Multi-Table Tournaments

Low Stakes - Up to $15 Freezouts and $3 Re-buys

Skype/facebook study group by PopCokeSoda Topic $ 9 4h 47m ago by HaiBerry
improving my game by rcheula Topic $ 1 1d 3h ago by Tyler
3 handed big 16.50 Sb to BB shove, correct or not? by PopCokeSoda Topic $ 2 3d 4h ago by HeRbY
Did i evaluate this hand correctly and should I have folded? by chrispeesnipes Hand $ 0 4d 15h ago by chrispeesnipes
Q High Flush - Wrong to re-raise? by jmortimer87 Topic $ 0 6d 23h ago by jmortimer87
does anyone staking on low-mid ? by an93lu Topic $ 0 8d ago by an93lu
Study group by ekeivs Topic $ 89 8d 13h ago by cruser
hot 11 - difficult spot on the tur? by GabrieleP Hand $ 3 8d 16h ago by fefe.p
Studygroup for MTT by zydes Topic $ 1 8d 23h ago by simba
can we be wrong folding here sometimes? by RavensUC Hand $ 2 15d 5h ago by m1k3PKR
anybody does coaching MTT poker by zxxx1 Topic $ 1 15d 5h ago by m1k3PKR
180 man by cesarferran Topic $ 0 17d 3h ago by cesarferran
QQ 47BB by jonathasjose Topic $ 4 19d 18h ago by Samni
shove it's ok? by m1k3PKR Topic $ 2 23d 3h ago by Ricardo Rita
Calling Ranges Vs Openings Ranges by Ricardo Rita Topic $ 1 23d 3h ago by Ricardo Rita
A8s on last two tables by surda Hand $ 2 23d 3h ago by Ricardo Rita
Deep in a 1,1 bounty builder all inn spot by rubenkriger Topic $ 3 27d 18h ago by m1k3PKR
bad spot on the river by GabrieleP Hand $ 7 1m 2d ago by GabrieleP
weird ICMizer result on HT 4-max sat FT by UrNotInDanger Topic $ 1 1m 4d ago by newearthling
Live short stacked spot by Tdogger88 Topic $ 1 1m 4d ago by newearthling
Push or fold with less than 22 bb's by Roy G Topic $ 3 1m 13d ago by Kevankentish
QQ facing turn x/r by BalTa Hand $ 2 1m 21d ago by edumanoalves
$11 Hot PS - easy call? by botuu10 Topic $ 4 1m 23d ago by edumanoalves
Help Me Check the Math on a Live MTT Spot made by a RIO Pro by tinyelvis58 Topic $ 0 1m 24d ago by tinyelvis58
Turned trips get CRAI OTR, $16.50 bounty builder by Sascha Topic $ 1 1m 28d ago by felt2felt
facing x/r with AQo on a dry 772 pot by lovritos Hand $ 4 2m 10d ago by yoren
30bb resteal too much with AK against weaker player and forcing a expensive flip? by Tommi Heikinniemi Topic $ 1 2m 17d ago by milbert089
$1.10 Bounty Builder River decision by milbert089 Hand $ 4 2m 20d ago by Wh1t3Russ1an
$3 - 8-Max TT vs awkward river bet. by Ad1oz Hand $ 3 2m 25d ago by milbert089
11 Bounty Builder final table river decision by timetopop87 Hand $ 3 2m 27d ago by JWPapi
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