No Limit Hold 'em

Mid Stakes - $1/$2 to $3/$6

$5-$5 Sick hand: AKs nut flush facing a river shove, what do you do? by ni2ro Topic $$ 1 3h 41m ago by WM2K
nl200z herocalling or mucking by Jeff_ Hand $$ 12 8h 56m ago by Ben Sulsky
2.5-2.5 Live line check. by erdian Topic $$ 7 1d 5h ago by MastaC707
Live 1/2€ : Hero calling on the river vs maniac by roanba Topic $$ 2 1d 9h ago by JACKraceLUKE
Is this game profitable? by anti_desitter_space Topic $$ 1 3d 8h ago by JRthekid32
Live $5-$5: How would you play AK in this 3-Way pot? by ni2ro Topic $$ 1 3d 23h ago by BarracudaNL
nl200 pair became crap by Jeff_ Hand $$ 4 4d 13h ago by Jeff_
Whatsapp Group for online poker (study/exchange info) by mikechan96 Topic $$ 0 4d 21h ago by mikechan96
small-mid pocket pairs vs regs by BERTHARBINSON Topic $$ 2 5d ago by Live_your_dreams85
$2/$3 Live NLHE - Bad at Math - Help! by alligatorblood Topic $$ 3 5d 3h ago by OSUTexan
Whatsapp Live Poker Study Group. by Kid_Scratch2 Topic $$ 72 6d 11h ago by lmrelvas
$2/$5 Australian Casino Rake Structure Beatable?? by rossegg Topic $$ 1 6d 13h ago by Littlegonads
sick spot at 500z 450 bigs effective vs river jam. by Demondoink Hand $$ 35 6d 14h ago by Demondoink
How to make a quantitative definition of nut advantage ? by BankruptYao Topic $$ 1 9d 15h ago by Kalupso
Problem with overbluffing by zerodeda Topic $$ 5 12d 1h ago by JackPozzi
How to approach being flatted IP as PFR against good competition by ryanspicer Topic $$ 21 14d 14h ago by ryanspicer
nl500 bluffcath again by Jeff_ Hand $$ 10 17d 16h ago by Uri Peleg
$2/$5 Live - Did I Miss a River Raise? by UCBananaboy Topic $$ 3 17d 23h ago by UCBananaboy
Seaching PLO work Group by Captrooper Topic $$ 0 19d 10h ago by Captrooper
Range Charts by Unde_ Topic $$ 3 20d 9h ago by Unde_
Looking for live poker coach by tyeee Topic $$ 0 21d 10h ago by tyeee
Study group by Fox 111 Topic $$ 2 21d 10h ago by tyeee
What's the variance/stdev for 50bb deep 9max by Citvej Topic $$ 2 22d 11h ago by Citvej
Rivered nut flush on paired board 200NL Zoom by Walnuts87 Topic $$ 6 26d ago by Krzysztof Slaski
Live $2/$5 Low SPR Multiway w/ KK by LilTonyC Topic $$ 6 26d 3h ago by Live_your_dreams85
+100NL Hand Review Skype Group by Paid_To_Laid Topic $$ 11 1m 1d ago by DannyBtotheG
Learn to studdy the game? What videos do i need to watch by gfl2id Topic $$ 2 1m 5d ago by gfl2id
100NL study group by Fox 111 Topic $$ 7 1m 6d ago by juan maria gonzalez gonzalez
WANTED POKERMASTER PIO SIMS OR HU ANTE SIMS?? by ouch787 Topic $$ 0 1m 9d ago by ouch787
Pre flop 3bet or fold ranges by Mitchell Reid Topic $$ 30 1m 9d ago by rekop
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