Pot Limit Omaha

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

Live 100/100/200/400 czk 3bet pot vs passive players by necromadx Topic $$ 0 13h 12m ago by necromadx
PLO200 - HU IP in 3-bet pot with SPR 5: fd + gs + overs on J54t by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 2 17h 43m ago by Ibra Cadabra
Flop Question: JNandez87: 2 Table $2.5/$5 6-Max Zoom PLO Session (part 2) 34:49 by nittyoldman Topic $$ 5 1d 10h ago by JimmyGlass
PLO200 - HU OOP in 3-bet pot with SPR 5.5: AQQ on A98r with two backdoors by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 0 2d 12h ago by Ibra Cadabra
weird line with top set vs reg. by samuelazo Topic $$ 0 2d 14h ago by samuelazo
Live 2/5 PLO hand, how would you play this hand ? by Pikachu Topic $$ 4 3d 9h ago by 1tufftwinky
Which hands should we rather bluff raise and fold to 3 bet? by Andreas Nyberg Topic $$ 7 5d 13h ago by Lausbub
Under defending with seccond nuts? by axel2307 Topic $$ 4 6d 6h ago by axel2307
Looking for mid-stakes study group 1/2 to 2/4 euro here. by endymion Topic $$ 1 11d 7h ago by guerra2
C/call or C/raise? on the flop by kobepaul1 Hand $$ 2 14d 8h ago by miami002
Turn decision with marginal hand in a 3 bet pot IP by Imfish4u Hand $$ 6 14d 10h ago by Ephedrine10
PLO200z should I bluffcatch here? by Pokerlogical Hand $$ 5 14d 16h ago by AGrinderNamedJoe
PLO200 - Another tough BB vs. BTN hand by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 11 14d 16h ago by AGrinderNamedJoe
Private Coaching discount on packages by Alien Slayer Topic $$ 11 21d 9h ago by endymion
4-4-8 Live game 6-handed. Aces in a spr less then 1 on a bad board, can I NOT GII? by erdian Topic $$ 0 21d 22h ago by erdian
Enough bluffs to call the river? by Imfish4u Hand $$ 10 22d 18h ago by Imfish4u
Running equities by ProlificSniffer Topic $$ 0 28d 12h ago by ProlificSniffer
PLO Preflop Hand Chart for sale by reStacks Topic $$ 9 29d 3h ago by SeacombePLO
Interesting river spot, would like some feedback. 5/10 PLO by kneehall Hand $$ 3 1m 3d ago by Ephedrine10
2-2-4 Flopped NUT fd oop DEEP! by erdian Topic $$ 1 1m 4d ago by OwnYourSoul
Live full ring 5-10 PLO by SmokeAndMirrors Topic $$ 11 1m 9d ago by erdian
5-5-10 Live, second nut flush vs Lag. Is this auto-stackoff? by erdian Topic $$ 3 1m 10d ago by erdian
£1/£1/£2 PLO 8 Max by Tubes5 Topic $$ 1 1m 15d ago by erdian
Was this a good bluff? PLO 200z by Pokerlogical Hand $$ 5 1m 17d ago by jdstl
call river? by helpmybr Topic $$ 0 1m 19d ago by helpmybr
RIO Elite for a month, what to watch? by He-Lord Topic $$ 3 1m 23d ago by nittyoldman
What video is best to get tips on using pokerjuice? by nittyoldman Topic $$ 0 1m 23d ago by nittyoldman
Small Blind Strategy - Cold Calling by erhallow24 Topic $$ 0 1m 25d ago by erhallow24
Basic plo question by iguessicall Topic $$ 1 1m 26d ago by starsailor84
Queens UTG vs a lag reg. by erdian Topic $$ 16 2m ago by THENEWSTEW
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