No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

88 NL10 by DirtyBasementKid Topic $ 2 1m ago by screamdustry
44 NL10 by DirtyBasementKid Topic $ 2 6m ago by screamdustry
How to know when you should be checking or betting your entire range? by HodorIsKing Topic $ 1 14m ago by screamdustry
Looking for study group. by Ryback Topic $ 15 32m ago by Kid_Scratch2
Should we consider blockers greatly? by Kid_Scratch2 Topic $ 5 1h 15m ago by BigFiszh
2NLz - turning 2nd pair into bluff 200bb deep? by asdf321 Hand $ 4 3h 5m ago by HodorIsKing
tpgk 4b pot nl100 regular tables by Tomasz K Hand $ 9 3h 9m ago by Drudges
5NL Two Pair On Flop by Ryback Hand $ 2 3h 49m ago by KaptajnKold
50NLHU - AM I A COMPLETE IDIOT? by GabrieleP Hand $ 2 15h 25m ago by Drudges
Constructing Turn Calling and Raising Ranges by BigSchnidde Hand $ 22 20h ago by SneakyFeet333
5NL TT Linecheck by Ryback Hand $ 2 23h 15m ago by SneakyFeet333
AK TPTK 3way pot against aggressive c/r, b action by ilprincipedario Topic $ 1 23h 46m ago by DirtyBasementKid
5NL Flopped Set by Ryback Hand $ 1 1d 5h ago by CarDz
z16-BU-AK by Kefir Hand $ 1 1d 9h ago by JCJordypants
Nice bluff v reg, or too non-standardly weird ? lol by Wiz Hand $ 6 1d 9h ago by JCJordypants
4bet pot with AA by Osprey Topic $ 1 1d 15h ago by Brokenstars
FullHouse OTR , Quads and NutFullHouse possible for Villain by BigSchnidde Hand $ 6 1d 21h ago by Pokerlogical
Z10 KQs EP 3way by Kefir Hand $ 2 1d 21h ago by KaptajnKold
NL25 Zoom What's the sizing plan with my range here? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 1 1d 21h ago by KaptajnKold
PS cash games by terry oakley Topic $ 0 1d 22h ago by terry oakley
Facing large bet on high equity turn by Colin252 Hand $ 1 1d 22h ago by KaptajnKold
Trips on Flop, Low CBet inducing Raise, Call or ReRaise? by BigSchnidde Hand $ 0 1d 22h ago by BigSchnidde
Z10-55-MP -3way by Kefir Hand $ 1 1d 23h ago by Mancuso
Z10- CO-99 by Kefir Hand $ 1 1d 23h ago by Mancuso
TP v NIT by Colin252 Hand $ 2 2d 1h ago by Tyler Forrester
Software by Osprey Topic $ 4 2d 6h ago by cappsss
How to deal with the river hitting back door straight ? by Francis Topic $ 0 3d 1h ago by Francis
Flopped trips, 3 way sq pot by Colin252 Hand $ 6 3d 5h ago by Colin252
25NL on WPN Stat Checkup by Sfgiants13 Topic $ 0 3d 13h ago by Sfgiants13
4h7h in sb vs button open limp by plolearnerguy Topic $ 9 4d 4h ago by DirtyBasementKid
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