Multi-Table Tournaments

Mid Stakes - $20 to $75 Freezouts and $5 to $30 Re-buys

opening hand ranges by Jon Maclellan Topic $$ 6 4h 41m ago by kalciis
Flat vs shove 20 players left in the double deuce by timetopop87 Hand $$ 13 4h 48m ago by kalciis
$22 6 max 2 separate hands review by -UBetIFold- Topic $$ 8 7h 9m ago by kalciis
Big 22$ FT Buble by JMMaga Hand $$ 7 1d ago by JMMaga
How many tables by kriso911 Topic $$ 6 1d 15h ago by That's a Bingo
Open Raise Strategy by JMMaga Topic $$ 1 5d 21h ago by That's a Bingo
Las Vegas MTT Study Group by lucky_kashkow Topic $$ 0 18d 19h ago by lucky_kashkow
STUDY GROUP by renzilla Topic $$ 22 20d 9h ago by AaronThivy
Was that a punt? 20€ Monster stack on Winamax, preflop decision facing a 4bet with AKss close to the bubble by SwissOdds Topic $$ 3 28d 2h ago by BarracudaNL
Uncertain play regarding ICM: 4 left FT 50€ KO 6-max 1100plrs on Winamax by SwissOdds Topic $$ 4 28d 3h ago by SwissOdds
american card rooms aka BCP late reg MTTS by neenee Topic $$ 4 1m 3d ago by HenriquinAK
DISCORD-STUDY-GROUP by ViennaCalling Topic $$ 1 1m 4d ago by ViennaCalling
Plo Matt spot with the nuts by Emedved Topic $$ 0 1m 12d ago by Emedved
How do you approach these types of situations? by theslywolf Topic $$ 7 1m 13d ago by PVB240
"slightly" +EV calls preflop when with above average chips and 'crippled' if all-in is lost by DatpKay Topic $$ 5 1m 15d ago by BarracudaNL
Whatsapp Study group by PVB240 Topic $$ 0 1m 18d ago by PVB240
strategy for weird REBUY and ADDON format?!? by DatpKay Topic $$ 1 1m 26d ago by Kannu11
MTT Software by WhoIsNext Topic $$ 4 2m 6d ago by DatpKay
Big 27 semi bluff line, thoughts? by pagoda9 Topic $$ 2 2m 16d ago by Mike Pattiboy
20$ mtt. Tilting AQ Spot, please help. by HausKatze Topic $$ 2 2m 17d ago by Mike Pattiboy
Theoretical bounty adjustment by powderjunkie Topic $$ 0 2m 19d ago by powderjunkie
River spot by jensonbutton1 Hand $$ 5 2m 27d ago by Solarius92
$365 MTT Live- WSOPC Hand #1 by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 1 3m 1d ago by MordorMtDoom
KTo river spot by jensonbutton1 Hand $$ 0 3m 2d ago by jensonbutton1
Beginner (6-7k hands experience) Unsure what to do vs. overbet by 54thMass Topic $$ 1 3m 8d ago by joe_h3
3way limp pot decision?? by kyo30313 Topic $$ 2 3m 9d ago by Richiegone
[Theory] Value of a stack in a bounty mtt. by lolpoker Topic $$ 1 3m 12d ago by andrebnu
hands weight by newbie123 Topic $$ 0 3m 14d ago by newbie123
New fresh low/midstakes MTT study group by hypage Topic $$ 24 3m 15d ago by HeRbY
6 max spko nlo8 mtt - interesting river spot in single raised pot, hu by Nital J Hand $$ 1 4m 3d ago by superjuanan
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