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Leo "ISILDRooN" Nordin is a professional poker player born and raised in Härnösand, a town on the Swedish east coast. Leo's primary game is PLO but he is proficient at NL and tournaments as well.

At the age of 16, Leo discovered that there were quite a few people in his hometown making serious money playing online poker. He made a small deposit into his poker account and began at the $.25/$.50 tables. He didn't take the game too seriously until he turned 18 when he found himself in the $25/$50 NL games after just 6 months.

While he began his career as a NL player, Leo made the transition to PLO when the NL action began to dry up. Admittedly, the transition was difficult for him and he experienced a number of downswings before he was able to turn it around.

Leo is an extremely talented golfer and after high school he attended a Swedish golf college. Despite his successful poker career, he still manages to play a fair amount of golf. In 2011, he attempted to qualify for the pro tour but missed the cut.

His videos feature an interesting take on the high stakes PLO games that have been running over the last few years. He routinely finds himself in interesting spots which makes for entertaining and informative videos.


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