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Got some records today
biggest volume i`ve ever played in a day and unfortunately the biggest lose in terms of buy-ins ;/

Here is the overall graph from when I started

Obv the sample still pretty small but Its clear im still pretty bad..

I literally thought I would beat stakes up to 50nl for at least 15bb/100 so that graph really hit my ego.

Obv big reason for the results is today, because I got pretty tired and didn't stop the tables.

The thing that really confuses me is why my redline is not very positive because I really bluff very hard in the all spots I know people are overfolding.

One thing that stands out for me to be the reson for that redline is that I know people are cbetting way too often and then also barreling way too often and I adjust to that by overfolding the flop which I think in theory is the right adjustment, but maybe I am not doing something right with that.

Also sometimes I dont fold in spots I know are underbluffed which really tilts me.

Soo today and tommorow will review a lot of hands and post them here to see where I am leaking so hard and also feel like this way the tilt will go away.

btw I said that I will review hands after every session which I failed at. First reason is that it is very hard for me to mark hands while playing, so I decided I will write the hand on a paper and then find it in the db, but this also was hard for me to do while playing, so there is not marked hands at all.
Second reason is that I was getting pretty tired after playing and was too lazy to review. Will try hard to change that and start reviewing hands after every session.

April 23, 2021 | 3:51 p.m.

Again incredibly late update...
Not updating this thread on time makes me feel really bad. Obviously this is because of me failing to set achievable goals for a time period. Hopefully will get at least to the main one ;/
The good news is that I am kinda ready with the MDA and built (about the other goals - didn't study any preflop or GTO on disconnected), IMO, good strategies for the most common spots, so I am starting to put the volume.
My next milestone is to learn to play 4 zoom tables. By now I have always played 2 zoom tables. So I will start playing 5nl to get used to it. The reason I want to 4-table is because with only 2 tables the volume i can put will be pretty low. I want to go for 6-8k hands a day.

  1. So the goals from now are: play atleast 2k hands a day, 4-tabling, and at the moment that I feel I lose focus, directly sit out and rest till I feel good again.

  2. Mark hands that I don't know how to play and analyze them before next session. The more interesting hands will put on this forum and will write down my conclusions from them, because will be good for me to get some sort of feedback if I am right or not,

Will start updating the thread with how the above goals are going.
If the graph is good I will brag with it haha

April 20, 2021 | 3:41 p.m.

I am also looking for a study partner, so if someone is interested, please PM!

April 7, 2021 | 6:38 a.m.

Okk, a bit late update but here we go.

Play: Played first day one session and decided that the goal I set is just stupid. I don't know what to do in over half of the postflop nodes, so if I had to review all of them I would be just reviewing random hands all day which will be far less productive than learning them systematically.
Preflop: Learned to some extend CO vs BTN, CO vs SB, CO vs BB, BTN vs SB/BB, SB vs BB.
Postflop: I have in mind 8-9 flops which I think are reasonable to represent all the disconnected flops. I have studied cbetting, turn barreling and BB defending vs cbets on some of them (only BTN vs BB). So the study results postflop are far less than what the goal was. I haven't studied any river spots or check-raising or probing etc.
First 4-5 days of the week I was doing another project which had to be finished and it was really distracting me from the studying. Also spent a ridiculous amount of time doing MDA with PT4 instead of buying h2n. Also spent a lot of time making a fancy preflop excel sheet where I am putting my ranges.

The conclusion from the week are:
- In order to achieve my poker goals I better don't do another things because it really slows down the process.
- MDA with pt4 is just stupid. It is muuch slower than doing it with h2n.
- Another thing is that I feel I spent too much time on stuff that is not giving me a lot of EV. It is maybe good to have strong fundamentals (knowing which size is best for cbet, exactly which hands are folding vs different sizes cbet, when to overbet, how to choose bluffs and value bets for different spots etc) but this is only useful in case you are playing some good opponents which will take advantage if you don't do these things properly. In the databases I have (up to 100nl) players are just nowhere near playing any reasonable strategies. So if I just do MDA on the whole game tree and start exploiting hard, beating 100nl will be pretty easy.

Goals for 07:04.2021 to 14.04.2021
- Detailed MDA for all spots of the gametree and make exploitative strategies out of it. (this is the main goal for this week)
- Continue with studying GTO for IP vs BB, SRP on disconnected flops
- Finish the preflop learnings.

April 7, 2021 | 6:12 a.m.

Thank you!

April 3, 2021 | 7:03 p.m.

Post | lcw123 posted in Chatter: 10nl to 100nl by 01.06.2021

Hello, guys!

Starting this thread to keep myself motivated to study and play consistently.
I am playing microstakes and my goal is to move to 100nl and start making money from poker.
I know the goal is a bit unrealistic but don't think it is impossible. Will be studying mainly with GTO+ and doing MDA.
I will start with a lot more studying than playing to build a reasonable strategies for all most common spots and when I feel I know what I am doing in most spots I will start putting bigger volume and hopefully start making money.

The plan is to post study and play goals every week and at the end of it I will post if I succeeded at the them.
Will start from the very basics and make very clear, ready to implement strategies.

Startining from today:
goals for 29.03.2021 - 05.04.2021
- UTG-SB RFI ranges
- SB vs BB: BB call and 3bet ranges, SB call and 4bet vs 3bet, BB call and 5bet vs 4bet.
- IP vs BB: BB call and 3bet ranges, IP 4bet and call ranges vs BB 3bet, BB call and 5bet vs IP 4bet
- UTG-BTN vs SB: SB call and 3bet ranges, UTG-BTN 4bet and call ranges vs SB 3bet, SB call and 5bet vs UTG-BTN 4bet
- Being IP, facing an open
- IP vs BB, SRP, disconnected flops:
- IP cbet strategy (frequency, sizing, how much money IP range should put when cbetting, heuristics for hand selection)
- BB call and XR strategy facing a cbet
- IP turn cbet strategy + river play after turn cbet and BB responses
- BB probe+river play after probe and IP responses
- IP delayed cbet + river play after delayed cbet and BB reponses
- IP facing a flop/turn/river XR and play after it
- BB play after flop/turn XR

Play: play 1 session 45-60min a day and review every spot from the session which I am not sure about how to play before playing the next session.

March 29, 2021 | 6:16 p.m.

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