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Post | lhvleao posted in Chatter: From $30 to the moon - Cash Games

Hello guys! I'll take this challenge in order to crate more discipline about poker and life in general.

I'm from Brazil and my english is good, but not perfect. So, please ignore some spelling mistakes (:

Today is 23 May and i'll start with a stack of $30.09

I used to play 25NL zoom some years ago, so I'll set an aggressive BR management till I get to NL10.

NL2 - Play till I get to $50.
NL5 - Starting in $50. Move down at $30. Move up at $150.
NL10 - Starting in $150. Move down at $100. Move up at $500.

I'll play regular tables at PS. I enjoy much more zoom tables, but I thing that winrates at regular tables are much higher. My target is to go back to 10NL ASAP. This way, I'll have a minimal bank to pay $25 for basic plan here at RIO and start studying properly. By now, what I have to study is some old books and few free content at youtube/twitch.

For now, I'm re-reading 'The Grinders Manual' from Peter Clarke. After that, I'll go to that classical mental game book.

Also, I accept any suggestion about how to improve my NL game while I don't have BR to pay for good content.

hands: 10,000
study/reviews/books/videos: 7h
workout/cardio: 7h
meditation: 1,5h

What to expect here:
- Daily updates (at least in weekdays)
- Goals for every week according to my results
- Fast reading posts
- Maybe some interesting hands


May 23, 2020 | 1:54 p.m.

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