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Deposited $600.
After 3 days of play, bankroll at $1111.
Pics of marine life.

Here's some pics to update with! I have no problem showing these screens on stream, as well, for any confirmation and such :)

Here's the one deposit, on December 27th for $600, to get the match bonus of 100%:

I just started playing 3 days ago, and here's after 3 days of play. $916.61 with $100 of Spin tickets from Leaderboards, and another $95 of Spin tickets to be deposited at some point today($75 from the $3 LB, $20 from the $5 LB), for a total of $1111.61 before any Rakeraces and such.

Here's some highlights:
Got a sick max roll of $60 on their spin the wheel. You get one of these spins as your form of rakeback, each time you move up on their rewards program.

Levelled up to Gold Crab! Now receiving equiv of 28% rakeback. This will be Bronze Octopus tomorrow, which is equiv of 30% rakeback. Should take about a week to get up to the 40% level, and then a few weeks after that to reach their highest tier which is named Black Shark (60%). This is all IF I can keep moving up as expected!

Binked first for $100 on the $3 Spins leaderboard 2 days ago!

Biggest multiplier I've hit so far was $180. Got second place :shocked:

I will only get to play a couple of hours today, but I'm able to fully move up to the $5's now. I can cherry pick a few nice leaderboard spots in the $3's, $5's, and if I'm ballsy enough the $10's. I'm trying to keep 200 buy-ins of my main stake at any given time, but I'm going to be cherry picking leaderboards both 1 stake below and 1 stake above.

But first, some studying!
GL in your games

Jan. 12, 2021 | 10:11 p.m.

Sup my fellow Dan Bilzerian fanboys!

I’m Rolodecks, and here’s a bit about me, my poker challenge, and my Twitch stream. I am an indigenous Canadian eh and have been a professional poker player off and on since the first poker boom. I took breaks to be a DJ, go to school at UBC in Vancouver, and to be a very super serious Path of Exile gamer, but I always end up returning to poker.

My favourite games are Live NL cash games in either Vancouver or Vegas, and SNG’s online(180mans, 9mans, 6mans, KO’s, DoN’s, Hypers, if it’s in the SNG lobby I’ll beastmode it). I often lurk the forums, but have been to WSOP and 2+2 parties in Vegas and met members in person. I'll have to rock my RIO hoodie! :)

I am about to stream a challenge where I learn and play Spins. The challenge will be to climb from deposit bonus to 100k in profit within 6 months. I’ll be including rakeback, leaderboards, rakeraces, rakechases, and bonuses in my profits, so there’s a small chance this turns into a rakeback pro challenge lol. I’ll be starting at the $3’s at GGPoker, and plan on moving up swiftly through the 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s.
For studying I’ll have a coach, GTO software/charts, Push-Fold software, video/chart packs, and I’ll also be gleaning information from other streams/videos(slayerv1fan, BBZ, Team651, OP Poker, Elliot Roe, etc.). I have the utmost confidence that I will back up the truck. I got 99 problems but profit ain’t one, buuuuuut if I do end up giving up, I’ll limp back to the SNG lobby with my tail between my legs and finish the challenge there instead. I don’t need much more motivation, but for a little kick in the ass, if I fail the challenge I’ll be owing one of my best buddies a trip to Vegas once the pandemic recedes.
I’ll be streaming the challenge on my Twitch channel, if anyone would like to see the studying and gameplay:

I’ll make sure to post here several times per week with bankroll updates and any other shenanigans I have to share.

I meant to post this a few days ago, so here's some quick updates:
I had some rough variance on day1, but I still came out nearly 20 buy-ins up post rakeback/leaderboard. 12 tabling Spins makes it hard to maintain a nice looking ROI, but the rakeback pro type returns make up for it at the end of the day! It's going to look yummy on days where I run better too.

On day2, I had a better day, ending up 40-50ish buy-ins post RB/LB. I thought my tilt control was pretty bullet proof, but Spins are sure having me question that belief lol. I think I'll listen to some Elliot Roe during today's set. I should be able to move up after today, if I don't get bopped too hard ROI-wise! About to jump into the next set if anyone would like to come cheer me on.

Jan. 11, 2021 | 5:23 p.m.

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