No Limit Hold 'em

AA 4bet pot by dante3234 Hand $ 0 55m ago by dante3234
QTs spazz? nl50 by Tomasz K Hand $ 0 57m ago by Tomasz K
Settings goal for session? by BeyazKin Topic $ 0 59m ago by BeyazKin
JJ vs KQ should i call the turn? by pay4myalienware Hand $ 12 1h 19m ago by Nyyre
Small Blind Limp Strategy by hardsinx Topic $ 5 1h 56m ago by greedisgood
weak TP facing donkbet by KillEV Hand $ 0 5h 38m ago by KillEV
how to conquer high ante game in CHINA poker master platform? by PlutoLee Topic $$$ 3 7h 10m ago by haiyang
How to work on Postflop Aggression? by Salatmann92 Topic $ 0 7h 30m ago by Salatmann92
Snowie and Pio differences by ilikethat Topic $$ 2 8h 22m ago by BigFiszh
16NLz - Facing XR otr after X back ott - 3bpot by Mancuso Hand $ 7 9h 44m ago by Disharmonist
Z50 Q8s 3b pot by vayne Hand $ 14 11h 41m ago by Tomasz K
Live $2/5- Straddle Pot - Value on the river? by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 0 12h 41m ago by ralphykid67
16NLz - Bad fold otr? by Mancuso Hand $ 9 17h 49m ago by Nyyre
4b pot overpair on suited board by DatpKay Hand $$ 6 1d 2h ago by aamadeo
FD in 3 bet pot OOP by esso.g Hand $ 3 1d 5h ago by greedisgood
Two pair against an aggressive player, first time I have witnessed them overbet. by chiefgoat120 Hand $ 5 1d 5h ago by greedisgood
16NLz - D-Double barrel 3bpot oop by Mancuso Hand $ 3 1d 6h ago by greedisgood
probably way too nitty to fold this otr ? by furiouslettuce Hand $ 10 1d 6h ago by greedisgood
AKs flush probably overplayed by KillEV Hand $ 8 1d 6h ago by greedisgood
16NLz - Good spot to bluff otr? by Mancuso Hand $ 3 1d 6h ago by greedisgood
KK on Q72m in 4b pot by Pokerlogical Hand $ 6 1d 6h ago by greedisgood
call the river? by pay4myalienware Hand $ 8 1d 6h ago by pay4myalienware
Idk how to play this hand. NL10 by pplosada Hand $ 4 1d 7h ago by greedisgood
AK vs cold 4bet by JohnnyWalked Hand $ 5 1d 7h ago by greedisgood
call the river? --- 2 by pay4myalienware Hand $ 7 1d 7h ago by pay4myalienware
Should i call the river raise? NL10 by pplosada Hand $ 1 1d 8h ago by ismaithliom
How to identify if we're running bad or it's just variance? by Mancuso Topic $ 30 1d 20h ago by WM2K
AT vs Maniac by dante3234 Hand $ 6 1d 20h ago by eaekey
How to play? by pokeristai Topic $ 5 1d 22h ago by pokeristai
Limping entire range from SB by LuckExists Topic $$ 8 2d ago by EditBay
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