No Limit Hold 'em

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

NL5 Problems by gzalos6 Topic $ 3 1h 9m ago by MarkGomes
20 NL Donk bluff R -3bet pot by ShavronneofUmbra Topic $ 1 1h 14m ago by MarkGomes
NL20 Turn jam with 2nd nut flush draw by Woody Hand $ 4 16h 34m ago by Betman
NL20 99 River Bluffcatch by Woody Hand $ 4 19h 50m ago by Mitchell Reid
Hands per hour by Betman Topic $ 1 21h 2m ago by Disharmonist
PP of King becoming Flush higher king by Alban Farcy Topic $ 2 1d 7h ago by Mitchell Reid
nl100z bvb by Jeff_ Hand $ 10 1d 7h ago by Mitchell Reid
20nl KK 3bet pot by ShavronneofUmbra Topic $ 1 1d 7h ago by Mitchell Reid
best river line with trips?....draws miss by Paid_To_Laid Hand $ 3 2d 10h ago by Betman
Good spot to hero call in 4bet pot? by fefe.p Topic $ 3 2d 22h ago by Aiden
Am I just a water buffalo? by Paid_To_Laid Hand $ 2 3d 10h ago by NickHalden
Can we fold turn? 50z by Paid_To_Laid Hand $ 4 3d 14h ago by Betman
NL10 Weird spot with JJ 190 BBs deep by Tao97 Hand $ 2 3d 15h ago by Betman
NLHE 77 in BB vs. 5bb open?!? (40bb CAP 8-Game Table) by HarrisonNoah Hand $ 1 4d ago by Kalupso
Tricky turn that hits villans range what to do? by Aiden Hand $ 3 4d 10h ago by ShavronneofUmbra
BvB - Flopped Bottom Straight - Zoom 0.25/0.50 by MordorMtDoom Hand $ 4 4d 13h ago by MordorMtDoom
NL5 dbl barrel QJ on KT73 vs bad aggro? by ohgodwhy Hand $ 6 4d 17h ago by aamadeo
100 zoom Turned set by DrCooper Hand $ 6 5d 5h ago by DrCooper
AKo 3-Barrel Spot NL20 by Woody Hand $ 4 5d 14h ago by Woody
nl100z fishy spot with weak players by Jeff_ Hand $ 4 6d ago by Paid_To_Laid
Range Strategy in MW Pot's by 240SS Topic $ 13 6d 1h ago by Holonomy
nl50Z 3b spot with overpair by Jeff_ Hand $ 6 6d 2h ago by Jeff_
Is this too thin for value on the river? by Paid_To_Laid Hand $ 2 6d 9h ago by Justin Rehm
How should i play this spot if villain is an optimal opponent by masticlox Hand $ 2 6d 10h ago by Justin Rehm
3bpot - Flopped Nut Flush Draw - Zoom 0.25/0.50 by MordorMtDoom Hand $ 3 7d ago by ShavronneofUmbra
KQs - Should I call or fold this river? - Zoom 0.25/0.50 by MordorMtDoom Hand $ 6 7d ago by ShavronneofUmbra
Surely PokerSnowie ranges can't be good by Sam Smith Topic $ 5 7d 16h ago by Resolve
NL50 2OC vs fish 3bp by Tomasz K Hand $ 3 7d 21h ago by Tomasz K
5NL calldown on 4-straight board by asdf321 Hand $ 1 7d 22h ago by MarkGomes
[TPTK] River decision vs. check-shove in BTN vs BB 3bet pot by cappsss Hand $ 5 7d 23h ago by masticlox
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