Pot Limit Omaha

High Stakes - $5/$10 and up

5/10 plo multiway gambling spot - Can I fold AAT3 rainbow here? by liljis88 Hand $$$ 8 1d 5h ago by Disharmonist
5-5-10(rock) 250bb effective by whyem Topic $$$ 0 4d 16h ago by whyem
$5/$5 with $100 Dallas button straddle - 8.5k effective stacks - multiway flop decision by smash Topic $$$ 14 10d 19h ago by nittyoldman
Set over set - Can I fold? by Colm Tuite Hand $$$ 7 14d ago by miami002
4k pot 3bet pot nuts vs raise by jmarcer Topic $$$ 7 1m 9d ago by AllinAMar
100/100/200 PLO request hand advice/discussion in BBvsStraddle spot vs tough aggro villain by potLimitLim Topic $$$ 10 1m 21d ago by pkchampion
standard hand?? by HARSHEEL Topic $$$ 4 1m 29d ago by hooloo999
standard live PLO hand?? by HARSHEEL Topic $$$ 4 2m 8d ago by erdian
Odds Oracle Question by bys67 Topic $$$ 5 2m 25d ago by RunitTwice
Learn PLO by cantunho Topic $$$ 3 3m 7d ago by erdian
5/10 PLO HU hand by Gleb Topic $$$ 5 3m 23d ago by paradigm24
Theory Question: Leading on paired boards by Stephen Chidwick Topic $$$ 16 3m 29d ago by ucftennis12
Flop Check Raises with Nut Draw Blockers. by Depolarizing Topic $$$ 12 4m 8d ago by jonna102
PLO: how to play top set on coordinated boards? by rpark14 Topic $$$ 7 4m 8d ago by unknown20
math help in spot peeling closing action in 4bet pot @ $5/10 by aJb136 Topic $$$ 3 4m 17d ago by ucftennis12
(125bb)TP+Gutshot on 4bet pot, Suited Flop by DavisGaming Hand $$$ 2 4m 17d ago by HARSHEEL
wrap as 3betcaller by Freddy13 Hand $$$ 4 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
5678 All In Preflop? by Edelman88 Topic $$$ 9 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
2k pot vs nuts flop! can I fold flop or turn? by jmarcer Topic $$$ 4 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
66 on AT6r in 4way 3b pot, what do you do? by aJb136 Topic $$$ 3 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
How do you play AA72r UTG? by jmarcer Topic $$$ 15 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
5/5/10: AAxx w/NFD Multi-Way by Edelman88 Topic $$$ 8 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
difficult decision on turn by gael67 Topic $$$ 8 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
weird play in a 5/10/25/50 game by Andrewi Topic $$$ 2 4m 18d ago by HARSHEEL
Doing Business in New Medium/High Stakes Game by dechin523 Topic $$$ 7 4m 19d ago by HARSHEEL
Bovada collusion by youngchris Topic $$$ 6 4m 23d ago by reStacks
6 handed 10/25 PLO live by HARSHEEL Topic $$$ 2 4m 28d ago by HARSHEEL
What is the change in % that villan has a flush on a 3-flushflop when you haven't a flushcard in your hand (or when you have one) by WHYCHECK Topic $$$ 5 5m 24d ago by Tom Chambers
Home game 3 way allin, with side pot. HELP! by amason13 Topic $$$ 1 6m 5d ago by DirtyD
Use my image to run a huge bluff? 5/10/25 by kurtkeoki Topic $$$ 3 6m 5d ago by youngchris
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