Pot Limit Omaha

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

HU vs very aggro fish by Ephedrine10 Topic $$ 2 19h 30m ago by morda
Tough river decision oop in home game deep. by I_Fold_Jacks Topic $$ 3 22h 24m ago by morda
AAAdd spot in a deep 1-2(5bring-in) live game by morda Topic $$ 0 23h 19m ago by morda
KKds tough spot in a deep 1-2(5bring-in) live game by morda Topic $$ 14 4d 14h ago by morda
C/call or C/raise? on the flop by kobepaul1 Hand $$ 5 16d 21h ago by Haru
HUPLO 400 ugly river spot........ by ouch787 Topic $$ 1 17d 4h ago by Ernestas Romeika
2nd nuts and villian is betting pot on river.... by ouch787 Topic $$ 5 17d 15h ago by Ernestas Romeika
Study group by axel2307 Topic $$ 0 20d 16h ago by axel2307
Midstakes/Highstakes PLO coach by malejaculation Topic $$ 0 28d 21h ago by malejaculation
New to HUPLO how much weight do we assign to blockers?? by ouch787 Topic $$ 0 1m 3d ago by ouch787
SPR 7.7 OTF, what would you do? by Daniel1981 Topic $$ 2 1m 11d ago by reStacks
Looking for mid-stakes study group 1/2 to 2/4 euro here. by endymion Topic $$ 5 1m 22d ago by kobepaul1
Live 5-5-(btn)10 home game, very low post flop SPR. Meritable get in or lighting money on fire? by MidnightBacon Topic $$ 11 2m 11d ago by HUMBLE.
3Bet POT! C/Call or C/Raise Flop? by kobepaul1 Hand $$ 19 2m 11d ago by HUMBLE.
SPR 2 toppair oesd AND FD by Lausbub Topic $$ 4 2m 11d ago by HUMBLE.
. by erdian Topic $$ 7 2m 11d ago by HUMBLE.
Live plo play by BlackFlamingo Topic $$ 2 2m 11d ago by HUMBLE.
PLO200 - fullhouse getting raised on the river unexpectedly by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 10 2m 11d ago by HUMBLE.
Optimal strategy vs a Mainiac HU by Ephedrine10 Topic $$ 3 3m 1d ago by plolearnerguy
Going to Las Vegas by axel2307 Topic $$ 4 3m 11d ago by YouHuffAndPuff
KK99ss 200bb deep ip vs 4bet by benfiquista Topic $$ 5 3m 12d ago by Ephedrine10
Looking for vids playing against rec players by KingBali8 Topic $$ 0 3m 17d ago by KingBali8
LIve PLO cash adjustment question by IRichardI Topic $$ 2 3m 28d ago by erdian
Live PLO Parx 2/2 game. Is my line bad? by greasysicilian Topic $$ 3 4m 1d ago by plolearnerguy
Private Coaching discount on packages by Alien Slayer Topic $$ 13 4m 2d ago by Alien Slayer
Live 100/100 CZK ( $5/$5 ) MW against a maniac and passive player by necromadx Topic $$ 1 4m 3d ago by erdian
Live 2/5 PLO hand, how would you play this hand ? by Pikachu Topic $$ 11 4m 6d ago by Cobra Kai
JRRiquelmee - hit and run specialist. by Tubes5 Topic $$ 5 4m 7d ago by Tubes5
Is it ever correct to fold crappy aces pre all in 4way+? by Davechappelle Topic $$ 13 4m 14d ago by MidnightBacon
. by erdian Topic $$ 3 4m 22d ago by erdian
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