Pot Limit Omaha

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

QTT2 ss preflop, left to maniac, fold, limp or raise preflop? by MegaGrinder Hand $ 8 6h 20m ago by devwil
Bluffraise Spot at river with naked Ace 3-way by MegaGrinder Hand $ 4 9h 1m ago by devwil
PLO25: Awkward spot with OESD + overpair. by devwil Hand $ 3 9h 31m ago by Mikey Stotz
PLO25 - OOP 3bet pot - Paire + gs + flush draw on board that do not hit villain's range by hansglick Hand $ 7 13h 45m ago by hansglick
PLO25: Flopped top set on increasingly dangerous board. by devwil Topic $ 5 18h 29m ago by plolearnerguy
Open limp example 5 max utg by MegaGrinder Hand $ 1 1d 9h ago by devwil
Limping a lot when fishes on your left by MegaGrinder Topic $ 2 1d 9h ago by devwil
PLO5 - Any thoughts on this hand against semi active agg btn rr (9c 8s Ks Kc)? by JB AAKQ Hand $ 4 2d 11h ago by MegaGrinder
AA in 3bet pot on dry flop by UneedHelp Hand $ 3 2d 12h ago by MegaGrinder
PLO Coaching Sale! by Nick Johnson Topic $ 7 4d 5h ago by Nick Johnson
PLO25 - Attack board that do not hit pf raiser by hansglick Hand $ 7 4d 5h ago by devwil
facing cold 4-bet preflop by arcotangente Hand $ 4 4d 10h ago by arcotangente
PLO25: Middle set gets ugly. by devwil Hand $ 3 6d 1h ago by devwil
PLO100 zoom eff300bb by tsukasou Hand $ 3 6d 1h ago by Phil Galfond
turning three of a kind into a bluff by plolearnerguy Topic $ 2 6d 2h ago by devwil
PLO25 - Turning two pairs into a bluff? by hansglick Hand $ 4 6d 8h ago by hansglick
PLO25: TTJ9 SS, seeking feedback on preflop and flop by devwil Hand $ 4 12d 10h ago by devwil
PLO100 - underfull against bet/bet/bet line against "recreational" stack player by hansglick Hand $ 4 12d 14h ago by hansglick
Did I do a stupid? by Tiggles Hand $ 6 14d 6h ago by Ernestas Romeika
PLO mastery by Jackrag97 Topic $ 4 15d 3h ago by Max66
IP with MP + GS + BFD on low conn flopp by PLOOOP Topic $ 1 15d 15h ago by plolearnerguy
PLO25 - Overpaire + nut flush draw + blocker on turn in position by hansglick Topic $ 5 18d 7h ago by hansglick
River play... by Tiggles Hand $ 5 18d 9h ago by Phil Galfond
River Decision. by dani4tw Hand $ 2 20d 22h ago by plolearnerguy
hands 4 review by plolearnerguy Topic $ 0 21d 12h ago by plolearnerguy
Tricky turn decision vs Unknown by Andrey Kravchenko Hand $ 6 28d 18h ago by plolearnerguy
plo10 call or 3 bet preflop by dani4tw Hand $ 6 29d 13h ago by arcotangente
Shortstack is this a cbet muti way? by Sneaky_Z Hand $ 1 29d 23h ago by plolearnerguy
is this open too loose 5 handed? by dani4tw Hand $ 2 1m 1d ago by plolearnerguy
Though decision in a deep stack situation. help needed. by dani4tw Hand $ 2 1m 5d ago by plolearnerguy
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