Pot Limit Omaha

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

Interesting river spot, would like some feedback. 5/10 PLO by kneehall Hand $$ 3 1d 1h ago by Ephedrine10
2-2-4 Flopped NUT fd oop DEEP! by erdian Topic $$ 1 2d 10h ago by OwnYourSoul
Private Coaching discount on packages by Alien Slayer Topic $$ 9 3d 19h ago by Heartbreaker
PLO200z should I bluffcatch here? by Pokerlogical Hand $$ 4 3d 21h ago by Ephedrine10
Live full ring 5-10 PLO by SmokeAndMirrors Topic $$ 11 7d 9h ago by erdian
5-5-10 Live, second nut flush vs Lag. Is this auto-stackoff? by erdian Topic $$ 3 8d 14h ago by erdian
£1/£1/£2 PLO 8 Max by Tubes5 Topic $$ 1 13d 2h ago by erdian
Was this a good bluff? PLO 200z by Pokerlogical Hand $$ 5 14d 18h ago by jdstl
PLO200 - Another tough BB vs. BTN hand by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 5 15d 6h ago by Rockstarfish
call river? by helpmybr Topic $$ 0 16d 21h ago by helpmybr
PLO Preflop Hand Chart for sale by reStacks Topic $$ 5 19d 7h ago by casadewinna
RIO Elite for a month, what to watch? by He-Lord Topic $$ 3 21d 12h ago by nittyoldman
What video is best to get tips on using pokerjuice? by nittyoldman Topic $$ 0 21d 12h ago by nittyoldman
Small Blind Strategy - Cold Calling by erhallow24 Topic $$ 0 22d 18h ago by erhallow24
Basic plo question by iguessicall Topic $$ 1 24d 8h ago by starsailor84
Queens UTG vs a lag reg. by erdian Topic $$ 16 28d 12h ago by THENEWSTEW
River Fold GTO question by Andreas Nyberg Topic $$ 1 1m 1d ago by jonna102
plo stats in pokertracker by Andrewi Topic $$ 2 1m 3d ago by plolearnerguy
Looking for a person to study with. by erdian Topic $$ 0 1m 6d ago by erdian
2.5-2.5-5 9-handed Close decision on turn by erdian Topic $$ 0 1m 7d ago by erdian
1000PLO river decision by nittyoldman Topic $$ 5 1m 8d ago by jonna102
Raise vs flatcall turn, with turned very nice combodraw, against fairly wide range by Ephedrine10 Topic $$ 3 1m 9d ago by plolearnerguy
Tough spot 4-way in 1.5-1.75 spr pot. by erdian Topic $$ 2 1m 10d ago by erdian
check vs cbet in HU pot by RonDworkin Topic $$ 8 1m 13d ago by miami002
PLO200 - UTG vs. CO LAG: 2nd barrel decision (and flop plan?!) by Ibra Cadabra Hand $$ 9 1m 16d ago by stoomart
Table Ninja-like Product for Ignition by DirtyD Topic $$ 1 1m 16d ago by paradigm24
straigh raise turn vs donk allin river pairs by jmarcer Topic $$ 4 1m 17d ago by BioRio0101
$600PLO Did I make a mistake anywhere? by nittyoldman Topic $$ 8 1m 22d ago by Mads Åmot
PLO 50/100 CZK ( $2/$4 ) live EPT AJJ3ds interesting preflop play? by necromadx Topic $$ 3 1m 23d ago by nittyoldman
1000 PLO range from HIJ facing UTG open by nittyoldman Topic $$ 4 1m 23d ago by nittyoldman
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