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Hey, my name is Robin Lindqvist and I play as Betrob7 on pokerstars.

im a 24 year old guy from sweden who started playing fulltime somewhere around the summer of 2011, but in the early 2012 i found PLO and was hooked right away. So since then Ive been playing almost exclusively PLO and i think its a really interesting game and I enjoy it alot!

Outside of poker my biggest interest it football for sure and especially the premier league. The thing is though, that at the moment Im living in Bondi Beach outside of Sydney which makes some games hard to watch because of the time difference.

Anyway, I really enjoy the life down here I think this place is awesome! So relaxing to just start the day out with a breakfast out in the sun down at the beach and just take the day as it comes, really happy that Im able to do that.

Otherwise my days is usually filled with grind, workouts and hanging out with friends. Really excited to join the team and i hope you will enjoy my videos! uses cookies to give you the best experience. Learn more about our Cookie Policy