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is someone from europe who does not speak good English like hiphop before he becomes mainstream?
about 18,24 years old play/study all day poker at Zoom ?
looking for a team to work harder?
i am looking for a guy who play and study a lot to go all-in in life with poker and make a 'TeamPoker' at skype.
making calls every day speak about session and looking hands helping with mental game,pay for coaching staff and other thinks
now i play on zoom 5. the 2018 wining zoom25 with 2.5bb at 200k hands
play 70khands+ per month, 2 tables using tracker and equilab i dont have any solver
looking for a small part of group with poorly english (i am joking :D) to improve mental game,poker strategy and create a clear plan to move up stakes with good winrates Please chat with me if you think my story likes with yours.

April 27, 2019 | 5:01 p.m.

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