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Hi Arabella,

Thank you for the response. I thought my post went unnoticed.

I do not play 2/5 - it was my first time to be honest. I only sat on the table just because there were no 1/3 that day due to some WPT event. That's why this bad beat hurts a bit more than usual. Yes, all the money was in on the turn and I knew I was ahead of the other guy because I had a very aggressive table image in his mind. Anyway, that's just poker I guess. Trying to study high stakes these days.

Feb. 27, 2019 | 1:20 a.m.

Post | ritishkumar11 posted in NLHE: 2/5 ALL IN POCKET 8's


Its my first post ever so I apologize if I'm not clear. I wanted to discuss a hand I played last week on 2/5.

Stack Sizes: Me: $800, HJ: $650, Button: $1500

I am on the BB with pocket 8s8h. UTG raises to $20 and 4 people call (including me).
5 ways to a flop of Jd8d6c. Action checks to me and I bet $65 in a pot of $100. Only HJ and Button calls.
Turn comes 2c - perfect card for me but now we have 2 flush draws. HJ donk bets $150, button cold calls and I go all in for the remaining 700.
HJ calls after thinking for 30 seconds and Button calls after tanking for 2 minutes.
River is a 9c and Button shows 8c5c. Hence, he got there on the river with a flush.

Was his call reasonable? He called $550 with a mid pair and a flush draw(flush to an 8 mind you)?

Lost a $2400 pot with 82% on the turn - still hurts. Did I do anything wrong here?

Feb. 24, 2019 | 6:42 p.m.

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