No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

nl 100 river? by totoflip Topic $$ 4 3h 23m ago by Nick Howard
Live Turn/River decision in 4b pot vs splashy rec by ryanspicer Topic $$ 8 3h 27m ago by Nick Howard
nl500 bluffcath again by Jeff_ Hand $$ 7 20h 18m ago by vayne
Do you play on pokermaster? by krisss Topic $$ 0 1d ago by krisss
how pio understand kickers by PartyMaestro Topic $$ 5 1d 19h ago by GaliZianBoy
Theory - BTN vs Blind Defense (Dynamic GTO) by round2 Topic $$ 7 2d 15h ago by Saulo Ribeiro
live midstakes 4bpot early Position by shorshi Topic $$ 4 5d 18h ago by Mtn Athletics
Coach for nl200+ by TuttiFrutti Topic $$ 2 8d 13h ago by Dddogkillah
King High Flops, Early Position vs BB call by radtupperware Topic $$ 2 9d 13h ago by Live_your_dreams85
live 2-5, oop with the world by R. Michael Topic $$ 2 10d 2h ago by R. Michael
400nl QQ 3bp OTT 2nd pair by patuxz Topic $$ 1 13d 3h ago by Dime Dropper
nl200 turn EV by Jeff_ Hand $$ 22 15d 2h ago by Ben Sulsky
Ante in NLH HU by TuttiFrutti Topic $$ 1 17d 10h ago by mason barrell
100NL study group by Fox 111 Topic $$ 6 17d 19h ago by vayne
Donk betting in HU games n Pokermaster???? by ouch787 Topic $$ 3 18d 15h ago by korn1337
What to do on the river? by zerodeda Topic $$ 3 19d 4h ago by Krzysztof Slaski
Live $2-5, Bottom two OOP by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 6 20d 6h ago by ralphykid67
playing vs top regs big pot by Jeff_ Hand $$ 15 20d 13h ago by Live_your_dreams85
Tough 5-bet spot vs unpredictable LAG business guy by JACKraceLUKE Topic $$ 3 21d 12h ago by Flopstarr
3 betting Range BBvsIP positions by Vincent Videau Topic $$ 8 23d 21h ago by Vincent Videau
sick spot at 500z 450 bigs effective vs river jam. by Demondoink Hand $$ 27 25d 18h ago by Demondoink
200NL FR bottom set facing turn jam by ryanspicer Topic $$ 1 25d 21h ago by gmanbucks
2.5-.2-5 Live by erdian Topic $$ 3 28d 5h ago by JACKraceLUKE
Looking for Preflop Solutions BBvsRFI with a big sizing 25->125 20->110 by Vincent Videau Topic $$ 1 28d 20h ago by Vincent Videau
$3-5 live hand set vs. turned gut shot straight by evolve89 Topic $$ 6 29d 21h ago by evolve89
Live $2-5 NL, Value on the river? by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 2 1m ago by Pierre
When to decide if you should have check/raise range? by wub Topic $$ 3 1m 3d ago by WM2K
nl200 bluffcatch again by Jeff_ Hand $$ 7 1m 4d ago by WM2K
2.5-2.5 Live, 3x overbet on the flop. by erdian Topic $$ 12 1m 5d ago by Pierre
2 dudes starting a study group to reach for glory ;) by shorshi Topic $$ 14 1m 8d ago by shorshi
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