Multi-Table Tournaments

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Bad call on river? (3barril ) by HenriquinAK Topic $ 0 4d 19h ago by HenriquinAK
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MTT-Micro: Vilain (BB) with SET in slow-play: How to play better in this spot ? by billyalves Hand $ 1 4d 20h ago by felipejay
I have the same problem over and over..... by Manuks21 Hand $ 3 5d 20h ago by Eddie Spencer-Small
The "Official" MTT Video Suggestions Thread by Tom M Topic $$$ 94 6d 1h ago by belthazorrrr
Starting a small, dedicated study group by Tripletire Topic $ 41 7d 23h ago by mjanisz
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Bad shove? by Seyerjr7 Topic $ 2 13d ago by JordAbb
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ICM sucide?? by acehole Topic $ 1 14d 12h ago by Jrive96
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Does he ever raise worse here? by Curvez Hand $ 6 17d 14h ago by felipejay
Spot on BTN with AQo vs active opener and active 3better from CO Big 109 by anders90 Hand $$ 6 17d 14h ago by plolearnerguy
FT bubble 7/8 by KristsLV Hand $ 2 20d 6h ago by KristsLV
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Was that a punt? K8dd 12bb HJ shove pre by SwissOdds Topic $$ 6 1m ago by timetopop87
Final 7 in Poker stars mini Monday. 21bb icm open shove too much? by timetopop87 Hand $$ 2 1m 2d ago by felipejay
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