Pot Limit Omaha

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

top set + 2nd nut flush river decision? by Mareccc90 Hand $ 4 37m ago by nathanblz1
Pokerjuice Calling Ranges by menofold Topic $ 8 11h 55m ago by menofold
Calling most profitable? by Danduy Topic $ 3 21h 26m ago by SeacombePLO
How to play aces OOP 3-way spr 1,8 without blockers by texasflood2 Hand $ 9 1d 5h ago by JadeLizard
PLO-Zoom 10 hand: Top two with blockers on a wet board. by kozatfw Hand $ 2 1d 21h ago by SeacombePLO
Unlucky? by StarFish Hand $ 1 2d 1h ago by Disharmonist
Should we 3 barrel here? (w\ PJ file) by JimmyGlass Hand $ 1 2d 5h ago by Disharmonist
Nut flush draw and inside SD on flop. What is the best line to choose? by Onthemove27 Hand $ 1 2d 5h ago by Disharmonist
PLO 25/50 Player Invest some in ROI? by Zoja21 Topic $ 0 2d 12h ago by Zoja21
T9d87d by plolearnerguy Topic $ 4 3d 2h ago by JukeBox
4 bet DS KK @ $25 PLO? by plolearnerguy Topic $ 4 5d 11h ago by kozatfw
Hiring a Coach by Heartbreaker Topic $ 3 6d 23h ago by Heartbreaker
To nitty (nad) fold? Top set on possible straight board by Danduy Topic $ 4 7d 3h ago by Danduy
OP+GS HU after 3b. ~140bb deep by JimmyGlass Hand $ 3 7d 6h ago by JimmyGlass
PLO Skype study group by Heartbreaker Topic $ 9 7d 23h ago by Heartbreaker
Continuing with an Ace on a Ace high board OOP versus 3bettor - 50 zoom plo by keizersbaard Hand $ 2 8d ago by Ephedrine10
My C all in Adjusted by Onthemove27 Topic $ 3 8d 2h ago by KingGagnon
QT8x @J95r-2r by JimmyGlass Hand $ 2 8d 13h ago by JimmyGlass
4bet pot with AA on KQx Board by shoulin2 Hand $ 4 9d 2h ago by shoulin2
Gutshot + NFD OTF against 2 opponents by MIxT3R17 Topic $ 5 9d 5h ago by JimmyGlass
How to do PEEL STACK OFF Multiway? by texasflood2 Hand $ 11 9d 12h ago by kozatfw
PLO50Z River bluffcatch #3 loose villian by necromadx Hand $ 1 9d 16h ago by paradigm24
what should i do? by MARIUS bogdan Hand $ 3 9d 21h ago by MARIUS bogdan
Do we (nearly)always call from the BigBlind? by shoulin2 Topic $ 2 10d 1h ago by shoulin2
PLO50Z River bluffcatch #2 BvB by necromadx Hand $ 0 10d 2h ago by necromadx
uPLO Study Group by propergood Topic $ 22 10d 7h ago by texasflood2
What's the best line to extract it? by texasflood2 Hand $ 8 10d 7h ago by texasflood2
PLO50Z river bluffcatch? by necromadx Hand $ 1 10d 8h ago by Disharmonist
Trips w/Tk facing massive action by Disharmonist Topic $ 0 10d 8h ago by Disharmonist
PLO50Z SB 3bet vs BTN open turned straight OOP by necromadx Hand $ 0 10d 21h ago by necromadx
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