No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

tripple barrel standard spot IP - just a checkup by DatpKay Hand $$ 0 9h 15m ago by DatpKay
stone cold nuts riversizing... by DatpKay Hand $$ 0 9h 23m ago by DatpKay
application of nutblockers in biggish Pots | blocking the NF, having a bluffcatcher and facing agression by DatpKay Hand $$ 2 9h 30m ago by DatpKay
rivering the nuts vs an overbet turn OOP by DatpKay Hand $$ 1 9h 39m ago by BigFiszh
$2/5NL Live: KK in 3bet pot by jpg7n16 Topic $$ 2 17h 20m ago by If you got it You got it
$2/5NL Live: AK multiway by jpg7n16 Topic $$ 3 17h 31m ago by If you got it You got it
HU losing in 4-20bb pots by Ihooper88 Topic $$ 0 19h 22m ago by Kalupso
Weird spot w top two OTR - BUT... what is his c/c range? by DatpKay Hand $$ 4 1d 10h ago by Kid_Scratch2
How to calculate bluff combos by Defaltz Topic $$ 1 1d 20h ago by BigFiszh
$2/$5: Should We Fold Trips Top Kicker Here? by ecomommy Topic $$ 13 3d 8h ago by BigFiszh
Live $1-2 NL, TPTK, OOP vs LAG by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 0 3d 9h ago by ralphykid67
How to improve in 3bet pots by jpg7n16 Topic $$ 0 4d 1h ago by jpg7n16
c-betting the entire range with no equity advantage by Friendl7ire Topic $$ 5 4d 7h ago by twinskat
Live $2/$5: Light 3-Bet Line Check by ecomommy Topic $$ 13 4d 8h ago by twinskat
Live $2/$5: Set Super-Multiway Facing a Ton of Action and the Weirdest Lines by ecomommy Topic $$ 5 4d 8h ago by twinskat
Equity Realization vs. Equity Capitalization in Poker by Adam Wheeler Topic $$ 12 4d 9h ago by twinskat
How Should We Play Our SB Range if Button Limps? by ecomommy Topic $$ 1 5d 7h ago by DatpKay
Is Valueraising this Full House Vs a Tight Player Here Too Thin? by ecomommy Topic $$ 1 6d 4h ago by BigFiszh
standard spot 3b pot with OVERPAIR in position, is this bet/call too ambitious? by DatpKay Hand $$ 6 6d 13h ago by DatpKay
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Live $2/$5: Best Line to Extract Max Value From Top Set $1800 Deep? by ecomommy Topic $$ 2 7d 14h ago by ecomommy
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5-10 live game, wich mistakes i made? by duckyfAL Topic $$ 2 8d 8h ago by RNG
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Live $2/$5: Was This 4-Bet Good? by ecomommy Topic $$ 21 12d 3h ago by ecomommy
1/2 NL Live AK on dry board 175BB deep by jpg7n16 Topic $$ 3 12d 9h ago by miami002
AA vs KK everytime? by DatpKay Hand $$ 9 13d 11h ago by duckyfAL
Live $2/$5: 2d Nut Flush On 4-Flush Board River Decision by ecomommy Topic $$ 1 14d 21h ago by Kid_Scratch2
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