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This is my first post

I've been playing poker for about a year now and I built a bankroll on ignition casino from $25 to over $1,300. I mainly play MTTs but after Ignitions software update last Monday, My Software keeps closing after 30 minutes or so, making it very difficult to play tourneys. I deposited $100 onto ACR and I've been playing the micro stakes MTTs to try and build up a bankroll. ACR has these on demand turbo tournaments for $0.50 and $1 with 10% rake. Everyone starts with 60 bbs but it quickly turns into shoving your stack in with a strong hand. I feel like I have no edge in these. Can someone tell me if I'm tripping and just hit a bad run of variance or if these on demand turbos aren't worth trying to beat?

Thank You

Any advice will be appreciated

April 18, 2019 | 12:14 a.m.

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