10/20: Superweird KK

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10/20: Superweird KK

UTG: $5496.06
HJ: $19111.38
CO: $2030 (Hero)
BN: $6585.80
SB: $2274.82
BB: $2226.09
Ok this hand bothered me a lot today and I still have no clue how to approach this spot
I was at least 6 hours on the waitinglist for this game and was several times offline in between but somehow got to this table.
UTG is a solid reg who opens quite a lot from ep and plays pretty straight forward postflop.
HJ is the fish at this table; unknown but from china :D ; (he somehow managed to get a 20k stack) hes playing like i said for at least 6 hours and most chinese guys like to 3bet pre and dont like to fold to 3- / 4bets; they also like to barrel postflop. this is pretty speculative though, since i only see his country and his sick stacksize.
BTN is in this game for at least 6 hours too. he plays really aggressive and loose play (i havent decided yet if hes too aggro or really good, but definitely annoying to play against)
Preflop ($30.00) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt K K
UTG raises to $43, HJ calls $43, Hero raises to $200, BN calls $200, SB folds, BB folds, UTG calls $157, HJ calls $157
3bet is pretty std, but i dont know exactly what BTN's coldcallingrange there is (is it like TT+, AQs, and maybe AK to get the fish in, or like every pocketpair and like JTs?) note that hes quite deep against the fish and utg
Flop ($830.00) 3 4 5 (4 Players)
UTG checks, HJ checks
Ok what are your plans here???? b/f against the regs and stackoff against the fish??? or is the stack to pot ratio to small to find a fold?

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