No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

[200nl zoom] Squeeze pot OOP vs reg by alex10 Hand $$ 2 21m ago by shorshi
[200nl zoom] 3bet pot OOP vs donk by alex10 Hand $$ 2 1h 48m ago by Samu Patronen
[200nl zoom] AA 3bet pot OOP vs 2 donks by alex10 Hand $$ 1 1h 51m ago by Samu Patronen
live 2/5 98cc in multipway pot by polarizing53 Topic $$ 2 22h 25m ago by James Hudson
+100NL Hand Review Skype Group by Paid_To_Laid Topic $$ 6 2d 16h ago by Diabeetus
2 dudes starting a study group to reach for glory ;) by shorshi Topic $$ 4 4d ago by JordAbb
3 Bet Ranges OOP by keepswimmin Topic $$ 4 4d 1h ago by JACKraceLUKE
Live $2-5 NL, 3-bet pot OOP with AK by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 1 4d 1h ago by JACKraceLUKE
fold to bb shove by josephtamraz Hand $$ 2 8d 19h ago by ATRC
Tough Turn Spot by mjouzas89 Topic $$ 4 9d 3h ago by Luigi90250
AKo 3-bet Pot out of Position on monotone board in very deep 5/5 game by JACKraceLUKE Topic $$ 10 10d 6h ago by JeremiahW
$1/$2 6Max Online (Ignition). 4 bet bluff OOP. Interesting hand... looking for feedback by SuerFatSnorlax Topic $$ 6 11d 2h ago by BalboBiggins
Did I level myself with QQ in the small? by keepswimmin Topic $$ 5 11d 7h ago by Jeff_
How do you approach this spot when villain knows your range is capped? by alex10 Topic $$ 3 19d 22h ago by BigFiszh
Help me understand this pio nodelock strat by maxfeelswell Topic $$ 3 20d 14h ago by Aleksandra ZenFish
Steal ranges, bet sizes. by cookie_sq Topic $$ 1 20d 18h ago by BigFiszh
AKo fold pre in wild game? by unknown20 Topic $$ 20 26d 2h ago by BigFiszh
Win rates from steal postions VS 3bet from blinds by Live_your_dreams85 Topic $$ 3 27d 17h ago by BigFiszh
2/5 K9s turn spot by jDiDo Topic $$ 1 28d 2h ago by Jeff_
Tough 1/2 river spot with set by 2smart4u Topic $$ 2 29d 12h ago by Shambala
sqzd pot overpair w fish in hand vs 2 callers | easy c/RAI?! by DatpKay Hand $$ 4 1m 2d ago by underground
Looking for bankroll advice by 2smart4u Topic $$ 4 1m 4d ago by Riverbanged
Awkward turn spot with top two on wet board by 2smart4u Topic $$ 3 1m 6d ago by 2smart4u
Live $2-5 NL, OOP w/ TPTK by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 3 1m 8d ago by 2smart4u
4b pot A4s SBvBB by vayne Hand $$ 18 1m 9d ago by Live_your_dreams85
2/4 HU NL against fishy opponent by Brosauce Topic $$ 6 1m 11d ago by Called_It
Tough 1/2 river spot with queens by 2smart4u Topic $$ 10 1m 12d ago by 2smart4u
Live $2-5 NL, 5bet or flat with KK? by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 4 1m 17d ago by TeddyJill
PioSolver flop semplificatons by Th3Kris Topic $$ 0 1m 21d ago by Th3Kris
Did I play my AA's right? by robetoblanco Topic $$ 2 1m 21d ago by Flopstarr
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