Multi-Table Tournaments

The death check by TheSeXFactor Hand $ 1 10h 19m ago by Eddie Spencer-Small
Playing TPTK vs a Lead. Bad played? by Manuks21 Topic $ 2 14h 4m ago by Manuks21
Playing Draws with mid stacks in MTT by ProneToFloat Topic $$ 5 17h 10m ago by Pedro Madeira
Blind vs button agressive battle by TheSeXFactor Hand $ 1 1d 3h ago by felipejay
MTT Satelite strategy and weird HRC numbers by luba Topic $$$ 1 2d ago by Daniel Dvoress
PT4 HUD Profile by aramsay Topic $$ 0 2d 12h ago by aramsay
Badly played AA or just another cooler? by Manuks21 Topic $ 0 3d 4h ago by Manuks21
Its ok Squeezing here with AK?? by Manuks21 Topic $ 0 3d 4h ago by Manuks21
what are good winrates inn bb/100 for mid/high stakes mtts? by madsamot Topic $$$ 4 4d 6h ago by Pedro Madeira
Pre flop bet sizing by knircky Topic $$$ 1 4d 6h ago by Pedro Madeira
Live MTT hand (€1k Irish Open ME) – How would you play the river? by DavinaDarr Topic $$ 6 4d 8h ago by R00pert56
Advanced study with Piosolver by tconservani Topic $$ 1 4d 9h ago by R00pert56
Adanced study with Piosolver by tconservani Topic $$$ 2 5d 16h ago by Pedro Madeira
Looking to form small study group by SaultyNuts Topic $$ 10 6d 5h ago by Pedro Madeira
question about mtt route by Gobbetta Topic $ 2 6d 5h ago by Gobbetta
Can i call this river with A5s? by Manuks21 Hand $ 2 7d 6h ago by TheSeXFactor
Last 4 in the 1.10 Turbo, Situation SB vs BB, Shoving Q6s by Manuks21 Hand $ 4 7d 6h ago by TheSeXFactor
Playing vs 55/45 player, with a straight. by Manuks21 Hand $ 2 8d 11h ago by Manuks21
Should I be calling here with AT and 70bb? by Manuks21 Hand $ 3 9d 4h ago by Manuks21
BvB open sizing by Risva10 Topic $ 1 14d 7h ago by tbettingen
Cooler or badly played? QQ in the Big 1.10$ by Manuks21 Hand $ 8 14d 23h ago by Risva10
Advanced study with piosolver by tconservani Topic $ 2 16d 2h ago by tconservani
Low Stakes MTT Group by Hype Beast Topic $ 0 16d 4h ago by Hype Beast
How to reduce variance in MTT by TheSeXFactor Topic $ 3 16d 7h ago by Hype Beast
Defending BB with 52s? To bad, or ok spot? by John Mike Topic $ 3 16d 11h ago by TheSeXFactor
Bad call? by Risva10 Hand $ 2 18d 5h ago by Risva10
Agressive blind vs blind play by TheSeXFactor Hand $ 6 20d 14h ago by TheSeXFactor
Shove pre with AQ being 30 away from the money? by Manuks21 Hand $ 2 20d 15h ago by Manuks21
High stakes MTT career question by pokerinlondon Topic $$$ 1 20d 18h ago by pokerinlondon
400$ Wynn by ATRC Topic $$$ 4 20d 19h ago by ATRC
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