Pot Limit Omaha

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

plo25. 3b PF 3way pot. facing turn shove. by dani4tw Hand $ 1 11h 21m ago by plolearnerguy
plo25. wierd hand. by dani4tw Hand $ 0 11h 22m ago by dani4tw
PLO5z too passive preflop? by tomdewar Hand $ 1 21h 54m ago by dani4tw
plo25. another questionable flop allin? by dani4tw Hand $ 2 21h 58m ago by dani4tw
plo25. faceing a Pot sized bet OTT with trips by dani4tw Hand $ 2 2d 6h ago by dani4tw
plo25 3 way allin preflop by dani4tw Hand $ 0 2d 6h ago by dani4tw
plo25. badly missplayed Hand. by dani4tw Hand $ 5 4d 10h ago by dani4tw
plo25. Squeezed PF on the Button with a strong Hand. by dani4tw Hand $ 4 5d 12h ago by spassewr
PLO Coaching Sale! by Nick Johnson Topic $ 4 5d 12h ago by Nick Johnson
plo25. CR on the flop. Decision? by dani4tw Hand $ 3 5d 18h ago by dani4tw
plo bots by plolearnerguy Topic $ 1 6d 20h ago by dani4tw
plo25. facing a big turn bet. by dani4tw Hand $ 6 6d 20h ago by dani4tw
plo25 deep stack. flop decision. by dani4tw Hand $ 5 7d 12h ago by spassewr
plo10 220BB deep by dani4tw Hand $ 9 8d 10h ago by spassewr
Rake and Exploitative Play by iamvariance Topic $ 0 8d 21h ago by iamvariance
plo25 flop mistake? by dani4tw Hand $ 3 9d 20h ago by dani4tw
plo25. is my turn play -EV? by dani4tw Hand $ 6 10d 11h ago by Nick Johnson
thoughts on plo by plolearnerguy Topic $ 1 10d 13h ago by dani4tw
50 HUPLO - Rake trap? My stats. by iamvariance Topic $ 6 10d 14h ago by dani4tw
plo10 call or 3 bet preflop by dani4tw Hand $ 5 12d 20h ago by dani4tw
LIVE - KQJT on Q56o 5way as preflop aggressor by Grollas Topic $ 3 13d 13h ago by dani4tw
plo10 unsure about Turn CR by dani4tw Hand $ 5 13d 14h ago by dani4tw
plo10. standard Play? by dani4tw Hand $ 4 13d 16h ago by dani4tw
Ugly spot on river by Winningquads Hand $ 3 13d 20h ago by Phil Galfond
LIVE - JT96s on T8xs by Grollas Topic $ 2 14d 2h ago by Grollas
LIVE - T957 on 863s against a pot bet without a flush draw by Grollas Topic $ 1 14d 5h ago by plolearnerguy
plo10 bad spot to squeeze? by dani4tw Hand $ 4 14d 15h ago by dani4tw
plo10. loose 4b preflop? by dani4tw Hand $ 3 14d 20h ago by dani4tw
Solid fold ott? by Winningquads Topic $ 3 16d 11h ago by PLOssibly
Multiway 3bet pot PLO10 by Andrey Kravchenko Hand $ 7 19d 11h ago by dani4tw
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