No Limit Hold 'em

High Stakes - $5/$10 and up

Pio Solver vs. Poker Snowie Preflop by kobeizdabest Topic $$$ 12 3d ago by Mitchell Reid
$1500 NL Home Game Hand Review by SCB14 Topic $$$ 6 3d 8h ago by BigFiszh
Hand from live $10$25 game...Looking for feedback on all decision points by 82off Topic $$$ 12 3d 13h ago by Mitchell Reid
Looking for very advanced person to talk strategy with by kobeizdabest Topic $$$ 1 3d 16h ago by Paid_To_Laid
So can someone explain OhHeyCindy's bet on the river by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 4 5d 17h ago by That's a Bingo
How does OhHeyCindy get to the river with this hand wtf by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 3 6d 14h ago by That's a Bingo
Soft High stakes China mobile app games?? by ouch787 Topic $$$ 0 6d 23h ago by ouch787
5/10/20 River Bluff Catch with fairly capped range by Depolarizing Topic $$$ 8 17d 20h ago by Raphael Nogueira
OtB_RedBaron vs OhHeyCindy Flop overbet 3bet pot by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 6 19d 20h ago by jambonbeurre
OtB_RedBaron vs. MunEZ_StaRR Flop Overbet 3Bet Pot #2 by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 9 20d 3h ago by Raphael Nogueira
5/10 Live preflop shove spot by alex10 Topic $$$ 8 21d 14h ago by GameTheory
Do we have a double raising range?(10/20/40 LA) by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 2 21d 18h ago by Jaggalo1231
LOL Dude this guy is sick, talk about a value bet.... by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 2 22d 18h ago by stroggos
LLinusLLove single raised pot, button vs BB, c/r on low board texture by stroggos Topic $$$ 0 23d 8h ago by zigdon7h
big stack off Ohheycindy! by stroggos Hand $$$ 1 23d 21h ago by homeboy12
High Stakes Mastermind Skype Group by Chris Bowling Topic $$$ 12 25d 1h ago by TiltedLife
studying hand samples by hobe1222 Topic $$$ 0 1m 2d ago by hobe1222
River desicion by kalciis Topic $$$ 6 1m 6d ago by kalciis
linuslove 4bet all in, button vs sb by stroggos Hand $$$ 2 1m 9d ago by stroggos
10/20 live sizing decision on turn by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 2 1m 11d ago by GSK
OtB_RedBaron vs OhHeyCindy Flop overbet 3bet pot by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 1 1m 11d ago by BarracudaNL
Poker snowie by kalciis Topic $$$ 4 1m 14d ago by BarracudaNL
OTB Red Baron overbets turn with zero equity. by stroggos Hand $$$ 4 1m 16d ago by Raphael Nogueira
Anyone wanna give an analysis of this Interesting hand between LLinusLLove and the jungleman? by stroggos Topic $$$ 12 1m 24d ago by shalom
deep LA 10/20 spot by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 2 1m 27d ago by Alex W.
What is LLinusLLove doing with 22? Is that a mergey type of hand? I am not this high class or advanced lol. by Paid_To_Laid Hand $$$ 6 1m 28d ago by Aleksandra ZenFish
reason being scared using range advantage in live games? by Jaggalo1231 Topic $$$ 0 1m 29d ago by Jaggalo1231
Looking for a very good high stakes cash coach, any advice ? by BigFish Topic $$$ 0 2m 24d ago by BigFish
No equity turn barrel bluff by luba Topic $$$ 13 2m 28d ago by vayne
Discussing Pio research by Learn2FoldEm Topic $$$ 5 2m 28d ago by vayne
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