Pot Limit Omaha

Low Stakes - Up to $.50/$1

PLO5 Does he have it? by iGeass Hand $ 2 4h 59m ago by miami002
PLO 5 AA spot by Gesuiec Hand $ 1 5h 1m ago by miami002
Great game of PLO! by miami002 Topic $ 0 5h 4m ago by miami002
PLO5 KK spot by Gesuiec Hand $ 0 5h 34m ago by Gesuiec
What to do on the flop? by ProlificSniffer Topic $ 2 5h 42m ago by miami002
turn play with AA set, GTO play replies also appreciated. by av_rims Topic $ 4 5h 44m ago by miami002
Experiment: Starting with $2500 by jonna102 Topic $ 17 5h 45m ago by miami002
Learning PLO #6: Is this an Open from the CO? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 5 6h ago by miami002
Profitable peel preflop with KK? by Bennyvo Hand $ 7 2d 5h ago by Disharmonist
Too strong hand to checkfold on this flop? by Bennyvo Hand $ 2 3d ago by Bennyvo
Is this a fine 'get it in spot' on the flop, or am I in bad shape against sets/better flush draws? by PokerTom96 Hand $ 1 3d 3h ago by jonna102
Responding to the reshuve 100BB vs 200BB by ICbetU Hand $ 4 3d 4h ago by ICbetU
[PL20] - Problems playing vs maniac in 3bp by BioRio0101 Topic $ 8 3d 11h ago by wikileakthis
What is an average and a good bb/100 for PLO50 zoom by jal50 Topic $ 1 4d 15h ago by jonna102
[PL10] - wierd board runout, decisions w EQ ott by BioRio0101 Topic $ 3 9d 5h ago by miami002
Learning PLO #7: Should I go for a Blockerplay here? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 6 9d 5h ago by miami002
[PL10] - Lost on the river by BioRio0101 Topic $ 7 9d 6h ago by miami002
Learnig PLO #8: Should I peel here? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 5 10d 5h ago by midori
Learning PLO #10: Tough hand in PLO25 by Pokerlogical Hand $ 6 12d 5h ago by DirtyD
Learnig PLO #9: Lost on the Flop by Pokerlogical Hand $ 2 12d 18h ago by Disharmonist
[PL10] - Wrap decision otf by BioRio0101 Topic $ 6 14d 4h ago by Disharmonist
Learning PLO #5: Is this correctly played? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 4 14d 9h ago by miami002
Rainbow Kings oop on 952r by elyanos Hand $ 1 14d 14h ago by Ephedrine10
[PL10] - River bluff decision by BioRio0101 Topic $ 4 15d 6h ago by Ephedrine10
Learning PLO #3: Should I lead this flop with flushdraw+wrap? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 3 16d 11h ago by Ephedrine10
Learning PLO #2: Very clueless with bottom 2 pair+Flushdraw on the Turn by Pokerlogical Hand $ 2 16d 13h ago by Ephedrine10
(PLO5)Floped 2pair on 2 tone midling flop iP vs loose passive @~150bbs deep (only better 2pair redraw) line check by ZenOnWheels Hand $ 2 17d 6h ago by bdon22
Learning PLO #4: Is it profitable to call this 3bet OOP? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 1 17d 7h ago by bdon22
Learning PLO #1: Lead Turn on monoboard when villain checks? by Pokerlogical Hand $ 1 17d 7h ago by bdon22
4th nuts vs 3 barrel, possible turn semi bluff ? by elyanos Hand $ 5 17d 10h ago by Ephedrine10
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