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Also does anyone have any recommendations for trying to break out of the stakes. I really enjoy multi - tabling, its keeps my mind engaged when I am playing 6 hypers at a time. But I feel worried that if I jump up stakes its going to destroy my bankroll on a down swing. I have heard about the different strategy's of bankroll management (100) buy ins per stake. But the rake from the site I play on eats up profit (globalpoker)....

Aug. 17, 2018 | 10:08 a.m.

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So I have been trying to grind out micro 6 max hyper turbos and this is the first time I have been able to make any type of profit playing a specific game type (only 2200 games running at 10% ROI) . I have really only tried to improve in hyper turbos this year and I have found that my game has really been revolved around Nash equilibrium resulting in a push fold game most of the time. I’m trying to study spots to see if I made correct push/folds, but I can never tell if it’s the correct spot to get involved with marginal hands in position for the rest. Especially when most players have abnormal ranges. Does anybody know any training videos or have any recommendations to improve post flop/developing hand ranges for this specific game type?

Aug. 17, 2018 | 8 a.m.

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