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Post | wkretchi posted in Chatter: (BrPC) From Marine to Poker Pro

Hi guys my name is wilson I'm from rio de janeiro, currently working as a marine(military) and trying to follow my dream of playing poker for a living since I really enjoy the game. There's a brazilian poker team called "Brazilian Poker Crew" who is accepting new members for his microstakes team, since I believe I'm "beating" NL2 I will be grinding everyday and putting some good volume to send then and see what happens.

I'm currently playing/studying 6 hours per day, sometimes 8 at saturday. I just played 11k hands(since the last time I stopped), I'm break even for now, I'm going to play more 25k or 30k hands to have a decent volume of hands played to send. This thread will be more focused on becoming a member of BrPC, for more details about my routine, life story etc I have a thread on twoplustwo

Wish me luck guys

Oct. 19, 2021 | 10:48 p.m.

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