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Post | limoni posted in NLHE: Playing live with large straddles

My local game allows straddles from any position of up to 5x the big blind. They spread both 1-3 with a $100 - $1000 buyin and 2-5 with a $300 - $3000 buyin, and allow larger buyins to match the biggest stack.

If the right people are in the game in the right mood, the 5x straddle is on most of the time from one or the other of them, and most pots are raised >=4x the straddle preflop. I was in such a game with 250 big blinds, and realized I don't have a good game plan for that situation. If I realized what was going on before I bought in, I would buy in for ~80 bigs and play mostly a preflop game.

Is there any generic NLHE short stacking material on RIO that might help me develop a game plan for this? I'm interested in both ~20bb short stacking (for when I know what's happening and buyin short) and ~50bb stacks (for when I have an average stack and this situation develops). Thanks for any advice!

Nov. 2, 2021 | 5:23 p.m.

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