No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

[25nl] TPTK facing 2x pot turn shove on 3bet pot by zinom1 Hand $ 4 1h 50m ago by Kalupso
[50nl] Ak vs rec by zinom1 Hand $ 5 11h 8m ago by reg3000
NL10 JJ EPvsSB by ale9030 Hand $ 5 13h 19m ago by James Hudson
NL100 anon 6max 200bb deep 3b pot TT OOP, tough river by burek2000 Topic $ 2 13h 41m ago by James Hudson
Rake considerations on micro's: 3bet vs flatting by freenachos Topic $ 5 16h 20m ago by freenachos
NL10 AKvsBTN by ale9030 Hand $ 7 16h 39m ago by ale9030
Cheap pre flop GTO solutions by Mitchell Reid Topic $ 52 20h 19m ago by Federico Mazzini
NL10z river sizing 3bp after turn x through by frontdoorbackdoor Hand $ 3 20h 45m ago by frontdoorbackdoor
Wich line has a higher ev in this spot? Should I delayed c-bet here or check a second time and why? by Pedro_Henrique123 Topic $ 2 23h 41m ago by James Hudson
25NL FR QQ UTG Spot by Matt G Topic $ 4 1d ago by burek2000
Constructing a preflop IP 3bet range. by Matt Gilbert Topic $ 5 1d ago by James Hudson
[ NL25 ] KK get min raised on turn. by thewizz Topic $ 4 1d ago by James Hudson
AA NL10 by ale9030 Hand $ 5 1d 2h ago by Jeff_
[50nl] very tough spot by zinom1 Hand $ 8 1d 11h ago by reg3000
[ NL50 ] J10s prob bad turn play ? by thewizz Topic $ 7 2d ago by blaschenfier
FREE PREFLOP SOLUTIONS PIOSOLVER 100bb non ate 100nl rake structure by Paid_To_Laid Topic $ 10 2d 13h ago by Paid_To_Laid
[ NL25 ] AK against 2 shorties on 2/6/9 flop by thewizz Topic $ 4 2d 20h ago by blaschenfier
Weird spot OTT by Jeff_ Hand $ 4 2d 20h ago by Lemmings
10NL: AKo 191.5 bb's deep vs MP 4x open + BTN ~2.9x 3bet by SetMineUrAss Topic $ 5 3d ago by Kalupso
[50nl] AK 4 bet pot vs reg by zinom1 Hand $ 3 3d ago by zinom1
Videos for 3betting- Essential by Aggro Squid Topic $ 3 3d 2h ago by SetMineUrAss
Three of a kind, aces against river shove by Aceone Hand $ 4 3d 3h ago by Jeff_
How far has anyone gone with PokerSnowie? by LilTonyC Topic $ 34 3d 15h ago by tbettingen
Adjustment to anonymous fast fold game by rfzhao Topic $ 1 3d 22h ago by tbettingen
1. [Ac6c Nl5] - is check on turn proper, and bet/call line on river? by Erotomat Hand $ 7 3d 23h ago by James Hudson
nl50 snap min raise otr by Jeff_ Hand $ 7 4d 4h ago by Pierre
BB vs SB 3 bet pot / by fidelinos Hand $ 5 4d 4h ago by thewizz
NL5 KKvsEP by ale9030 Hand $ 10 4d 4h ago by Kalupso
Solver puts one combo into different ranges - how to deal with that? by bacchi Topic $ 3 4d 6h ago by bacchi
Poor Flop Bet? Leads to tough river spot. by BuddhaKillah Hand $ 7 4d 19h ago by frontdoorbackdoor
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