No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

AQs deep by homeboy12 Topic $ 0 7h 7m ago by homeboy12
cbetting "OUR" flops with hands that don't really gain anything from betting | *GTO solution?!* by DatpKay Hand $ 4 7h 17m ago by BarracudaNL
AQ facing sqz vs tight reg by ohgodwhy Topic $ 3 11h 54m ago by furiouslettuce
NL 10 zoom - TPTK facing 3 barrels by NoXcuzes Hand $ 3 15h 15m ago by po1ydeuce5
[25 NL] Turned Full House vs massive overbet River by MikeLitoris Hand $ 4 16h 58m ago by Kuduku
tough spot? or standard fold? | 3way facing a 2nd barrel w weak toppair by DatpKay Hand $ 4 17h 26m ago by kalciis
FD vs large bet oop in 3bp by furiouslettuce Topic $ 1 17h 37m ago by Kuduku
Back in poker by kalciis Topic $ 1 19h 34m ago by Mitchell Reid
c/r turn AND/OR lead river? by DatpKay Hand $ 9 23h 57m ago by Tyler Forrester
99 in 3-bet pot on paired board with flush OTR by HinduReal Hand $ 5 1d 9h ago by HinduReal
good overbet spot? | *preflop too close?* by DatpKay Hand $ 2 2d 6h ago by Tyler Forrester
4b pot AA.... fold vs 3 combos? .... <_> by DatpKay Hand $ 8 2d 17h ago by Mitchell Reid
Discussing SNOWIE Preflop Advice by DatpKay Topic $ 3 3d 6h ago by Kuduku
oh the lines I run into PART #2 | *???* by DatpKay Hand $ 1 3d 7h ago by Kuduku
ever bother calling here? o_0 by DatpKay Hand $ 6 3d 13h ago by DatpKay
AA 3bet pot NL 10 150bb deep by retro300zx Hand $ 7 3d 17h ago by kalciis
VPIP/PFR difference by Marcitko Topic $ 2 4d 4h ago by kalciis
4Bet Ranges by Scaridless Topic $ 2 4d 12h ago by Scaridless
Standard spot sqzd pot | riversizing *checkup* by DatpKay Hand $ 1 4d 13h ago by Kuduku
tripple barrel bluff review *too ambitious?* by DatpKay Hand $ 6 4d 14h ago by BarracudaNL
Can we call this flop 3bet? by Paid_To_Laid Hand $ 6 4d 14h ago by Kuduku
MP open 88 vs 3bet from CO by retro300zx Hand $ 3 4d 15h ago by Kuduku
25z 3b IP turn decision by Luke Hand $ 4 4d 16h ago by Luke
call or fold flop hu with A high by zinom1 Hand $ 4 5d 1h ago by Brokenstars
Oh the lines I run into.... wtf line vs my strong checkraise *confused* by DatpKay Hand $ 27 5d 9h ago by DatpKay
NL x25 zoom - confusing 3b pot by Tohtori Sykerö Hand $ 2 5d 10h ago by Brokenstars
Staking - $15 Hyper Turbos - Coaching by Camilo Llano Topic $ 1 5d 14h ago by thewizz
NL 10 zoom - Can we ever fold a set? by NoXcuzes Hand $ 10 5d 23h ago by hkabir200291
What are your feelings on calling vs shoving flop? by Paid_To_Laid Hand $ 6 6d ago by hkabir200291
4b pot, standard? | *ever bet the flop??* by DatpKay Hand $ 6 6d 12h ago by kalciis
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