Multi-Table Tournaments

hot 11 - difficult spot on the tur? by GabrieleP Hand $ 6 1h 55m ago by plolearnerguy
how liberally should we complete the sb by plolearnerguy Topic $ 3 2h ago by fhminei
Deep Big $22, spot with JJ??? by ra_raa11 Hand $$ 3 6h 26m ago by ra_raa11
11 win the button, final table by vinke Hand $ 3 8h 43m ago by TVanDijk
$22 MTT - Establishing A Range by willocpoker Topic $$ 3 8h 53m ago by TVanDijk
Skype/facebook study group by PopCokeSoda Topic $ 14 14h 28m ago by propergood
Expected value (EV) by cruser Topic $$$ 0 1d 8h ago by cruser
RATE MY BLUFF by glock420 Topic $$$ 0 1d 8h ago by glock420
Live MTT - Parx Big Stax $300+40, ITM Fold KK pre? by gm606049 Topic $$ 1 1d 20h ago by ckooper
3bet shove or flat vs agro by hector.mds1 Topic $$ 6 2d 3h ago by hector.mds1
Hitting mid pair oop in flop after pfr 3 handed by ckooper Hand $$ 0 2d 4h ago by ckooper
Top pair low kicker in SB 3 handed by ckooper Hand $$ 0 3d 3h ago by ckooper
Fedor Holz Coaching by newbie123 Topic $$$ 2 3d 18h ago by cruser
Designing Study Routines by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$$ 3 4d 15h ago by MuckMyNuts
Big 3€ Early stage vs Unknow Player by godspeeedyou Topic $ 0 4d 20h ago by godspeeedyou
DEEP in the Stars 109$ Bounty Builder | shortstack - how do I find out if this is +EV? by DatpKay Topic $$ 4 5d 4h ago by TVanDijk
Defending QTo on BB with 15bb by ckooper Hand $$ 2 5d 5h ago by ra_raa11
Risk of being eliminated deep in mtt vs EV slightly above 0 by ckooper Hand $$ 1 5d 5h ago by ra_raa11
is it just me? by ill wid it Topic $ 2 6d 17h ago by pokerman1234
STUDY GROUP by renzilla Topic $$ 5 7d ago by simba
£220 Live tourney. by soccerskills123 Topic $$$ 1 7d 17h ago by ralphykid67
Tips for a NLH Double Black Chip Bounty? by PhotoGuy23 Topic $$ 1 9d 7h ago by TVanDijk
AJo in big blind against steal with 30bb in Hot 33$ early stage by ckooper Hand $$ 1 11d ago by SemiFreddo
Big 44, 13 left by Soytza Topic $ 3 11d 7h ago by m1k3PKR
can we be wrong folding here sometimes? by RavensUC Hand $ 5 12d 3h ago by Roquim
DEEP with 16 left - bad call? by kalmoa Topic $$ 4 13d 5h ago by ckooper
complex ranges (Fedor Holz) by cruser Topic $$$ 4 13d 12h ago by cruser
Push/Fold (Bubble sat) by m1k3PKR Hand $ 2 15d 4h ago by Samni
Plugging MTT leaks / pondering creative plays. #1 Resteal Study by gnac Topic $$ 0 15d 6h ago by gnac
$500 High Roller Final Table with JNandez87 by miami002 Topic $$$ 0 15d 21h ago by miami002
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