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I started to play poker 12 years ago during high school. It started as a hobby, but soon i realised that i can earn more money with poker. I planned to go to university, but decided to postpone my first year and see how poker go. It went well…So i never went to university. I started out with no limit holdem tournaments and played that for few years seriously. However i get bored with that so i started to play some other games on Sundays. I enjoyed those other games much more than NLHE, so i started to take those seriously and started to work on those games and i was lucky to move up stakes quickly. I was playing the highest 8games online back in 2009-2011, but for personal reasons i decided to take some days off from poker. I come back around 2014-2015 and started to play smaller stakes (10-20) at first, but i managed to make it to the highest stakes again. I also started to learn and study new games during that type (like ace to five triple draw, badeucey, badacay, razzdugi)

I mostly play cash games because it just gives much more $ rate. Although i miss the fame that comes with tournaments when you win those, so i might play more tournaments later, but i definately like cash games much more.

My favourite format of poker is 8game online and having like a 10-12 games mix live (with badeucey, acetofive, etc added to mix). A few years ago i would say that my best game is 2-7 triple draw, because when i started out with mix games i had a lot of success with that, but in the past i worked much more on my other games, so i can’t highlight any game. I feel very comfortable in every games, so i probably like the games where my opponents play the worse. uses cookies to give you the best experience. Learn more about our Cookie Policy