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I've been struggling with the correct mindset with regards to this question. Is it okay to protect a win when you know the session is about to end.
By "protecting a win" I mean taking lower variance lines that you would not normally take.

I feel there are two mindsets:

Mindset 1) - "Life is your session". It does not matter when the session is ending, take the highest EV line in each hand and whatever happens, happens. Accept the result and analyse your decisions later

Mindset 2) - We are human beings and getting affected by a positive or negative result is normal. Also the result can affect our confidence, mood and happiness in general which we can use as momentum to carry into the next session. Also in some cases negative results can have an affect on our personal lives. Taking low variance lines at the end of a session to protect a win is alright.

I have always been in the first category but recently as I play more and mature as a player I find myself switching to the second mindset. I feel confidence is an important attribute to my A game so developing consistency with regards to positive results brings out my best game and improves my win rate.

What do you guys feel? Is it okay to have the second mindset or shall I train my self to go back to the first.



April 5, 2019 | 7:14 a.m.

Hello Hawkeye,

Having an immense love for the game is always a great starting point in my opinion for being a successful poker player. But I see that you are struggling with some basic concepts such as bank roll management, being too results oriented and having a short term outlook on the game. This is causing you to display your C game tendencies hence adopting a "gambling approach to the game", putting yourself under too much pressure to win every time you sit at the table. I hope some of the points below can help you:

1) Results oriented to Task oriented - As humans our minds are generally tuned to focus on the positive or negative result of the session which is not always in our control. This result affects our mood. Instead, we have to try to train our mind to focus on certain tasks instead. For example "trying to focus on making the best decision every hand" is a little too broad and difficult to focus on so we need to make the tasks more specific in order to really train the mind. Some example tasks could be: "marking key hands during the session", "focusing on choosing optimum bet sizes", "analysing our opponents tendencies", "playing structured ranges pre flop" etc. Try focusing on tasks instead of results and you might see some improvement. Pre define the tasks before the session.

2) Right attitude - Making mistakes is part of poker, striving to play perfectly is an exercise that will always end in frustration and disappointment. Developing the right attitude which focuses on learning and making improvements will get your mind off results and more towards improving as a player. Focus on putting in your max effort and doing your best.

3) Find your strengths - After your session try and write down 3 things you did well and are proud off. After many such sessions you will find your "key strengths" and you can remind yourself of these before each session.

4) Prepare for randomness - Many players that start on the path of improving their game get met with unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes we can lose 4 buy ins very quickly despite having prepared for a session. You need to prepare for these scenarios before hand, how would you react? etc.

I hope some of these points have helped you. I'm sure other forum members will have some better ideas. With regards to bank roll management you must be honest with your financial situation, only playing games where the result will not affect you.

Be rich in EV and not in chips and the hard work will pay off

Good luck.

March 19, 2019 | 5:01 p.m.

Thanks @phrikshin. This gives me alot of clarity

Dec. 3, 2018 | 2:29 p.m.

Hi I have been playing poker for 7-8 years. I play low stakes live cash games and live tournaments. I have been very happy with my progress over these years and I'm always hungry to learn more.

I want to add to my bank roll by starting to play online poker regularly and I was wondering if Its important to use a HUD in order to be a successful online player or can I manage without one?

Any help would be appreciated.



Dec. 3, 2018 | 12:33 p.m.

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