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Part-time Mechanical Engineering student, part-time poker pro, 19 year old Sam "Olangotang" Lang can be found terrorizing the low stakes PLO tables on Stars with his hyper LAG style. Initially an NL player, Sam quickly fell in love with PLO and was soon playing $100 PLO deep tables with aggressive bank roll management. This was short lived, however, as he managed to dust off his whole bank roll in one session, starting at $100 PLO and losing the last of it to jeans89 versus a very tough 25/50 lineup. Sam has since toned down his shot taking and has settled in at $100-$200 PLO.

His videos are extremely detailed, and his raw aggression frequently gets him into some incredibly interesting spots. Follow along as Sam attempts to climb the stakes and become one of the best in the world. uses cookies to give you the best experience. Learn more about our Cookie Policy