Pot Limit Omaha

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

PLO200 - UTG vs. CO LAG: 2nd barrel decision (and flop plan?!) by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 7 2d 11h ago by Ephedrine10
Private Coaching discount on packages by Alien Slayer Topic $$ 6 6d 16h ago by Alien Slayer
Board-pairing turn with SPR 1 by DirtyD Hand $$ 12 9d 8h ago by jonna102
PLO200 - Another tough BB vs. BTN hand by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 4 10d 5h ago by midori
PLO400 - BB vs. BTN awkward spot on ante table by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 8 12d 13h ago by Ibra Cadabra
GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO GTO by znzznz Topic $$ 0 23d 5h ago by znzznz
PLO 50/100 CZK ( $2/$4 ) live EPT AJJ3ds interesting preflop play? by necromadx Topic $$ 2 27d 7h ago by Ephedrine10
PLO 50/100 CZK ( $2/$4 ) live EPT QQ23ds hero call river? by necromadx Topic $$ 1 29d 19h ago by golowa
Can i fold? by kobepaul1 Hand $$ 4 1m ago by jimmyhat1000
Blokers by Thomca Topic $$ 0 1m 2d ago by Thomca
How to play this hand? by kobepaul1 Hand $$ 7 1m 6d ago by supern00b
Need help improving my button game - statistical approach- playing button versus utg open - xpost from lowstakes by keizersbaard Topic $$ 4 1m 7d ago by nmlfree
9 Handed PLO 2-5 by notdrizzy Topic $$ 15 1m 8d ago by menofold
Short Stack PLO by hawzy Topic $$ 3 1m 8d ago by hawzy
PLO200 - BB vs. BTN river decision after c/c otf by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 8 1m 10d ago by Ibra Cadabra
PLO200 - fullhouse getting raised on the river unexpectedly by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 7 1m 10d ago by Ibra Cadabra
PLO 50/50 czk ( $2/$2 ) live EPT Prague by necromadx Topic $$ 0 1m 10d ago by necromadx
Is PLO profitable in the long run? by jddlane Topic $$ 6 1m 14d ago by xaxa
learning to use odds oracle to solve PLO problems by jloo87 Topic $$ 12 1m 16d ago by StaticVoid
Winrate in different positions? by mpuskad3 Topic $$ 7 1m 18d ago by jimmyhat1000
PLO200z - Double suited KK with two flush draws by bdon22 Hand $$ 7 1m 20d ago by Ibra Cadabra
PLO200 - BTN vs. BB small pot 2nd barrel decision nfd on connecting turn by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 4 1m 22d ago by Ibra Cadabra
2/5 Live PLO (Deep) - Exploiting polarized ranges by Ernestas Romeika Topic $$ 8 1m 23d ago by DirtyD
£1/£1/£2 plo live game. 4bet squeeze spot/ by Tubes5 Topic $$ 2 1m 27d ago by Tubes5
How to decide if hand is strong enough to pot/get in by Ben Topic $$ 5 1m 28d ago by Ben
PLO200z - Is TPMK enough SDV here? by bdon22 Hand $$ 5 2m 17d ago by Haru
Straight on a paired up river by Burnsabre Hand $$ 6 2m 18d ago by Ben
Crappy aces vs nittish and bluffy agro guy deep by Burnsabre Hand $$ 3 2m 18d ago by Ben
New Zoom PLO Stream by jimmyhat1000 Topic $$ 5 2m 28d ago by sorcloud
PLO200z - 2nd set+NFD deep, line check by bdon22 Hand $$ 1 3m 1d ago by Burnsabre
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