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43 min, top left:

Does anyone agree with me the best option is 4bet? The reason is because the Big Blind, DickPrice, seems to be a very tight player. And he has 400bb. Utg has 250 bbs, so the scenario probably would be this one:

hero 4bets, BB 5bets, UTG folds, BTN folds; POT pre flop: $ 504,50 (rake $2,75)
Hero's equity against BB = 43%

EV = $ 501,75 * 0,43 - $196,25 = $19,50 = +975bb/100

Jan. 13, 2022 | 9:02 p.m.

Comment | texasflood2 commented on Perceived Ranges

I really comend you watch the classes from Leszek Badurowicz (2016) and watch the classes from Emty, about Polarity and range advantage.

Will help you a lot!

Feb. 6, 2021 | 4:56 p.m.

48 min, Table 1
I think the best option here is check/raise; you have advantage equity against the nuts. A lot of these flops you'll check/fold, so you build protection with your check range; Some hands that he would fold against a cbet, he would bluff, and you don't need to put yourself in "tought" situations on the turn.

Sept. 19, 2017 | 9:50 a.m.

I know this class was 3 years ago, but if someone decides to watch I think that I solved the math problem with KQT9ds on 55 min table 2:

I will work with this range to villain ($4b2,AA) what I think that is tight enough based on that Jack said about the villain.

So we will call $88,00 to see the turn. And on the turn we need to invest $182,65 to won $673,20. Pot odds = 27,1%

In other words, we need to have at least 27,1% on the turn to our move be breakeven.

ProPokerTools said in 3199 trials: How often do(es) PLAYER_1 have hand vs. range equity of at least 27.1% on the turn 42,3882%

So now we know that hero will call 42,40% and will fold 57,6%.
Call% = 42,4% fold% = 57,6%

Now we need to discover the average equity of hero when he calls on the turn:

Based on what PPT said the average equity of hero on the turn when he calls is: 51.16%

Profit = (Pot final * AE - call flop - call turn)
Profit = (673,3 * 0,5116 - 88 - 182,65)
Profit = ($73,81)

EV = (Profit * Call%) + (Fold * Fold%)
EV = (73,81 * 0,424) + (-88 * 0,576)
EV = - $19,39

In bb/100 that move is -969bb/100

So call on the flop isn't profitable.

Aug. 28, 2017 | 8:28 a.m.

Comment | texasflood2 commented on Thank you RIO

I'm really glad that I helped you in some way! Good luck man!

Aug. 18, 2017 | 2:53 a.m.

Comment | texasflood2 commented on Thank you RIO

Thanks a lot, Phil! It's very gratifying for me to hear you saying this. Beyond that, I believe that Essential Plan has helped me so much at such a low cost that I feel it is my duty to contribute in some way to the Run It Once. Once again, ty a lot!

Aug. 18, 2017 | 2:52 a.m.

Post | texasflood2 posted in PLO: Thank you RIO

(First of all, I'm sorry for any English errors in the text below, okay? haha)

Hey guys! I'm creating this post to show my aprecciate to this site/forum and maybe help other beginners (like me) skip some mistakes that I committed so far.

At the beginning, when I signed the Run It Once in december 2016, I was ashamed to comment any post here or even post any hand here. So my fisrt advice is: don't be shy, even if your line is "ridiculous"! The reason is because if you are here is to improve your game or help other people to improve.

Second advice: Be pacient! I'm saying that because one of my biggest mistakes was the volume. I played 4 tables zoom for a long time, but to be honest, I was playing in the automatic pilot and being a breakeven player. When you play less tables and cares about the quality of your game, you really start to understand poker, is different! So be pacient with yourself!

Third advice: learn about your tracker (HM or PT). I'm saying that because a lot of people just use the hud to play and sometimes review some hands. IMO, this type of program is as (or more) important outside tables as inside tables. You can find a lot of leaks about your game. So learn about the stats, about the math and use the filter to find leaks in your game and try to fix them!

Fourth advice: Try to understand about gto strategy to open your mind about poker. To be clearer, what I really want to say is about your strategy. If you think why people lose money in poker is because they are exploitable, right? If a Bot is playing against you and he bets $50 on the river in a pot of $100 and his range has 25% of bluff and 75% of value, how can you make money from him? But now imagine another scenario: you are playing against a calling station player and he pays 100% of the time on the river, ok? So what is the best strategy here? Is never bluff, right? So who will make more money against this villain, you or the bot? obviously you, if you only value bet the river!!! On the other hand, if you never bluff on the river, you will be a exploitable player. So... Always try to adapt!!! Also, if you are perfectly balanced (unexploitable, what is humanly impossible), you never will be a losing player in any stakes, but in the micro/low limits, you won't have the best winrate.

Fifth advice: Always keep improving your game in several ways: videos, forum, reviews, coach, etc. Each mode has its advantage and disadvantage.

Sixth advice: have discipline (mainly, with your bankroll) and always be as honest as possible with yourself! Seems to sound so obvious, I know! But this is the most important thing in poker IMO.

In January I started to really play poker and try to understand the game. I think the Run It Once is the responsible for 80% of my evolution. So I really appreciate this site. Also, I'm not a very good player and I know that, i'm begginer. But I want to keep improving and help the people who also want! That's the reason of this post!

Currently, I'm playing PLO25 zoom on stars. I know the problems with the rake, but I still prefer the layout.
I want to share my graph from PLO10, the game that I started at the beginning of the year:

Between 20k until 140k I played 4 tables zoom and committed a lot of mistakes. So I found some leaks in my HM, wich were my Small Blind, my call against 3bet, don't have a check/call range, fold to much to cbet and another mistakes... I fix them and reduce my game to 3 tables and the last almost 40k hands I felt another game. I'd like to comment that I made three move up to PLO25 (because I make money from rakeback) and just really worked now, in the second hald of the year when I promised to myself that I will just play 3 tables from now.

And now my graph from PLO25:

The same comments above apply here. Like I said, I start to play only 3 tables in this second half of this year and I played almost 27k hands of PLO25.

My first half of the year:

My second half until now (when I started to play only 3 tables):

I recognize that there are few hands I can't be sure that I'm beating the game, but I really feel that I'm playing a lot better than before. And because that I wanted to share my mistakes and also to thank you all the people who comments on the foruns, the essential pros, in general, the Run It Once! Thank you very much!

Aug. 16, 2017 | 8:21 a.m.

I don't have a clear idea about how much hands you need to play to prove that you can beat the game. I'm saying that because I already saw a graph from a amazing player (sphinmx) who beats NL500 since 2011 until now and in this graph he stayed BE for almost 200k hands in a ocasional year. So if he, who is a excellent player and play NLH (The variance is less than PLO), stayed 200k hands "Breakeven", how much hands we need to prove that we can beat a specific limit in PLO?

Can someone help me with this number?

The graphic that I said

Aug. 16, 2017 | 6:02 a.m.

Why? And which river should he call?

June 21, 2017 | 2:06 a.m.

Hey Kerith. I like the way you played that hand. Pre-flop I think is fine, because that hand is first 15. Another good point that I want you consider is about the T on the river. Is a very scared card in general (more than a 8, for example) because complete three type of straight 78,Q8,KQ. So is a good card to bluff IMO. Congratz!

June 20, 2017 | 4:14 p.m.

Seems to be a very easy 3bet pot OTT for me:

Look, I consider this range pre flop: $fi30!$3b4o!(Js,Jh,Ts,Td) - I deleted my cards because ProPokerTools have a bug and doesn’t discount the combos of hands that my hand blocks, that's the reason about !(Js,Jh,Ts,Td).

OTF, I think he xc with this hands: (AA,66,AJ,A6,AKQ,AQT,AKT,AT:Ass,AT:Acc)

OTT I can't respect his size and I don't believe that he will make that size with AA, but I will consider all the aces in his range. So against this range: (AA,AJ,A6ss,A8ss,AKTss,AKQss,AQTss,AT9ss,66) you still are the favorite with 66% of equity.

The final syntax if you want to put in PPT: $fi30!$3b4o!(Js,Jh,Ts,Td):(AA,66,AJ,A6,AKQ,AQT,AKT,AT:Ass,AT:Acc):(AA,AJ,A6ss,A8ss,AKTss,AKQss,AQTss,AT9ss,66) 2566 combos

June 20, 2017 | 4 p.m.

Thanks to answer me, restacks. First, I'm sorry if I'm talking bullshit. I'll try to explain myself better.

"The whole notion of not playing a medium strength hand by x/c to "avoid" representing a medium strength hand is completely absurd "

I think the biggest problem is not to have a balance check call range otf, so you will show to the villain "look, i have a hand that isn't strong enough to go to showdown, plz check!" And if you put KhJh9d8d in your check call range you will can balance, the problem is if you put KhJh9c8c (with just one backdoord flush), So in this other situation I do not think the hero can balance.

But I want to hero understand this, because is so important IMO.

btw, I agree:

"It's also just as problematic to play strong hands in a face up way"

But play medium hands in face up way is worse than strong hands. Because in the strong cenario, you won't be kicked like the second cenario.

May 27, 2017 | 8:29 p.m.

cc is the worst option (between xc or xr)

May 27, 2017 | 7:45 p.m.

kobepaul1 Ty to post this hand!
The way you played that hand is the worst way to play IMO. I'm sorry.

But, when you choose to 3bet KJs98s OOP you need to know how to play a 3betP OOP with a medium hand and is very clear that you don't know. But it's okay, RIO is a forum where people try to help each other. That is what I want to do.

First thing, you need to understand how important is to know your range. You will have, in a lot of situations, three types of range, strong/medium/weak. It's not a big problem play your strong range very face up because youwill be earning most part of the time. The same way, is not a big problem play your weak range face up because you will be losing almost always.

BUT the problem is when you play your medium range face up, because you will be kicked out of the hand or value will be extracted from you, because villain know that you have a medium hand.

Look at this image of a great instructor of mine:

And try to guess what you did in that hand? Yes, you played your medium hand showing that you have a medium range. Is the worst option!

So OTF you have three options:
1) Check/raise against a loose opponent.
2) Bet and gii against a loose opponent
3) Bet/fold against a tight opponent

May 27, 2017 | 4:58 p.m.

Jimmy mentioned a very important thing: "medium hand".

If you think about your range, you have three types in a lot of situation, strong/medium/weak.

Strong and weak is not a problem, because you can have strong hands in a weak range and weak hands in a strong range. But when you played a medium range showing that you have a medium hand, you will very exploitable. In a medium range you don't have a lot of weak hands and strong hands, that's the problem. Basic, you only have "trouble" situations.
Try to understand this and you will understand poker better. A example about medium range is that hand: http://www.runitonce.com/plo/3bet-pot-how-to-continue-postflop/ Hero shows to villain that he has a medium range with a medium hand, so...

About your hand, I like your cbet because you are playing PLO5 and people just call with a J, with kings, with QQ etc. I agree with your size, ok? But when he raises you you have a very easy fold with a medium hand in a medium range. Take a note and let's play another hand. BTW, PLO5, People don't bluff very much OTF J42r.

And I disagree about yout check otf, You can't balance your range otf in this spot.

May 27, 2017 | 4:03 p.m.

Yes, I agree with you. Flat pre-flop is a good option.

To showdown, hero has Q high only. That's what I meant.

But hero didn't flat, he 3bet... So we need to think what to do OTF in a 3betP IP. I'm almost convinced that the best option is check and choose to a delay cbet. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know...

May 27, 2017 | 3:35 p.m.

I think people should discuss this hand because that is a very nice spot to learn PLO IMO.

Samuelazo, I need to confess that I have a lot of trouble to play that specific 3betPot even IP 100bb. Like If we cbet this flop and villain raises, we need to fold a lot of equity? I think so, because we will find a lot of better draws. At the same time, if we check, we can "protect" our range because a lot turns which is bad for our range will be good for our hand, right?

on the other hand, we have only Qhigh? We need to bluff to won this hand, because we don't have showdown value.

IMO, against this typo of opponent, you can choose a delay cbet and bet turn again in missed draws and for value when hero hits. The reason is because if he is passive, he will fold the same hands otf that he will fold against a bet ott, I don't believe he will change this hands in a bluff ott because hero checked behind.

But, I don't think I have the technical knowledge enough to analyze this hand with quality. I'm Sorry

May 20, 2017 | 11:25 p.m.

Hey Ibra. I put a very similar range that you said. And hero has 52% of equity against villain's range OTT. At the same I agree with you about the flop, I think we should't call. Against the same range hero has 37% of equity and doesn't close the action. At the same time, a lot of cards will be poor and hero needs to fold. And "good" cards like a T will be tough to play. So I think otf is fold and ott is raise gii.

Villain's range IMO: $fi20!$3b2o:((AddJ,JJ,8765,987,874,AAdd,Add87,AKJ6))

May 20, 2017 | 11:06 p.m.

Nice spot!!!
I believe a lot of people would raise otf, but I think you need to consider some things. SPR is large, 9.3 and you don't have position. So if you didn't have the backdoor flush, a hand like QdQc6d6c I check/call almost all the time.

But, this hand is good enough to choose the two lines, XC and XR. The reason is because when you XR you can shove a lot of turns in spr <1: Spades (9) T (2) 3 (2) 2 (2) 4(2) 5(2) 6(1) 7(2) = 22 cards and the flop has 3, and you have 4, so 52 - 7 =~ 50%. But, without backdoor flush, some cards will be hard to shove, like 5 cards os spades, As Ks Js 9s and 8s. In other words, you only can shove "safe" in 17 cards within 45 = 38%. 62% of the time will be tough to play ott, that's the reason that I prefer call without backdoor flush.

May 20, 2017 | 10:34 p.m.

I'd check otf and, if both check too otf, i would bet 1/2 ott for pure protection and to buy the river showdown. The way you played, I don't like to bet OTT. 6c Is a card which improve their range, so I consider a check fold.

May 20, 2017 | 10:09 p.m.

I agree with you miami about flop, both options are good, except for one thing. Hero doesn't close the action because of SB. So I prefer raise in this specific spot, even if I know that I'm flipping against wraps. BTW, hero has only one backdoor flush. I think otf
Ts9h2c (two backdoor flush) I can call even with the SB to act.

OTT, I like the way hero played, because 7, despite being a scared card, complete J8 and 86. Is not so safe like a 6 (which just complete 87), but, at the same time, is not so scared like a 8 or J (which complete three types of straight).

SPR is 2.2, It's close jimmy, but it is a very easy bet/fold IMO. What do you think he has to cbet against 3 people otf T9 (it is horrible for his range) and XR OTT? I only can see straight, or 9988+fd,QJJ+fd, a very specific hand. You need 25% and you don't have this equity in my calculations against his range.

May 20, 2017 | 10 p.m.

Of course!

First, remember. OTF, how much equity you need to gii? 26%, right?
So I drew a black line from 26% equity and that line said to me that you will have this almost 58% of the time:

The numbers from PPT always vary a bit because of the numbers of trials. It's hard to simulate a lot of flops, I think.

So... After that, we need to drew a line next to the green line. If the line is "linear" is more easy, because we just need to drew one line, like this:

You need the space below to be offset by the space above.
However, you need to agree with me, that line doesn't are perfect. If you want to do more perfect calculations, you need more lines. That's the reason that I put two (a red and a yellow). Beyond that, plz, look that hand that I commented, I put 5 lines, if I'm not wrong.

And to calculate the average of each line, you need to pick the highest number - smallest number / 2 + smallest number.

AND you need to remember that is the average from ONE LINE. But, now You need to get the ratio of that line and multiply it by the times that happens and dividing total number of times you will call the flop.

To be clearer: Look the yellow line from the first post, ok? Highset equity number = 43% smallest equity number = 26%. Average = (43% - 26% / 2) + 26% = 34,5%
Now, look the black lines. Yellow line is between 20% until 59,5% of frequency, right? So happens 39,5% in ratio of 59,5% (total that hero will call OTF)

So now you do this: 34,5% * 39,5% / 59,5% and you will discovered the average equity from yellow line in total situations.

April 23, 2017 | 1:34 a.m.

Hey Jimmy, I do it this way:

First: I put my hand and his range and I put in "Questions" Hand vs Range.
Second: I calculate my pot odds otf. So I need to have more equity than odds to be profitable, right? If you are playing 100bb deep, its easy: Pot otf: 47,5 + 47,5 + 2,5 = 97,5 and he will shoves 52,5, so ~ 26% odds and I need 26% > EQ. * When the spr is bigget than 1.0, I imagine a overbet to do the calculations, ok?*

Now we know that we need more than 26% of equity. So I use a screenshot program, the name is lightshot, to do lines, like this:

The graph says to me that hero will has 26% > equity 59,5% of the time. So now I know that my call% will be = 59,5% of the time and my fold% = 40,5% of the time.

Another important point. If you 3bet and fold face a 4bet, do you agree with me that your move will be -15bb in this hand? So will be -1500bb/100

Now the question is: If I call, my move will be less than -1500bb/100 or more? If it's less, the call is profitable. If it's more, the best choice is fold vs a 4bet, because you will lose more money.

How to calculate this? Very easy. First, we need to calculate our Average Equity = AE

AE = L1 + L2, where l1 = red line and l2 = yellow line.

L1: (0,91 - 0,43)/2 + 0,43 = 67% our average equity here and happens 20% of the time (look the black line)

L2: (0,43 - 0,26)/2 + 0,26 = 34,5% our average equity here and happens 29,5% of the time.

Now, we need to calculate the percentage that equity in reason that % of call%.

L1: 67% * 20% / CALL% = 0,67 * 0,20 / 0,595 = 22,5%

L2: 0,345 * 0,2 / 0,595 = 11,6%

SO AE = 22,5% + 11,6% = 34,1%

Now, we need to calculate our profit
PROFIT = (FINAL POT * AE) - (CALL pre-flop + call pos flop)
PROFIT = (202,5 * 0,341) - (32,5 + 52,5)
PROFIT = - 15,95bb

Now, we need to calculate the times that we will call and the times that we will fold OTF, this is Peel And Stack off = PSO

EV PSO = (Profit * Call%) + (Fold * Fold%) when fold will be the negative price we call to see flop but we fold, ok?

EV PSO = (-15,95 * 0,595) + (-32,5 * 0,405)
EV = -9,49 + (-13,16)
EV = - 22,65

So if you fold, your ev will be -1500bb/100 and if you call the 4bet your ev will be -2265bb/100. So fold is the best choice.

If you have any doubts, please, ask me! And I recommend to watch two classes by Tom Coldwell: 3bet Small IP and Calling 4bet.

April 21, 2017 | 1:41 p.m.

About your pre-flop I prefer 3bet this hand, but call is fine. The reason that I prefer 3bet is because that hand play very good in a low spr. And when you're playing OOP, you need to try to reduce your opponent's position advantage.

The way you played otf I like a lot. That is a hand that I want to put in my check/raise range and my donkbet range (also in my check call sometimes). And it's okay your call otf if you think that you have implied odds. BUT, if you consider that you have FE (and you know that villain is agressive), plz, 3bet shove.

But now, I really don't like that your gay bet. If he has a set, you make his move profitable (very profitable) and why you want that your opponent make good choices? At the same time, he can raise you with two fucking pairs and make you fold. He can raise with blockers again. So, PLZ, don't do the gay bets. Bet to induce it's a very specific spot and the most part of the time is otr, when you need to mix with blockinbet, ok? However, It worked.

And OTR its okay. But now I prefer a bet to induce, like $0.99 or $1.25 because you know that he doesnt have a straigt. So a small bet here make he raises with bluffs and make he calls with hands that will check behind, like sets. But it's okay.

April 21, 2017 | 1:04 p.m.

Pre-flop is very easy fold. If your hand was ds you could consider 4bet if you know that CO and BN were agressive. And OTF, the way you played, I donk pot. I will never fold, so, I don't want to take the risk of the flop will check/check/check.

April 21, 2017 | 12:48 p.m.

Utg seems to be a fish (tight passive, probably). A characteristic from that type of player is overvalue some hands. Another good point is about your size. Do you agree with me that you have your entire range OTT (because flop was check/x/x)? And your size was not strong enough IMO, so he will raise with more hands than J9.
And look if you just call, ok?
52 cards - 4 (flop and turn) - 4 (your hand) = 44
16 flushs (8 hearts and 8 spades)

= 30.
So in 30 cards out of 44 (61,2% of the time) you will be lost. SO PLZ, In this spot, 3bet shove easy easy easy.

April 21, 2017 | 12:43 p.m.

OTF I prefer donk. The reason its because your hand needs some protection and the most part of the time the flop will be check check check. So I prefer donk. Another point, you're playing PLO5, so they are more calling stations than agressive. PLO10 I also lead, but, the same time, I mix my db range with 86,456, things like that.

And the way you played, ott I start to consider that I don't have the best hand here, because UTG cbets pot otf and the MP calls (it was so weird). So I probably check too and see the action.
The river is easy, you have to be right 12% of the time. So make your choice, man!

April 21, 2017 | 12:31 p.m.

On the blank turn you have to call. Only turn that you have to fold is 5 (or blanck king that i forgot to put in my analysis =/ )
But you need to invest 135,5 to 607, so yes, easy call ott. And the call is profitable too, but is tough to play. However, raise is more profitable and very easy, right? ty!

April 12, 2017 | 7:29 p.m.

OMG, this is a very nice hand to study! Ty to post here man.

First, the range that comes to you is that, IMO and you have 37% EQ here.

Now we have 3 options, first fold (ev 0)
Call or raise here. We will choose always the most profitable choice, right?

If we call we have 2 cenarios:
1) Co shoves (locker pot); Bn Calls; Hero obviously calls (I dont know, 80% of the time??)
2) Co Folds; (20% of the time)

CO shoves' range: :(TT,(TK:(cc,AQ+)),(55:(cc,JQ)),(K+:(QJ:Qcc,Jcc,Kcc,Acc)),(Kcc:(T,QJ)),AQJ)
BN has the same range.

Will we see a free river? I don't believe. So we need to do Peel and Stack-off flop>turn (hand vs range graph) and we need to invest 135,5 to 607bb (336 main pot and 271 side pot) So now we need to do what we will do OTT:
fold vs bet turn any 5 (3) (now we have 13,5% in the main pot and 29,3% de main pot, so your call will be -1000bb/100)
Kc (main pot 22,74 and the side pot 38,9% so your call will be 0,22 * 336 + 0,389 * 271 - 135,5 =
43,83 = 4383bb/100)
The conclusion is that we need to fold only on the 5 OTT, ok? So we will call (41/44) 93% of the time, ok?
now, in the main pot we now our equity, will be 37,4% against 24,2% against 38,35 and it is = 336 * 0,37 - 104,5 = 19,83 = 1983bb/100

In the side pot we will call 93,2% of the time and fold 6,8% and our average equity will be 54,05:

$Profit = 271*0,5405 = 10,98
EV = (10,98 * 0,93) + (-104,5 * 0,068)
EV = 3,11
Our call will be $3,11, in other words, 311bb/100.

So 80% of the time call will be profitable $22,94 or 2294bb/100.
and 20% of the time CO will fold; so is only Peel here but with different numbers

Profit = $519 (pot total) * 0,5405 - 240 = 40,52
EV = (40,52 * 0,93) + (-71,5 * 0,068) = $32,9 = 3290bb/100

Call = $22,94 * 0,8 + $32,9 * 0,2 = 24,93 = 2493bb/100

Now the question is: Raise is more profitable than call? Let's see
When you raises all-in, I think these will be their ranges:

BN range to GII: $fi40!$3b6i:((Kcc,KK,TT,55,KT,AQJ,QJ9,KQJ)):((55,TT,KK),(KQJT,AKQT,KQT9,AKJT),(Kc*c:(Q9,QT,QJ,T)),(AQJ,QJ9)) - 9180 combos

CO range to GII: $fi25:((Acc,KK,KT,AQJ)):(TT,KK,(TK:(cc,AQ+)),(55:(cc,JQ)),(K+:(QJ:Qcc,Jcc,Kcc,Acc)),(Kcc:(T,QJ)),AQJ) - 11101 combos

So your FE agaisnt BN is = (9180/15769 -1) * (-1) = 41,8%
Against CO = (11101/13321 -1) * (-1) = 16,7%

Now we have 4 situations here:
1) Hero raises; Co folds; BN folds
2) Hero raises; CO GII; BN folds
3) Hero raises; CO folds; BN GII
4) Hero raises; CO GII; BN GII

First: Happens 41,8/100 * 16,7/100 = 6,98% of the time and hero stabs $110,5

Second: Happens 83,3/100 * 41,8/100 = 34,82% and hero has 45,62% to win 303. So 303 * 0,4562 = 138,23 - 104 = $34,22;

Third: Happens 16,7/100 * 58,2/100 = 9,72% and hero has 49,82% to won $519. So 519 * 0,4982 - 240 = $18,56

Fourth: Happens 83,3/100 * 58,2/100 = 48,48% of the time and hero has 35,03% to won $336 and 49,82 to won 271. So 336 * 0,3503 + 271 * 0,4982 - 240 = $12,71

Now > EV = $110,5 * 0,0698 + 34,22 * 0,3482 + 18,56 * 0,0972 + 12,71 * 0,4848 = $ 27,59
IN OTHER WORDS, 2759bb/100

Call is more profitable than fold. Raise is 266bb/100 more profitable than call

So raise is the best choice here.

April 12, 2017 | 10:31 a.m.

About the math, we need to call a lot. Because won't be a mistake the most part of the time.
BUT, PLO the position advantage is huge. Beyond that, we have a lot of reverse implied odds with hands that make the second/third nuts.

So you always need to think about your hand in a HU pot and in a multiway situation. Some hands I always defends HU because I know that I can stab in a lot pots that hits the perceive range from BB. But, another "good" hands I fold because doesn't play very well in 3way+

April 12, 2017 | 8:09 a.m.

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