Pot Limit Omaha

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

PLO5z Top two facing bet on river by Teemu Vuorinen Hand $ 2 2h 16m ago by Teemu Vuorinen
Cold call IP by SpazBob Topic $ 2 3d 18h ago by Nick Johnson
Phil Galfond wanted a PLO starting hand chart and here it is. by PastyWhiteDonkey Topic $ 1 3d 20h ago by PastyWhiteDonkey
zoom PLO 10. The correct thinking. by 4streetbluff Hand $ 10 3d 21h ago by Nick Johnson
3b pot with AA deep - do we cbet this flop? by SpazBob Hand $ 2 4d 1h ago by Pierre
plo25z AKKTds facing cold 4-bet by oboltys88 Hand $ 12 4d 15h ago by Mykola Matiuk
Top two vs 3betting range, what should we do otf? by SapereAude Topic $ 3 6d 15h ago by Phil Galfond
A688 on A65r against underpot-shove - call or pot? by Grollas Topic $ 1 7d 10h ago by plolearnerguy
Necessary preflop implieds/Stack sizes for different hands? by Grollas Topic $ 3 7d 21h ago by Grollas
How can the raise first in be bigger than the pfr in all positions? by ZeroDegrees Topic $ 1 7d 22h ago by Pierre
Bluffcatching river 3way with random TP by benfiquista Topic $ 5 9d 12h ago by plolearnerguy
PLO 50, unsure on flop decision by Tubes5 Hand $ 1 10d 21h ago by plolearnerguy
Leading turn, second straight river on bad card by benfiquista Topic $ 0 12d 21h ago by benfiquista
5PLO Topset 200bb deep BDFD hits river by Teemu Vuorinen Hand $ 2 13d 5h ago by plolearnerguy
plo25 top set with bad blockers facing 3-way action in 3-bet pot by oboltys88 Hand $ 2 13d 5h ago by plolearnerguy
zoom PLO 10. by 4streetbluff Hand $ 3 13d 8h ago by 4streetbluff
25PLO - Turn Spot by tramcg01 Topic $ 2 13d 8h ago by plolearnerguy
plo25 AA+NFD on K527 facing donk on flop and turn in 3b pot by oboltys88 Hand $ 2 13d 8h ago by plolearnerguy
I am lost. Cant figure out any good line on this hand by Sneaky_Z Hand $ 1 16d 10h ago by Phil Galfond
Over pair on wet board, what's the best flop strategy? by SapereAude Topic $ 8 22d 2h ago by Pierre
Fold turn? by Miho Hand $ 2 22d 3h ago by Miho
PL100 - River decision - Straight on Flush board by Bluechip Hand $ 7 24d 3h ago by ZeroDegrees
Flop shove or call vs min raise? by Miho Hand $ 4 24d 9h ago by ZeroDegrees
plo10z 2nd nut flush on the river facing 1/2 pot bet by oboltys88 Hand $ 7 24d 11h ago by Phil Galfond
Weak AA - always broke pre? by Grollas Topic $ 3 27d 18h ago by JDGskychaser
Bad Call what strength do we call? by Sneaky_Z Hand $ 6 29d 11h ago by plolearnerguy
plo25z slowplayed full-house facing pot bet on an ugly river by oboltys88 Hand $ 7 1m 1d ago by Nick Johnson
PLO50 HU : flop decision by Bartel Hand $ 4 1m 2d ago by awefawes
plo10z 89TTss mid set facing donk pot on 3 streets by oboltys88 Hand $ 1 1m 2d ago by Jozsef Parada
plo25z bottom 2 pair call turn lead? by oboltys88 Hand $ 0 1m 2d ago by oboltys88
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