Multi-Table Tournaments

PokerStars.ES blocked account during the deepRun in 50+R SCOOP, when 29 left! by holabcn Topic $$$ 1 19h 3m ago by q3timmy
Two interesting hands by zerodeda Topic $$$ 3 1d 3h ago by Pierre
Looking for Mid/High stakes MTT private coaching by q3timmy Topic $$$ 0 1d 11h ago by q3timmy
First post: just qualified for Sunday Million for first time - tips? by rkpokrrr Topic $$$ 3 3d 20h ago by rkpokrrr
Bounty Builder 530$ (RE-POST FROM THE HIGH-STAKES SECTION) by BallsOfSteel Topic $ 6 4d 17h ago by Eddie Spencer-Small
BB 530$ by BallsOfSteel Topic $$ 2 4d 20h ago by BallsOfSteel
DID I CALL OK? by Manuks21 Topic $ 2 5d 20h ago by tbettingen
Im calling too wide?... by Manuks21 Topic $ 2 5d 20h ago by tbettingen
(Micro stakes MTT's) Looking for small study group by Double0Evan Topic $ 58 5d 21h ago by stubbtoe
Question about analysing using a solver in MTTs by Mancuso Topic $ 4 5d 21h ago by Mancuso
Checking AK in flops like this? by Manuks21 Topic $ 2 7d 20h ago by felipejay
3 card flush boards by zerodeda Topic $$$ 5 7d 20h ago by iamallin
A couple of range spots by robullll Topic $ 1 7d 21h ago by felipejay
5 to bubble, I have 88... by Manuks21 Topic $ 3 10d 20h ago by Manuks21
SBvBB: What should my bet Calling range look like on the Turn? by YannickPoker1 Hand $ 4 11d 13h ago by HeRbY
Bubble calling All In? by Manuks21 Topic $ 1 12d 3h ago by Pierre
AA in a tricky spot on turn by SoundSpeed Topic $$ 6 12d 10h ago by SoundSpeed
Tons of situation like this, How to act? by Manuks21 Topic $ 5 13d 3h ago by Pierre
How to continue? by Manuks21 Topic $ 9 14d 14h ago by Manuks21
How to calculate bubble spots by zerodeda Topic $$ 1 14d 21h ago by tbettingen
Fedor (the all-time GOAT) missing +EV shoves? by Le_Cho Topic $$$ 8 15d 1h ago by Ivanaddiction
$530 WCOOP Exploitative river sizing choice by Raphael Nogueira Hand $$$ 12 15d 17h ago by Lucas Greenwood
$530 WCOOP Though river spot against 1.5x pot overbet by Raphael Nogueira Hand $$$ 15 15d 17h ago by Lucas Greenwood
Bounty Builder 530$ by BallsOfSteel Topic $$$ 1 16d 18h ago by Dylan Linde
Range question (3$ satellite into a $44 tournament) by Le_Cho Topic $ 2 18d 13h ago by Le_Cho
Final table spot top pair/medium kicker by jamesdmitri Hand $ 3 18d 14h ago by tbettingen
77spot 19BB utg Big 109 by anders90 Hand $$ 12 18d 15h ago by poloplaya
OOP leads 50% of his stack on QQ7. I have 88 by YannickPoker1 Hand $ 6 19d 1h ago by YannickPoker1
$109 simple 77 spot by Le_Cho Topic $$$ 5 19d 5h ago by Le_Cho
FT: Very tricky (suicidal) ICM Spot. Thoughts? by SwissOdds Topic $$ 9 19d 19h ago by Steve Paul
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