Multi-Table Tournaments

High Stakes - $100 Freezouts and $50 Re-buys or Bigger

The "Official" MTT Video Suggestions Thread by Tom M Topic $$$ 94 6d 1h ago by belthazorrrr
Crazy Fun Hand from Pokerstars Barcelona Main by jjandellis Topic $$$ 6 9d 7h ago by Jrive96
Aussie Million Main event by Ho55e1n Topic $$$ 5 10d 6h ago by BalboBiggins
Staking in high stakes MTTs by pokerinlondon Topic $$$ 4 22d 5h ago by SwissOdds
MAIN EVENT 1650 DAY 1 - BET or CHECK turn with AK...BOARD K(h)T(d)6(d)T(s) by AB Topic $$$ 5 1m 5d ago by WhatArunAA
mtt partners by belthazorrrr Topic $$$ 0 1m 9d ago by belthazorrrr
$530 WCOOP Exploitative river sizing choice by Raphael Nogueira Hand $$$ 10 1m 12d ago by gi1985
$530 WCOOP Though river spot against 1.5x pot overbet by Raphael Nogueira Hand $$$ 11 2m 3d ago by Captn-Jimbo1
Learning shortstack play by TheWhale Topic $$$ 0 2m 4d ago by TheWhale
WCOOP-L $109 Three streets calling range against very good reg by Raphael Nogueira Hand $$$ 3 2m 7d ago by Rylandebeeld
Flop cbet spot by FIVEbetbLUFF Topic $$$ 3 3m 3d ago by SwissOdds
Live 200e tourney hand by kalciis Topic $$$ 2 3m 14d ago by kalciis
FT 3betting ranges at a very shallow table by BarracudaNL Topic $$$ 2 4m 16d ago by BarracudaNL
Cashgame player: Should I play the WPT main this year? Do I have the roll? by alex10 Topic $$$ 2 4m 17d ago by BarracudaNL
FT spot and ICM by KitchenMafia Topic $$$ 10 4m 18d ago by BarracudaNL
Whatsapp Study Group by flushtr8ed Topic $$$ 2 4m 18d ago by BarracudaNL
Wcoop-47 L 109 dollar 8-max by Keyser Soze Hand $$$ 4 4m 19d ago by PVB240
TT in BB interesting spot by lofigr Topic $$$ 3 5m 10d ago by lofigr
Spot with JJ dividing opinion by Vincent V Topic $$$ 11 5m 20d ago by goonjanmall
PartyPoker millions bubble time by peteic Topic $$$ 3 5m 21d ago by DatpKay
WCOOP sweat thread. by Demondoink Topic $$$ 2 5m 21d ago by Demondoink
Looking for an MTT HH to review by Apotheosis Topic $$$ 8 5m 23d ago by Demondoink
starter Pack for "attacking" tournaments | 3 question-packs by DatpKay Topic $$$ 0 5m 25d ago by DatpKay
TPTK vs raise in multiway pot by jensonbutton1 Hand $$$ 0 6m 4d ago by jensonbutton1
QJs 2pair on flushed board by jensonbutton1 Hand $$$ 0 6m 4d ago by jensonbutton1
Partypoker Live button ante by Asdfghjkl1 Topic $$$ 1 6m 9d ago by DatpKay
Live $1650, $500K guarantee: Already in the money. Flat or shove from BB over an open from hijack? by 82off Topic $$$ 3 6m 9d ago by DatpKay
Playing on SB 30-40 BB effective by uros19 Hand $$$ 3 6m 13d ago by andrebnu
Nash ICM calculator says to fold 88 but shove 77 what gives? by superbad Topic $$$ 1 6m 28d ago by ilares
Call or Fold by baetamedina Topic $$$ 3 7m 22d ago by tizzle26
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