Pot Limit Omaha

Playing on PartyPoker by StarFish Topic $ 1 3h 12m ago by Disharmonist
Poor turn call? by FifthBusiness Topic $ 2 3h 15m ago by Disharmonist
Telegram Study Group by KVIN93 Topic $ 3 5h 54m ago by darthpepper
4 Handed 10 10 20 live game deep line check by mattng23 Topic $$$ 10 6h 49m ago by Disharmonist
to bet turn or not to bet turn :S by Suniram Hand $ 3 6h 58m ago by Disharmonist
4-4-8 Live 5-handed by erdian Topic $$ 3 1d ago by erdian
AKKT vs loose player in 3bet pot, 100PLO by mfutoma Topic $ 1 1d 19h ago by spokerman
Middle set on dry flop? by Sneaky_Z Hand $ 1 1d 19h ago by spokerman
KKds tough spot in a deep 1-2(5bring-in) live game by morda Topic $$ 9 1d 21h ago by Nick Johnson
turnplay with marginal draw on J76A 3way by ohgodwhy Topic $ 10 1d 22h ago by miami002
PLO10 Zoom - 2nd Nut Flush Facing Tiver Raise by DH2012 Hand $ 3 2d ago by necromadx
PLO 5/10 Playing with weak range vs potting Cobus83 by necromadx Hand $$$ 4 2d 1h ago by necromadx
Preflop Hand Selection Video by KVIN93 Topic $ 5 2d 6h ago by KVIN93
Anyone folding here? by zinom1 Hand $ 5 2d 10h ago by Disharmonist
SPR 2 toppair oesd AND FD by Lausbub Topic $$ 3 2d 22h ago by Disharmonist
AA in squeezed pot OOP by Suniram Hand $ 3 2d 22h ago by Disharmonist
EV on OM2 by spokerman Topic $ 0 4d 18h ago by spokerman
Practicing Bots? by djsnit Topic $ 3 4d 21h ago by djsnit
GTO maths. by Dhruv Bhargava Topic $$ 1 5d 1h ago by MidnightBacon
I'm a Losing Player. Let's Fix This. by FifthBusiness Topic $ 15 5d 18h ago by FifthBusiness
Top 2 plus straight blockers otf by lofigr Topic $$ 6 6d 19h ago by MidnightBacon
Is it profitable to play live PLO with 5% rake or paying 1 hour rake 3 bb ? by opapa Topic $$ 4 7d 19h ago by MidnightBacon
Is it ever correct to fold crappy aces pre all in 4way+? by Davechappelle Topic $$ 8 7d 21h ago by morda
How ''bad'' is my line? by erdian Topic $$ 13 8d 7h ago by MidnightBacon
3Bet POT! Paired board! POT lead??? by kobepaul1 Hand $ 6 8d 20h ago by Nick Johnson
Fast PLO Tables, other than Stars by KVIN93 Topic $ 0 8d 20h ago by KVIN93
3bet pot c/raising turn with "no" equity by Bennyvo Hand $$ 12 9d 11h ago by plolearnerguy
big wrap vs bot by plolearnerguy Topic $ 19 9d 13h ago by djsnit
Looking for study buddys to form a small study group.. by PLOtz Topic $ 13 9d 17h ago by Captrooper
How would you play this hand better? by maxiim Hand $ 9 9d 21h ago by FifthBusiness
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