Multi-Table Tournaments

Mid Stakes - $20 to $75 Freezouts and $5 to $30 Re-buys

Shove or Flat? FT Night on Stars by kekko9221 Hand $$ 10 2d 3h ago by TristanBernier
Preflop Charts for different bb-stacks. Where to find? by erdian Topic $$ 7 2d 7h ago by riocats
JJ triple barrel on monotone flop. Near the money by Kid_Scratch2 Topic $$ 3 3d 12h ago by Nick Steiner
Learning MTTs from a Cash background? by radtupperware Topic $$ 3 8d 4h ago by radtupperware
99 4-handed on the final table by 3onspeed Hand $$ 3 10d 15h ago by Nick Steiner
Help with upcoming NLHE live MTT- 200K guaranteed by Jasonlittle85 Topic $$ 1 10d 18h ago by Pedro Madeira
PLO Progressive ko/ bounty builder mtts by Max66 Topic $$ 0 13d 6h ago by Max66
How would I analyze this hand with HRC? by 3onspeed Topic $$ 4 18d 6h ago by Pedro Madeira
Tough ICM spot in Ignition's nightly $75 thousandaire by MitchAndMurray Topic $$ 1 18d 8h ago by Pedro Madeira
KQs 20BBs UTG against an unknown Villain shove by 3onspeed Topic $$ 1 18d 9h ago by Pedro Madeira
Is trapping ever good here? by zerodeda Topic $$ 1 18d 9h ago by Pedro Madeira
Private coaching?? by R00pert56 Topic $$ 5 18d 9h ago by Pedro Madeira
$400 live MTT - Rejam spot with 20bbs? by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 4 18d 9h ago by Pedro Madeira
What's the best way to play this hand? by 3onspeed Hand $$ 2 19d 1h ago by 3onspeed
MTT bubble play by Klowski Topic $$ 1 26d 2h ago by TexasFoldUmmm
should I call in this spot by waldorfian85 Topic $$ 3 1m 9d ago by BarracudaNL
When to shove by rjablonka Topic $$ 3 1m 14d ago by rjablonka
Looking to form small study group by SaultyNuts Topic $$ 11 1m 19d ago by puff_tuesday
rebuy to 2x starting stack at start of tournaments - when raked by skemgeeman Topic $$ 4 1m 22d ago by Richiegone
Tricky 3b spot by zerodeda Topic $$ 1 1m 22d ago by Bingo 123
Spew in the monster this a punt? by SoundSpeed Topic $$ 1 1m 22d ago by SoundSpeed
PT4 HUD Profile by aramsay Topic $$ 1 1m 29d ago by Pedro Madeira
Playing Draws with mid stacks in MTT by ProneToFloat Topic $$ 5 2m 1d ago by Pedro Madeira
Live MTT hand (€1k Irish Open ME) – How would you play the river? by DavinaDarr Topic $$ 6 2m 5d ago by R00pert56
Advanced study with Piosolver by tconservani Topic $$ 1 2m 5d ago by R00pert56
Call or shove turn? by zerodeda Topic $$ 5 2m 23d ago by Crazybricks9
($75) Close spot with 14BB by Le_Cho Topic $$ 4 2m 28d ago by chequeraise
Software (ICU calculations + shove/call ranges) by R0b5ter Topic $$ 1 3m 1d ago by Einstein550 .
Are people misapplying final table icm in certain spots? by timetopop87 Topic $$ 4 3m 6d ago by SHIP_DAT
HUSNG Coaching by Pitsquared Topic $$ 0 3m 19d ago by Pitsquared
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