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Post | nino posted in PLO: 5/5 PLO snap fold river?

Hero: BTN : 20y/o WG, TAG, havnt been playing any hands for the last hour orso. [B]1k$[/B]
Villain: HJ: YWG, LAG, recently joined the table and has been running hot [B]2500$[/B]. Seems capable, but definitaly overvalues weak draws. Havent seen him pull of a big river bluff so far.

UTG+1 makes it 20$, HJ and CO call. I look down at K:heart:J:diamond:10:club:9:heart: on the BTN and call. SB and BB fold.

Flop: [85$]: Q:heart:A:heart:8:diamond:
Checks to me I bet 50$ (should have just bet pot). HJ calls rest folds
Turn [185$]: 7:diamond: (Q:heart:A:heart:8:diamond:) Villain checks, I bet 150$ V calls.
River [485$]: 9:diamond: (7:diamond:Q:heart:A:heart:8:diamond:). Villain bets 300$ into me.

What do I do in these kinds of spots? I mostly just fold in these spots and only call with flushes. Do you think villains will be likely to bluff when the BDF gets there and relise I overfold in this spot and abuse it? Or do most villains at these types of games just have it when betting into you in these spots?

April 22, 2019 | 10:13 a.m.

Post | nino posted in NLHE: 5/5 Though River spot

Hero:[CO] 20s white male. Been card death so havent been playing lots of hands bought in for 1k$ and down to around [B]600$[/B] at the start of the hand.

V1: [HJ] 40s white male, your average life player, a bit loose but nothing rediculious. [B]stack 180$[/B]

v2: [BTN] 30s white male TAG, has been more active sine a older male (V3 joined the table). Has me covered.

V3: [SB] Old male, super loose and very spewy, VPIP 80% orso and been betting when checked to all the time. Super station aswell. Has me covered.


UTG makes it 20$ and HJ calls. I look down at 4:spade:5:spade: and decide to call, since V3 has been invloved in every pot, but has not been 3 betting much pre. BTN SB call aswell.

FLOP [125$]: 6:spade:7:heart:Q:diamond:

UTG checks, HJ makes it 80$ leaving himself about 80$ behind
I call, expecting SB to call a good % of the time aswell.

BTN makes it 250$ everyone including HJ folds back to me
Pot is now [535$] and I have to put in 170$ more to call with a stack of around 550$.

What is the best play here?:confused: Fold, Call or Raise?

If called what to do OTT?

April 20, 2019 | 4:23 p.m.

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