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nice keep crushing man!

Sept. 11, 2019 | 8:30 p.m.

read deep work by cal newport. its not about the amount of time youre awake but how u use it, you could be awake 22 hours and still not be as efficient as someone working 3 hours.

Sept. 7, 2019 | 1:02 a.m.

Yesterday I had my first live cash game session in a while. it was not a huge a winning session but i won huge in many ways. I made correct lay downs, correct raises and my mistakes were very very minimal, so I'm extremely happy about that. I also handled my emotions very well, there were many times when I couldn't get any value with monster hands, or my monster hands lost, you name it, but we still kept our shit together, and for that I'm proud of the work I'm doing.

I'm feeling extremely happy with the way things are going, and its just nice to know you really just gotta trust the process.

I want to share some valuable lessons I've learned in the past few days.

Anyhow, lets crush it this month guys!

Sept. 4, 2019 | 1:08 a.m.

This is probably an exploitative player. It looks to me like he doesn't think you have a calling range on the river, which I think weak NL25 players probably dont have one, especially considering the spade draw missed, and no A or K hit the board, and the wheel draw went kaputt!
Whats your checking range on the turn?

Sept. 1, 2019 | 7:32 p.m.

Yeah that actually makes a lot of sense. good job man! Keep it up!

Sept. 1, 2019 | 5:03 p.m.

Dude thats pretty sick, do you feel like people are not playing back at you? or do you just really have most spots really defined?

Aug. 31, 2019 | 5:56 p.m.

So a little update.

Hours studied in August: 200
Hours played: 70
Days off: 2
Joints smoked: lost count

I'm not really balanced life wise, For the past 45 days I have been studying. Thats basically it. I have played tops 70 hours of poker in the last 45 days lol. cause everyday is mainly "work", but I'm totally fine with that. I'm really excited about the work I'm doing. Everyday I wake up and I'm ready to work, and I'm happy with that!

I basically just wake up meditate, do yoga, eat and study. Then I go out for lunch, then i take a nap, then I continue to study, then I take my dog out for a walk. and thats it. It's amazing what a low stress environment can do for you. I have learned/ improved so much in this period. Of course it helps to have a great teacher. After all this it is very clear to me just how fishy I am, and its also clear how much work there is to do! but im down! I am also taking a different approach, I'm basically just 1 tabling. I'm a big fan of this now, sure volume suffers but w.e. It is sick just how much you miss when youre multitabling. There are so many factors that go into good decisions in poker, and you really need to be focused to spot everything. This is why when you see gameplay reviews, and whoever is reviewing is like "this person is unaware of their range, or of the whole situation etc" its because they're just either autopiloting, or they are really not taking their time to make decisions. the importance of 1 tabling is to also be able to pay attention to how everyone is playing. I'm not doing super long sessions, its mainly a 1-2 hour session, and then i review my gameplay.

Here's my graph for NL50
There's a lot of work to do, I also punted a lot of stacks learning how to play vs the pool. I'm working on not punting lol but sometimes there are some sick spots where you say, they dont have a calling range in this spot, and they end up heroing with like bottom pair xD but redline warriors go to heaven!

I will also try to post at least 3 times per week from now on!

Aug. 31, 2019 | 8:27 a.m.

Hey bro,

I apologize maybe I didnt make it so clear, im just saying i dont wanna post or state " I wanna make millions" cause i think its obvious haha id rather make small goals that will compound in the long run. Obviously fighting for every small win along the way.


July 7, 2019 | 2:10 a.m.

Post | spacejampijamas posted in Chatter: Exploiting balance

Hi guys.

I am 22 years old and im a poker player from Costa Rica. Recently I took a huge break from poker. I had a lot of mixed feelings with it and a lot of life stuff going on as well. Prior to taking the break I was playing Heads up poker on WPN and on some chinese sites. I was also receiving coaching from TJSuited. shout out to him, love that guy :P.

I came back stronger than ever and really motivated.

Recap of the month of June.
Finished the semester at Uni, i am dropping out tho. focusing on poker 100%
I quit my job mid way.
I grinded 75 hours of 1/2 live. (with aprox a 3k profit)
12k hands of NL25 zoom. with a 11/100 bb win rate.
I also studied a lot of PIO and spoke a ton with my friends.

Anyways, im not going to make any huge goals, because huge goals are obvious. We all wanna achieve great things. For the moment I stand by my goal of getting better at live poker. I would like to be playing 2/5 before the end of the year. and I also want to be playing Nl200 online by the end of the year as well. My main goal however is to just play beautiful poker. I guess I can explain what I mean by beautiful poker when i feel inspired to hahaha

Short goals for this month
Finish reading applications of NL Holdem
Grind at least 100 hours of 1/2
Play at least 30k zoom hands (I mainly 1-2 table, so its a lot)
Meditate/ do yoga daily
eat super clean
sleep 8 hours daily

Cheers guys

July 4, 2019 | 11:06 p.m.

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