Multi-Table Tournaments

Grind House in Canada by Piggydiggy91 Topic $$ 1 3h 24m ago by GabrieleP
last 14 in the mini milion by MARIUS bogdan Hand $$ 2 3h 29m ago by GabrieleP
Skype/facebook study group by PopCokeSoda Topic $ 9 4h 53m ago by HaiBerry
3bet shove vs agro player by hector.mds1 Topic $$$ 1 1d 2h ago by Douggyfr3sh
improving my game by rcheula Topic $ 1 1d 3h ago by Tyler
Hand from $10,400 Bellagio WPT Main pre-reentry AKo UTG by gaucho2121 Topic $$$ 7 1d 21h ago by nittyoldman
Out of the box thinking: studying and improving MTT game by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$$ 6 2d 4h ago by renzilla
STUDY GROUP by renzilla Topic $$ 3 2d 11h ago by renzilla
hm2 by simba Topic $$ 0 3d 3h ago by simba
3 handed big 16.50 Sb to BB shove, correct or not? by PopCokeSoda Topic $ 2 3d 4h ago by HeRbY
Did i evaluate this hand correctly and should I have folded? by chrispeesnipes Hand $ 0 4d 15h ago by chrispeesnipes
4bet allin or call? by hector.mds1 Topic $$$ 0 5d 20h ago by hector.mds1
J4s in BB vs BN 2x raise by lofigr Topic $$ 1 5d 21h ago by hector.mds1
3bet shove or flat vs agro by hector.mds1 Topic $$ 0 6d 19h ago by hector.mds1
Q High Flush - Wrong to re-raise? by jmortimer87 Topic $ 0 6d 23h ago by jmortimer87
Improving in 6 max by Cassoulet Topic $$ 2 7d 15h ago by Cassoulet
does anyone staking on low-mid ? by an93lu Topic $ 0 8d ago by an93lu
Study group by ekeivs Topic $ 89 8d 13h ago by cruser
hot 11 - difficult spot on the tur? by GabrieleP Hand $ 3 8d 16h ago by fefe.p
Studygroup for MTT by zydes Topic $ 1 9d ago by simba
Raising over limp from SB in BB by CherryWaves Topic $$$ 1 9d 3h ago by Douggyfr3sh
complex ranges (Fedor Holz) by cruser Topic $$$ 2 9d 13h ago by cruser
Designing Study Routines by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$$ 0 10d 4h ago by Douggyfr3sh
MTT study group by Riverbanged Topic $$ 16 10d 14h ago by renzilla
Interesting Spot by yipikaye Topic $$ 0 12d 19h ago by yipikaye
€450 Fishy MTT live in spain by julien808 Topic $$$ 1 13d 20h ago by ralphykid67
Call All in with AK in a tournament of $30,000 guaranteed by Ely Paula Filho Topic $$ 6 14d ago by renzilla
can we be wrong folding here sometimes? by RavensUC Hand $ 2 15d 5h ago by m1k3PKR
anybody does coaching MTT poker by zxxx1 Topic $ 1 15d 6h ago by m1k3PKR
Do I fold AKo ? and do I call KQs in these 2 spots by Yasuo Topic $$$ 0 15d 9h ago by Yasuo
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