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very true the BDFD does make it easier to play on future streets , small size seems optimal and xr its better for hands without the BDs in general.

i do believe a decent amount of people over stab when check to them in 3b pots in this type of texture but i think thats more of individual player tendencies than general population so it makes sense to have a more theory base strategy as the one you mentioned and adjust depending of individual players tendencies

thanks for the reply

Jan. 7, 2020 | 7:14 a.m.

Hi, at 15:50 in the 3b pot with AKQ2ds , I kind of like check better than bet , I believe we don’t have much betting from the BB as the 3bettor on 872 flush draw board, IP should be incentivize to bet a lot there when check to therefore we can x/r our hand while when betting pot on flop we are only continuing vs very strong range , obv we are happy to go with our hand either way , but when we bet pot I think he might fold dominated draws that might continue vs x/r.

downside it’s that IP might check behind but with a pair, over cards, Fd and bdfd I dont really mind it, thoughts?

Jan. 5, 2020 | 9:08 a.m.

It’s a 3bet pot with 40bbs effective pre flop, we usually don’t get to play 3 streets with those stacks so we are effectively playing a 2 street game after the flop, it’s a fairly dynamic board where a 2,3,4,6,8,9 and any heart changes the board, if we are 3b that hand we should bet the A high board imo.
River call it’s tough , I had a hard time giving him bluffs , with the 4 flush I’m not as concern with a flush as I am with a str8, so the Qh it’s not as relevant as we might think ( I might be wrong ) , when you x turn in theory you are pretty capped and with 4hearts on board he should be happily value betting str8s and he has tons of 7x that interacts with his x/c range in the flop , I’m guessing river call was very player dependent maybe ?
Would love to to see in depth analysis of that hand =)

Dec. 7, 2019 | 7:22 a.m.

Third part would be awesome, please!

Dec. 6, 2019 | 8:04 a.m.

Comment | majagua69 commented on Tom Chambers

Mikey Stotz that’s fair, his content is usually very good and I don’t mind learning from it the only sad part about it it’s not being able to ask any questions or get any interaction but I do understand that’s out of your guys control .

We do appreciate you guys deleting the reference on RIO to his coaching site.

In regards the additional ideas I think it would be good for RIO to make this matter public to none Rio users trough 2+2 and twitter , if you guys need prove I can provide screenshots of emails and slack but I do believe posting from RIO will bring more attention than individual post as the one I did myself

Thanks for listening to us and helping us out

Sept. 30, 2018 | 3:58 a.m.

Comment | majagua69 commented on Tom Chambers

Agreed, Mikey Stotz even upswing when they posted an article wrote by him I directed them to the 2+2 threath and replied “we will remove the links to his website from his author bio until that issue is sorted out” I do believe that still publishing his videos and directing people to him it’s kind of messed up for RIO member like us...

Sept. 28, 2018 | 8:25 p.m.

Actually I would think this would be interesting for an MTT player, the 1.5 and 3 SPR in a single raise pot it’s soemthing that you won’t see happening in a 100bb game therefore this case would apply more to plo mtts, speciallly in online plo mtts that population over defend bb ( IMO) it’s interesting to see that it could be a leading range in lockdown boards and how it should be constructed if you decide to have a leading range there =)

Sept. 24, 2018 | 1:59 a.m.

Comment | majagua69 commented on Tom Chambers

Hi, im one of the students, i want to add that we as group have been able a few times to get "answers" from Tom in out slack chat so not sure why he is not responding to you guys ( RIO), funny enough every time we get a reply its something along the lines of.. ill be processing refunds soon (albeit he is not offering a full refund which i think its wrong when is a package deal we bough and was not completed, not even 1/3, due to the coach personal issues).. last reply was over 48 hours ago where he stated he is moving money to PayPal/skrill... im not a PayPal user but im a frequent skrill user, it has never taken me over 24 hours to fund skrill.. anyways it seems strange to me that he reply to us (rarely to be honest) but still hasn't gotten in contact with you guys, in his RIO coaching profile there is still advertising for his coaching and books and i think this should not be there until this issue is cleared and rectified, for the protection of your customers.

im a big fan of his content and thats why i decided to book his coaching and i think his videos are still very good, but as i said i do believe anything regarding coaching should be removed from his RIO page for now.

Aug. 24, 2018 | 11:19 p.m.

Post | majagua69 posted in Other: Tom chamber coaching

Hi, my name is Federico i play on pokerstars as majagua69, i have decided to créate this post to inform and prevent the comunity in regards the poker coaching of Tom Chambers.

As probably many of you know Tom Chambers its a pretty acomplish PLO book autor known for his theoreticall approach to the game, in the past i bough a few chapters of his book and his book about PLO live plus watched his videos in RIO, i contacted him early in 2017 in regards to coaching, on my first attempt of getting coaching by him things didnt really panned out , there were some comunication issues and i decided to look for other options.

A few months laters i received an email from Tom mentioning he was starting a new program of coaching and asking me if i would be interested, i had and still have great respect from the approach Tom has to the game of PLO so i decided to try again, the process of getting enough people to start the coaching toke a Little while but i was ok with it, we finally starting the coaching in December 2017, the plan was having a session a week, in all fairness there were weeks we couldnt meet for students reasons i did feel at the time that Tom sometimes was quick to also delay the class for a week, for example one week he mentioned that the group hadnt sent enough HH to review and i offer to send some more from my database but never got an answer and class was postponed, in any case this happened for a few months and we were going at a very slow pace.

By april 2018 Tom went missing for a long period of time, we couldnt get an answer of any comunication whatsover finally one of my classmates got an email from Toms wife that Tom had been in the hospital and that he would get back to us shortly, May came around and still no comunication, at this point i was busy with Scoops so didnt pay much attention, i did however send a few emails to Tom inquiring if it was worth it to follow trough with the program or maybe issue a refund, i was also a Little bit bafle that he kept poasting videos in RIO… i finally asked for a full refund on may 22th, on june 14th i sent another mail asking for an update, finally that same day i got a reply from Tom saying “I'm sorry, I have been in the hospital as you said. I can process a refund if you inform me when and how you paid for the course.”

I sent the requested info on june 25th, the again no reply, I sent him another email on july 31th

“Again it has been over a month since I sent the requested info, I can’t help but notice after I replied that you posted another video on RIO which leads me to believe you have been working ( might be wrong just explaining my train of thought )

I don’t know what affliction you are under and I honestly don’t like making a big deal of this sort of situation and I really hope you get better soon but I’m very disappointed in the lack of communication or effort for that matter, to solve the fact that me and some others paid for a course, in advance , and we get no updates or anything whatsoever , this is not the first time I have an issue with you in regards of lack of communication , I can understand someone being sick or busy for a reasonable amount of time but it toke you way over a month and several mails to even acknowledge my first concern , has been again over a month since I sent you the info requested to process the refund this is getting beyond what i feel It’s acceptable

Please I ask you once again to process my refund ASAP and at this point I do believe we are all of us in the group own an explanation “

At this point I also posted copy of this email on the Slack group that the other students were part of, finally this got a reply from Tom on August 2nd to which he said

“Hi Federico/all ill address this today”

He then asked how many sessions did we have per group , we responded to this toke him 5 days to finally reply saying he would process refunds but not full refunds ( he was going to charge us for the classes we did have ) and said he couldn’t do it that day because he needed to move some money around, I replied saying that I though it was unfair for him to charge anything because we paid for a full course that was not completed due to his unknown issue but w/e I just wanted to get this over with, this is in august 7th… we are today in august 18th and we haven’t hear anything from Tom once again…

Also I want to mention that one other person from my group contacted RIO asking about Tom because he found the coaching trough them and RIO replied to him informing him that they haven’t been able to be in contact with Tom in over 8 months and that the videos that they have been posting are from footage he sent before hand.

Im not sure what else to do in this situation but I think I should let the community know about the issues with Tom and recommend to stay away from any coaching he might offer, im not aware of what personal issues he might be going trough and I don’t want to be harsh but without any info or explanation I feel this was the best course of actions



Aug. 18, 2018 | 8:06 a.m.

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