Multi-Table Tournaments

Low Stakes - Up to $15 Freezouts and $3 Re-buys

5$ MTT - AQo in SB vs UTG minbet by newearthling Hand $ 6 2d 20h ago by Se.Faber
Value bet turn? Check back? by Tdogger88 Topic $ 5 5d 2h ago by HausKatze
Getting raised on the river holding trips + top kicker by ZlotZ Hand $ 0 6d 16h ago by ZlotZ
Micromillions Final Table Spot by tb17 Topic $ 4 7d 15h ago by joe_h3
Facing big river bet with a medium strength hand by ZlotZ Hand $ 5 7d 15h ago by joe_h3
River decision by kerbernes Topic $ 3 7d 15h ago by joe_h3
Can someone take a look at my sharkscope graph and tell me what it means? by lwe Topic $ 0 9d 3h ago by lwe
19bb, MP, AJs vs. EP RFI - river call or fold? by mauromms Topic $ 2 11d 1h ago by HausKatze
Close to bubble vs lag chipleader by Gazorpazorp field Hand $ 5 11d 1h ago by HausKatze
Nut flush $3.30 - Did I play this incorrectly? by Jrockz Topic $ 5 11d 2h ago by HausKatze
Starting a small, dedicated study group by Tripletire Topic $ 8 16d 15h ago by LavLu
Low-medium pocket pairs and AX in early and middle position by Oesterby Topic $ 1 18d 3h ago by PocketAces
$.50 ACR Manic Monday - $1,000 GTD -- First Out At Final Table. How Would You Play AJs Here? by tr33f1ddy Topic $ 3 19d 4h ago by tr33f1ddy
85o on K85tt 4-handed limped pot by ZeroDegrees Topic $ 1 21d 15h ago by tb17
QJs 21bb deep on BU. Shove here? by ZeroDegrees Topic $ 1 22d 7h ago by Gazorpazorp field
$7.50 MTT - AA by Filantroop Hand $ 7 22d 11h ago by ZeroDegrees
5$ MTT - River Bluff with 88 on 922AK by newearthling Topic $ 2 22d 16h ago by Filantroop
late stages of 4.40 2.5k guaranteed by limp2lose Hand $ 2 23d 12h ago by Filantroop
AKo 34bb, 1 raise + 2 callers, 9bb in pot, shove? by ZeroDegrees Topic $ 4 24d 14h ago by ZlotZ
$4.40 MTT - AA by Filantroop Hand $ 1 24d 20h ago by Gazorpazorp field
What do we shove utg 6-max hyper itm 7bb deep? by ZeroDegrees Topic $ 3 25d 20h ago by Filantroop
$3.30 MTT - KQ river spot by Filantroop Hand $ 1 26d 4h ago by Cruts
AJo on AT6Ktt by ZeroDegrees Hand $ 2 26d 4h ago by Cruts
$3.30 Bubble Rush - A9 by Filantroop Hand $ 4 26d 12h ago by Filantroop
$5 MTT - FT Spot with KK by ralphykid67 Topic $ 7 29d 7h ago by robullll
Large 3b jams on final tables by robullll Topic $ 0 29d 15h ago by robullll
Calculate win vs losses chips pot considering 3betshove by wombel89 Topic $ 4 1m 2d ago by wombel89
Mentality Change by Lilmessi Topic $ 2 1m 4d ago by Filantroop
Should i have called there? by entgegner Topic $ 4 1m 4d ago by Filantroop
Weird spot with Overpair by Gazorpazorp field Hand $ 4 1m 4d ago by Filantroop
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