanks!

Around those concepts of attacking pre flop, do you know how exactly can I encounter how much equity a hand needs to profitably open-raises?

I mean, HU players usually say: "If you use min raise you can open 90% of the range, because you need 25% equity".

How the hell they appear with this number? I've tried by multiple formulas (autoprofit, pot odds, etc) and didn't get there.

I appreciate that.

March 15, 2019 | 1:50 a.m.

Nice, very nice video, congrats for the content!

Feb. 21, 2019 | 10:33 p.m.

Another thing, how do you estimate that a hand is going to realize %80 or %85 of its equity in a spot? Like, where does that number come from?
Congrats for the video once again, very good stuff!

Feb. 21, 2019 | 5:13 p.m.

Hey, Very nice video Ryan! Have a couple of questions tho.
On short stack spots, how do you you see marginal +EV spots? For example, do you have a borderline on a EV amount in order to decide to take that spot or not? Like we´re not gonna take a rejam for 25bbs if is netting us +0,01bb correct?
Same thing for the 67s you were talking about on minute 48:00. Even tho the EV of 4bet jaming is slightly better then flatting, do you think that the variance that we´re gonna run it to for risking our tornament life in a spot where our winrate is not gonna be very high is still gonna be worth it?

Feb. 21, 2019 | 5:04 p.m.

Hey, I believe that the stat you used for fold to PF 3bet is wrong. You should be using the ''Fold to PF 3bet After Raise. In the first stat, if for example the CO opens and BU 3bets, and then you fold the SB, you would be folding to a PF 3bet, but that is not very helpfull information.

Feb. 18, 2019 | 6:37 p.m.

Hey Francesco, what an awesome vid!

I have 3 questions:
1) How does your thought proccess differs as pfc on the turn to playing oop as pfc on the river?

2) What's the 3 most important questions that you usually think~ask that are most effective to decide which line choose playing as pfc on the turn?

3) How do you usually represent the villains range in your head? Do you usually think it sensorially (seeing~imagining the cards that he could have), conceptually (linear, polar, etc.) or a mix of both? If it's sensorially, do you have an specific place at the table that you use as an anchor to imagine them? Where?


Jan. 19, 2019 | 12:31 a.m.

Hey, Jen Shahade thanks for the vid!
It's really awesome how well and simply you've applied the concept of intentional practice.

So, if you were commited to teach how to understand the ranges interactions street by street (post flop) how would you do it?

I mean, If you were to train some player for 12 weeks to become better of reading hands (understanding clearly both perceived ranges and how the board interacts with both ranges) , what would the training look like?


Jan. 11, 2019 | 8:55 p.m.

Hey Nick Rampone , thanks for share!

1) Based on what you know now, what advice would you do to your younger self to become extremely competent in hand readings?

2) what would you say to him when he's "freezed" thinking~feeling in a "blank spot"*?
*by blank spot I mean some specific hand that hurts

3)If you were to train me for 12 weeks to beat the field of MTT high stakes regulars, assuming that I'm a regular of midstakes that alreay know the major theoretical concepts and calculos e has 20k games played, what would the training look like?

Thanks you.

Jan. 11, 2019 | 8:51 p.m.

Comment | guilis commented on Friday Grind (part 1)

so, don't u have a flatting range sb vs lp when lp are regs? if so, why?

Nov. 6, 2018 | 3:27 p.m.

Comment | guilis commented on Friday Grind (part 1)

what do you think about 3betting A9o SBvsCO 40~45bbs deep on 20'40''?
do you usually 3bet the bottom of the offsuit flatting range?

Nov. 5, 2018 | 1:01 a.m.

Comment | guilis commented on PIO Quiz: Opening UTG

Hey, Mark! Thank you so much!

I've facing a little doubt about how I should approach the equity.

What's the importance of defining our equity?
I mean, how does it affect the way should we build our cbet strategy?
i.e. if we have 60+ we usually do X. Can we generalize something like that?
If yes, which typology would you suggest to use?

60% = strongg
between 50~60 = middle


Jan. 28, 2018 | 4:21 p.m.

Hey, Sam. Thank you for the video.

I'm writting down your talk and analyzing the structure of your thoughts to modulate mine accordingly (respecting my inner logic, of course).

So, on 3'30'' you've said that "I think it's a normal call" when hhecklen called you with sevens.

It's a normal call accordingly with which criteria?

If you were goig chill out and I had to substitute you for a minute and I had to judge his call in your place what exaclty steps would you say that I should take to execute it exaclty like you did? What should I think, say, ask, imagine and/or visualize on my head?

Thank you.

Dec. 20, 2017 | 12:27 p.m.

Comment | guilis commented on Effective Hud Use

Hey, Lucas, thanks for the knowledge.

At the end you've said that the HUD should give us a tangible conclusion. What exaclty do you mean by that?

Dec. 13, 2017 | 6:58 p.m.

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Sept. 13, 2017 | 11:08 p.m.

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