Multi-Table Tournaments

$530 WCOOP Exploitative river sizing choice by Raphael Nogueira Hand $$$ 5 4h 11m ago by Raphael Nogueira
I am a bad mtt player i keep losing please help me by scottybotty5 Topic $ 2 1d 13h ago by HardInTheMac
Crazy Fun Hand from Pokerstars Barcelona Main by jjandellis Topic $$$ 5 1d 13h ago by BarracudaNL
Brand new First Post Final Table by kgold86 Topic $ 2 2d 14h ago by kgold86
DISCORD-STUDY-GROUP by ViennaCalling Topic $$ 0 2d 18h ago by ViennaCalling
Starting a small, dedicated study group by Tripletire Topic $ 23 2d 19h ago by hmgasparotto
21bbs on the button w A9s by MoeGreen Topic $ 2 3d 10h ago by SwissOdds
american card rooms aka BCP late reg MTTS by neenee Topic $$ 3 4d 19h ago by kgold86
Plo Matt spot with the nuts by Emedved Topic $$ 0 6d 1h ago by Emedved
Flat vs shove 20 players left in the double deuce by timetopop87 Hand $$ 12 6d 10h ago by timetopop87
Am I losing tons of value by not betting in this river? by dickinsonpkr Topic $ 3 6d 13h ago by BarracudaNL
MTT home game 60usd buyin 36ppl 40min blinds by tomono Topic $ 2 6d 14h ago by tomono
How do you approach these types of situations? by theslywolf Topic $$ 7 6d 14h ago by PVB240
This deep in later stages of MTT, what do you do with this hand? by CardGod Topic $ 1 7d 1h ago by dickinsonpkr
FT 3betting ranges at a very shallow table by BarracudaNL Topic $$$ 2 7d 9h ago by BarracudaNL
Sat 16 players hyper 4x shout out by cardroom Topic $ 1 8d 4h ago by Eddie Spencer-Small
Cashgame player: Should I play the WPT main this year? Do I have the roll? by alex10 Topic $$$ 2 9d 3h ago by BarracudaNL
"slightly" +EV calls preflop when with above average chips and 'crippled' if all-in is lost by DatpKay Topic $$ 5 9d 4h ago by BarracudaNL
FT spot and ICM by KitchenMafia Topic $$$ 10 9d 10h ago by BarracudaNL
Whatsapp Study Group by flushtr8ed Topic $$$ 2 9d 13h ago by BarracudaNL
Wcoop-47 L 109 dollar 8-max by Keyser Soze Hand $$$ 4 10d 14h ago by PVB240
$11 deep, tough hand pre from Small against aggro button 4bet by ra_raa11 Hand $ 2 10d 16h ago by ra_raa11
Whatsapp Study group by PVB240 Topic $$ 0 11d 16h ago by PVB240
Number of BB to join in a tournament by HenriquinAK Topic $ 1 18d 3h ago by RocKThaVoTE
Close to bubble vs lag chipleader by Gazorpazorp field Hand $ 7 18d 7h ago by HenriquinAK
strategy for weird REBUY and ADDON format?!? by DatpKay Topic $$ 1 19d 9h ago by Kannu11
STUDY GROUP by renzilla Topic $$ 18 27d 15h ago by WhatA298
Amateur tournament player by Absy007 Topic $ 0 28d 8h ago by Absy007
Does he ever raise worse here? by Curvez Hand $ 1 29d 5h ago by ZeroDegrees
MTT Software by WhoIsNext Topic $$ 4 1m ago by DatpKay
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