Multi-Table Tournaments

Mid Stakes - $20 to $75 Freezouts and $5 to $30 Re-buys

New fresh low/midstakes MTT study group by hypage Topic $$ 16 5h 35m ago by J J
3way limp pot decision?? by kyo30313 Topic $$ 0 1d 1h ago by kyo30313
6 max spko nlo8 mtt - interesting river spot in single raised pot, hu by Nital J Hand $$ 1 2d 19h ago by superjuanan
How do you approach these types of situations? by theslywolf Topic $$ 0 4d 21h ago by theslywolf
STUDY GROUP by renzilla Topic $$ 14 5d 21h ago by DGOOD15
Top Pushfold charts Available? by allworldbet Topic $$ 1 6d 5h ago by tozzy
Big 27 semi bluff line, thoughts? by pagoda9 Topic $$ 1 12d 1h ago by Glasbow
3-bet pot - 3-way by Mendesz Topic $$ 3 19d 8h ago by tozzy
Live £550 2-pair facing turn heat line check by Beez Neez Topic $$ 0 22d 17h ago by Beez Neez
open shove spot by uros19 Hand $$ 2 23d 11h ago by belgianbeer
$600 Live- TPTK facing CR shove by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 3 28d 8h ago by R. Clemente
$109 mini-thrill KO mtt (~100 left) - 50bbs with JJ facing utg open and +1 call by Nital J Hand $$ 6 1m 2d ago by Lilmessi
What is a solid winrate at different stack depths? by NikkiChan123 Topic $$ 2 1m 7d ago by Chrisbrandsborg7
MTT Software by WhoIsNext Topic $$ 3 1m 7d ago by Chrisbrandsborg7
Big $55 - 2p OOP on bubble by Poncheezied Hand $$ 1 1m 7d ago by Chrisbrandsborg7
Faced a re-steal by uros19 Hand $$ 1 1m 7d ago by Chrisbrandsborg7
$235 Rio 2pm Deepstack - How do you play this flop? by ifoldedkkpreonce Topic $$ 2 1m 8d ago by Riverbanged
Dilemma by hapciu Topic $$ 0 1m 8d ago by hapciu
hit me up oif u wanna make 20$ by All day 0 days off Topic $$ 0 1m 12d ago by All day 0 days off
[Theory] Value of a stack in a bounty mtt. by lolpoker Topic $$ 0 2m ago by lolpoker
flatting opens and 3bets by Asdfghjkl1 Topic $$ 0 2m 1d ago by Asdfghjkl1
Big Bubble spot by Defaltz Topic $$ 3 2m 7d ago by yoren
Question about HRC "Select by edge" by UidautFiar Topic $$ 0 2m 10d ago by UidautFiar
AKQ monochrome flop ($130 MTT) - should I just fold 2 pairs? by ubaldus Topic $$ 0 2m 19d ago by ubaldus
berate a nit by schifty1 Topic $$ 1 2m 23d ago by schifty1
AQo 20bb CO vs MP raise by nicKo Topic $$ 0 2m 29d ago by nicKo
first post...folded the winner and it sucked! by solomonyi Topic $$ 5 3m 5d ago by ralphykid67
109$ Party Uppercut final 3 or 4 tables. by rmull9 Hand $$ 0 3m 11d ago by rmull9
$600 MTT Live- Deep ITM Spot with AQ by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 4 3m 18d ago by ralphykid67
Hitting mid pair oop in flop after pfr 3 handed by ckooper Hand $$ 2 3m 20d ago by alexandressilva
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