Multi-Table Tournaments

High Stakes - $100 Freezouts and $50 Re-buys or Bigger

FT spot and ICM by KitchenMafia Topic $$$ 6 13h 19m ago by KitchenMafia
TPTK vs raise in multiway pot by jensonbutton1 Hand $$$ 0 1d 10h ago by jensonbutton1
QJs 2pair on flushed board by jensonbutton1 Hand $$$ 0 1d 11h ago by jensonbutton1
Partypoker Live button ante by Asdfghjkl1 Topic $$$ 1 5d 15h ago by DatpKay
Live $1650, $500K guarantee: Already in the money. Flat or shove from BB over an open from hijack? by 82off Topic $$$ 3 5d 15h ago by DatpKay
Looking for an MTT HH to review by Apotheosis Topic $$$ 3 5d 16h ago by DatpKay
Playing on SB 30-40 BB effective by uros19 Hand $$$ 3 10d 11h ago by andrebnu
Spot with JJ dividing opinion by Vincent V Topic $$$ 7 24d 8h ago by pagoda9
Nash ICM calculator says to fold 88 but shove 77 what gives? by superbad Topic $$$ 1 24d 16h ago by ilares
The "Official" MTT Video Suggestions Thread by Tom M Topic $$$ 88 1m 5d ago by Cassoulet
Call or Fold by baetamedina Topic $$$ 3 1m 18d ago by tizzle26
to flat or 4b bluff by Asdfghjkl1 Hand $$$ 2 1m 28d ago by goonjanmall
QQ on wsop colossus event by zerocool Topic $$$ 2 1m 28d ago by goonjanmall
Setherson 3bet shoving 50bbs by Cassoulet Topic $$$ 3 2m 21d ago by Kalupso
Seeking MS/HS mtt end-game coach by Nital J Topic $$$ 1 3m 8d ago by KostasTech
Better lines? Deep in a $250+30 live MTT. Feedback is much appreciated by gm606049 Topic $$$ 5 3m 12d ago by yoren
PokerStars Final Table Replays (Cards-Up) by martyM1 Topic $$$ 16 3m 16d ago by Cassoulet
PartyPoker millions bubble time by peteic Topic $$$ 1 3m 16d ago by Cassoulet
Poker Improvement by newbie123 Topic $$$ 0 3m 21d ago by newbie123
LIVE MTT 2500 buy in PUSH or FOLD! by BritneySpears Topic $$$ 7 3m 22d ago by BritneySpears
Any east coast players playing Parx Big Stax this month? by gm606049 Topic $$$ 0 3m 22d ago by gm606049
Better lines? Deep in a live $250+30 mtt. Feedback is much appreciated by gm606049 Topic $$$ 2 3m 23d ago by BigFiszh
Fedor Holz Coaching by newbie123 Topic $$$ 4 5m 7d ago by JCJordypants
Hand on 500€ live tournament. River hero Call? by Parampampero Topic $$$ 4 5m 15d ago by Parampampero
Designing Study Routines by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$$ 5 5m 22d ago by Douggyfr3sh
Expected value (EV) by cruser Topic $$$ 0 6m 2d ago by cruser
£220 Live tourney. by soccerskills123 Topic $$$ 1 6m 9d ago by ralphykid67
complex ranges (Fedor Holz) by cruser Topic $$$ 4 6m 15d ago by cruser
$500 High Roller Final Table with JNandez87 by miami002 Topic $$$ 0 6m 17d ago by miami002
ACR Hand History Review--Need help by jd610401 Topic $$$ 0 6m 28d ago by jd610401
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