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Post | nagymezo posted in Chatter: Best Solver for Pre Flop 6-max

Hi guys, Im try to modifying my game pre flop and im searching the n1 solver for the pre flop game.
My doubts are on poker snowie, pio solver and monker solver.

Poker snowie I think overall he is very simplified, some dynamics are not express correctly imo and don't have the possibility to play with difference size, this is a huge limit.
Pio solver is the best for the game BB v IP / HUP play, but in 6max? if I wanna COvEP 3betting spot etc.? idk.
Monker Solver is the last chance, idk very well this solver, I have already bought one complete solution for the 6max pre flop game and work fine, he take the 3way possibility etcetc but never used this solver and overall, some scenario make me doubts...

Thats all, let me know whats your prefer solver for the pre flop in 6max game, and why u choose it.

Jan. 25, 2019 | 3:51 p.m.

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