Multi-Table Tournaments

Mid Stakes - $20 to $75 Freezouts and $5 to $30 Re-buys

Deep Big $22, spot with JJ??? by ra_raa11 Hand $$ 3 6h 24m ago by ra_raa11
$22 MTT - Establishing A Range by willocpoker Topic $$ 3 8h 51m ago by TVanDijk
Live MTT - Parx Big Stax $300+40, ITM Fold KK pre? by gm606049 Topic $$ 1 1d 19h ago by ckooper
3bet shove or flat vs agro by hector.mds1 Topic $$ 6 2d 3h ago by hector.mds1
Hitting mid pair oop in flop after pfr 3 handed by ckooper Hand $$ 0 2d 4h ago by ckooper
Top pair low kicker in SB 3 handed by ckooper Hand $$ 0 3d 3h ago by ckooper
DEEP in the Stars 109$ Bounty Builder | shortstack - how do I find out if this is +EV? by DatpKay Topic $$ 4 5d 4h ago by TVanDijk
Defending QTo on BB with 15bb by ckooper Hand $$ 2 5d 5h ago by ra_raa11
Risk of being eliminated deep in mtt vs EV slightly above 0 by ckooper Hand $$ 1 5d 5h ago by ra_raa11
STUDY GROUP by renzilla Topic $$ 5 7d ago by simba
Tips for a NLH Double Black Chip Bounty? by PhotoGuy23 Topic $$ 1 9d 7h ago by TVanDijk
AJo in big blind against steal with 30bb in Hot 33$ early stage by ckooper Hand $$ 1 11d ago by SemiFreddo
DEEP with 16 left - bad call? by kalmoa Topic $$ 4 13d 5h ago by ckooper
Plugging MTT leaks / pondering creative plays. #1 Resteal Study by gnac Topic $$ 0 15d 6h ago by gnac
Where is John Daly by Rob515 Topic $$ 0 16d 2h ago by Rob515
J4s in BB vs BN 2x raise by lofigr Topic $$ 2 16d 6h ago by vsibilla
flatting to mp kjs 35bb and shove flop by blacksun Hand $$ 2 18d 9h ago by SemiFreddo
Toughts on a flop decision in a live 100€ MTT in Paris by adpierre Topic $$ 4 19d 4h ago by SemiFreddo
WTF? Weird spot vs unkown. Mini battle Royale by feverish Topic $$ 3 19d 5h ago by vsibilla
Interesting Spot by yipikaye Topic $$ 2 19d 6h ago by vsibilla
Bounty builder 109. How do I imply big bounties? by Tommi Heikinniemi Topic $$ 3 20d 22h ago by SemiFreddo
Terrible situation on river with top set. Hot109. by Tommi Heikinniemi Hand $$ 2 20d 23h ago by SemiFreddo
Top pair hit on turn facing a check raise deep on Big 27 by ckooper Hand $$ 2 20d 23h ago by SemiFreddo
Useful push/fold charts for android by bazzlights Topic $$ 0 27d 5h ago by bazzlights
Grind House in Canada by Piggydiggy91 Topic $$ 1 1m 2d ago by GabrieleP
last 14 in the mini milion by MARIUS bogdan Hand $$ 2 1m 2d ago by GabrieleP
hm2 by simba Topic $$ 0 1m 5d ago by simba
Improving in 6 max by Cassoulet Topic $$ 2 1m 9d ago by Cassoulet
MTT study group by Riverbanged Topic $$ 16 1m 12d ago by renzilla
Call All in with AK in a tournament of $30,000 guaranteed by Ely Paula Filho Topic $$ 6 1m 15d ago by renzilla
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