Pot Limit Omaha

T875ss BU 3-bet and bottom straight on flush turn by ZeroDegrees Hand $ 0 5h 14m ago by ZeroDegrees
Study group by axel2307 Topic $$ 0 15h 15m ago by axel2307
River shove w Straight on Paired Board (PLO 0.10/0.20 - 6max) by Georg Topic $ 0 21h 35m ago by Georg
Nut FD + OESD vs Squeezed Flop OOP by AlexSatri Hand $ 5 1d 5h ago by Suniram
PLO coaching by koky Topic $ 4 1d 19h ago by koky
C-betting against four opponents by Michele Hand $ 6 3d 2h ago by HelloImWayne
stars micros still beatable by analihilator Topic $ 7 3d 2h ago by HelloImWayne
Looking For New Students by Nick Johnson Topic $ 0 3d 4h ago by Nick Johnson
BB def vs BTN PLO10 (psotflop action? ) by iwanthatone Topic $ 2 4d ago by koky
2nd nuts and villian is betting pot on river.... by ouch787 Topic $$ 4 4d 7h ago by roubo
Can I fold the river?? by acehole Topic $ 1 4d 14h ago by Merrycatch22
Transitioning from NLHE to PLO by vaffeltroll Topic $ 0 6d 1h ago by vaffeltroll
HUPLO 400 ugly river spot........ by ouch787 Topic $$ 0 6d 1h ago by ouch787
Nut straight and Q high FD turn, bad river card! by Sneaky_Z Hand $ 5 6d 1h ago by HelloImWayne
Help Im getting exploited HU??!! by ouch787 Topic $ 0 6d 13h ago by ouch787
Midstakes/Highstakes PLO coach by malejaculation Topic $$ 0 8d 19h ago by malejaculation
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New Book Release: PLO 3B Pots Game Theory and Practice by reStacks Topic $$$ 48 12d 2h ago by reStacks
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New to HUPLO how much weight do we assign to blockers?? by ouch787 Topic $$ 0 13d 5h ago by ouch787
C/call or C/raise? on the flop by kobepaul1 Hand $$ 4 14d ago by JimmyGlass
Thank you RIO by texasflood2 Topic $ 12 19d ago by AlexSatri
J875ds vs cold 4bet by Firerun Topic $$$ 1 20d 20h ago by AllinAMar
Deepstack top boat by Jakedi Hand $ 4 20d 23h ago by Georg
9987 ds in HJ by plolearnerguy Topic $ 3 21d 2h ago by Georg
Call/Fold/Raise? by TuttiFrutti Topic $ 2 21d 22h ago by plolearnerguy
SPR 7.7 OTF, what would you do? by Daniel1981 Topic $$ 2 21d 22h ago by reStacks
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