No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

Tough Spot Live 1/2 by lancemarx Topic $$ 4 1d ago by ralphykid67
Whatsapp Live Poker Study Group. by Kid_Scratch2 Topic $$ 18 6d ago by Benjamin Lehrer
Pre flop 3bet or fold ranges by Mitchell Reid Topic $$ 8 8d 1h ago by Mitchell Reid
2-5-rock blinds adjustment when opening by IMURMOMMY Topic $$ 3 10d 9h ago by Nick Howard
Question about the video : Folding ranges and deck analysis. by kingkong Topic $$ 2 10d 13h ago by kingkong
TT - Turning quads OOP by Mitchell Reid Topic $$ 0 10d 21h ago by Mitchell Reid
Weird spot getting check/min raised on turn with combo draw 400bb deep by Bryantmiller44 Topic $$ 2 10d 22h ago by hansa01
200nl Facing deep-stacked river 3-bet...can we fold a boat here?? by Rockstarfish Topic $$ 0 11d 16h ago by Rockstarfish
Live Cash - How many buy ins to take? by svenjenson Topic $$ 3 12d 14h ago by Serge Pouliot
3b bluffing 200bb otr and getting called by worse :DDDDDD by 5betAA Topic $$ 3 16d 19h ago by jambonbeurre
Live $5/$10: A-High Facing 2X Overbet OTR by ecomommy Topic $$ 3 18d 17h ago by jambonbeurre
Live cash game bankroll management by Riverbanged Topic $$ 1 21d 8h ago by Mitchell Reid
Pio Output by FIVEbetbLUFF Topic $$ 4 21d 12h ago by Dddogkillah
Live $5/$10: Critique my Cold 4-bet Bluff Line by ecomommy Topic $$ 8 22d 22h ago by hansa01
check back on river? by Tommi Heikinniemi Topic $$ 1 24d 21h ago by sirin
best program for HU cashgame. by lol_en_uggla Topic $$ 3 27d 19h ago by Kalupso
Pocket Queens in BN facing 4-bet shove by lofigr Topic $$ 3 28d 20h ago by goonjanmall
Deep stack HU NL hand review - we flop set of Kings & get raised on a rainbow flop! by goonjanmall Topic $$ 0 29d ago by goonjanmall
1/2/5 live full ring. bet turn to exploit FE or take free card by SS810 Topic $$ 2 1m ago by Discomfort
5/10 Trips no kicker vs. reg by Christopher Kusha Topic $$ 4 1m 5d ago by Christopher Kusha
Live $2-5 NL, 3 streets of value here? by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 4 1m 7d ago by twinskat
flop sizing+line check... by Sikas Topic $$ 3 1m 9d ago by aamadeo
do Villains ever bluff here.... by Sikas Topic $$ 3 1m 9d ago by aamadeo
Live $2/$5: AA utg by ubaldus Topic $$ 2 1m 10d ago by Riverbanged
Live $2-5 NL, QQ spot oop in 3bet pot by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 5 1m 11d ago by ralphykid67
Do you agree with Alec Torelli that we should check black KK on Jh7h6h? by ecomommy Topic $$ 7 1m 16d ago by aamadeo
Adjust to tight 3bettors by robbiish Topic $$ 3 1m 17d ago by DontGiveUP
Encountering this spot often -- looking for alternative line suggestions by royale44 Hand $$ 6 1m 18d ago by DontGiveUP
Live $5/$10: Set facing a raise on scary Board DEEP. What's your best line? by ecomommy Topic $$ 2 1m 18d ago by DontGiveUP
From a GTO perspective, should SB 3b or fold (or development flating range)? What about vs CO? by doctorkc Topic $$ 4 1m 19d ago by doctorkc
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