Multi-Table Tournaments

Mid Stakes - $20 to $75 Freezouts and $5 to $30 Re-buys

BB 530$ by BallsOfSteel Topic $$ 2 4d 20h ago by BallsOfSteel
AA in a tricky spot on turn by SoundSpeed Topic $$ 6 12d 10h ago by SoundSpeed
How to calculate bubble spots by zerodeda Topic $$ 1 14d 21h ago by tbettingen
77spot 19BB utg Big 109 by anders90 Hand $$ 12 18d 15h ago by poloplaya
FT: Very tricky (suicidal) ICM Spot. Thoughts? by SwissOdds Topic $$ 9 19d 18h ago by Steve Paul
How to calculate bounty by zerodeda Topic $$ 2 20d 15h ago by tbettingen
Did i make a HERO fold or FISH fold?? Help. by PocketAces Topic $$ 4 22d 15h ago by SHIP_DAT
$11 KO in Party. How could I have won this hand against Bryan Paris? by DavinaDarr Topic $$ 2 24d 15h ago by DavinaDarr
Live MTT hand (€1k Irish Open ME) – How would you play the river? by DavinaDarr Topic $$ 5 25d 20h ago by tbettingen
Recuurent spot bubble leak by shaliste Topic $$ 2 28d 20h ago by shaliste
How many tables by kriso911 Topic $$ 11 1m 11d ago by aramsay
1 tabling MTTs - Crazy right? by aramsay Topic $$ 5 1m 14d ago by aramsay
Calling 4b shove with AKo vs 3b fold - have I calculated this correctly? by QueenOfCups Topic $$ 2 1m 23d ago by QueenOfCups
Was that a punt? 20€ Monster stack on Winamax, preflop decision facing a 4bet with AKss close to the bubble by SwissOdds Topic $$ 4 1m 26d ago by tbettingen
$22 6 max 2 separate hands review by -UBetIFold- Topic $$ 9 1m 26d ago by tbettingen
interested of your opinion :) by acichyy Topic $$ 1 1m 28d ago by tbettingen
Final 7 in Poker stars mini Monday. 21bb icm open shove too much? by timetopop87 Hand $$ 3 2m ago by tbettingen
Folding AA at the ACR Million Dollar Sunday by marouane53 Topic $$ 2 2m ago by tbettingen
A simple question by zerodeda Topic $$ 2 2m 2d ago by PoseYdon
Called button shove. 3 away from the money. The right play? by kalmoa Topic $$ 3 2m 10d ago by eurovalve
Learning how to learn by Dreamstrike13 Topic $$ 3 2m 17d ago by Dreamstrike13
Spot on BTN with AQo vs active opener and active 3better from CO Big 109 by anders90 Hand $$ 6 2m 18d ago by plolearnerguy
Was that a punt? K8dd 12bb HJ shove pre by SwissOdds Topic $$ 6 3m ago by timetopop87
Short question bigger thoughts by PoseYdon Topic $$ 0 3m 6d ago by PoseYdon
$600 MTT Live- FT bubble spot by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 7 3m 6d ago by ralphykid67
2017 Database Analisys Discussion!! by JMMaga Topic $$ 8 3m 7d ago by felipejay
20€ Short Handed Prog KO by ExiL97 Hand $$ 3 3m 14d ago by ExiL97
Flat vs shove 20 players left in the double deuce by timetopop87 Hand $$ 18 3m 15d ago by aramsay
Mixed strategy short stacks by PoseYdon Topic $$ 1 4m 6d ago by BarracudaNL
Polarized vs Merged by PoseYdon Topic $$ 2 4m 22d ago by ScrappyJuice
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