No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

200NL BB Defend Flopped Set No Value by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 11 4m ago by Ben Sulsky
NL500 A8 NFD+GS facing turn AI 6max by unknown20 Topic $$ 3 9h 44m ago by DatpKay
Live $2/$5: Weird preflop spot with KQo. Call/4bet or fold? by ecomommy Topic $$ 4 22h 43m ago by ralphykid67
PokerMaster 25-50RMB (4$/8$ equivilant) 8Max Hand by TedChen Topic $$ 2 1d 4h ago by hooloo999
Your red line (MWWS) in cash HU? by mwinn Topic $$ 4 1d 7h ago by mwinn
Unsure what to do with AKs by jonswongs Topic $$ 2 2d 2h ago by jonswongs
NL200z Gud call? by Pokerlogical Hand $$ 9 2d 2h ago by Pokerlogical
Searching skype or whatsapp group 500nl 1k nö live by Riqu93 Topic $$ 0 2d 5h ago by Riqu93
Live 2/5 NL hh by hobe1222 Topic $$ 1 2d 6h ago by hansa01
SB preflop strategy vs BB by keybattle Topic $$ 1 2d 10h ago by Samu Patronen
Live 2/3 - AKo OTB with lots of preflop action--what to do? by inkoso Topic $$ 8 3d ago by bardorodeo
SB vs BB spot 200NL by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$ 4 3d 9h ago by Douggyfr3sh
Is This Good Sizing for Balance in a 3-bet pot 200BB Deep? by ecomommy Topic $$ 3 3d 12h ago by BigFiszh
What should HERO do? (Just one hand for future comrades) by mwinn Hand $$ 2 3d 12h ago by mwinn
Live $2/$5: Blind v Blind 3-bet bluff postflop by ecomommy Topic $$ 6 3d 17h ago by BigFiszh
ATs high on J river facing bet ip by unknown20 Topic $$ 0 3d 17h ago by unknown20
Live 2/3 Thoughts on playing vs Maniac and aggressive fishes by GTORLY Topic $$ 0 3d 18h ago by GTORLY
loose aggressive poker by rekop Topic $$ 2 4d 2h ago by rekop
Polarzing Check calling the whole way... 2-3-5 game. QT on Q3c4c-7r-8r by yahtzeefish Topic $$ 2 4d 5h ago by BigFiszh
Live $2/$5: 88 in 3-bet Pot by ecomommy Topic $$ 9 5d 3h ago by BigFiszh
Live $2/$5: Should we slow down OTT here with mediocre holding? by ecomommy Topic $$ 2 7d 15h ago by yahtzeefish
Lacking Grind Discipline by Turiacus Topic $$ 4 10d 1h ago by augballer88
Live $1-2 NL, TPTK, OOP vs LAG by ralphykid67 Topic $$ 2 10d 9h ago by Douggyfr3sh
Live $2/$5: Best Line vs Spewy Bluffer? by ecomommy Topic $$ 4 11d 9h ago by Hans Wurst
Sauce comment on 2/5 Zoom...can someone explain what he means? by nittyoldman Topic $$ 10 11d 11h ago by Kalupso
Live $2/$5: 5-Bet Sizing with AA 200BB Deep by ecomommy Topic $$ 6 14d ago by ecomommy
Live £1/£1/£2 8 Max by Tubes5 Topic $$ 3 14d 4h ago by SemiFreddo
River call efficiency calculated incorrectly(?) by Steve Paul Topic $$ 28 15d 4h ago by OMG_IM_SEXY
How to deal with a silly situation where villain may be freerolling a chop? by ecomommy Topic $$ 3 15d 12h ago by Kalupso
Live $2/$5: Can We Find a Fold Here or Do we Have to Call Off? by ecomommy Topic $$ 2 17d 7h ago by SemiFreddo
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