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Thank you for your responses.

I felt like I’ve just been getting hammered in these spots over and over without being able to defend. Even w AA I’m not sure what I’m doing vs a river shove. I feel it’s almost the same as QQ(if I ever take this line preflop and flop). I will take your advice and defend with solid holdings post flop until I figure these opponents out, and I’m properly rolled for playing a 1knl game.

Dec. 11, 2021 | 12:08 a.m.

I’ve been playing in a live 1-3 game where players consistently buy-in for 1000BB. There’s a few players playing very well, and I always feel like I’m at the IP players mercy when 3bet constantly(in instances where im 1000BB effective as well) They are always using large bet sizes to get the money in by the river. For example:
Hero 1000BB, opens QQ MP for 6BB
Random player flats
Villain 1000BB 3 bets to 33BB from button
SB flats
Hero flats
Flop: T52
Everyone checks to villan, bets 58 BB
Hero flats everyone else folds
Turn 7
Hero checks
Villan bets 233BB
Hero ???
There’s two flush draws on the board, I’m unblocking them both. Seems like a call here.. but for 233BB? Villan is shoving rivers often in these spots. Seems like a call but for the amount of BB going in the pot, I’m not sure. Am I only supposed to set mine in this positions? Or play nut flush suited broadway/wheel hands? Anyone have any strategy advise in these situations or does IP player just get to own me all day? I typically buy in for 100-150BB, but find myself running it up to 1000BB often enough, then these players come in and put me in these spots. I’ve just been leaving these situations because I don’t want to take a 1000BB hit, but I want to compete, and my roll is getting to the point where I can take the hit. Any guidance here would be appreciated, thanks!

I folded btw, made me sad.

Dec. 9, 2021 | 5:25 p.m.

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