Flopped flush deepstacked vs. two villains

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Flopped flush deepstacked vs. two villains

A hand from a local deepstacked 1-2 NLHE live game, tldr but i'll describe the circumstances quite thoroughly.

The table was 8-handed and the game was in a pretty casual setting. No buy-in cap.
Button: a guy who is usually pretty cautious and seems like he's scared money to some extent. Often quits, "gets tired" when he gets a stack of 1000€. He had doubled a couple of times and had a stack of 800€ (400bb). SB: me with a stack of 770€ (385bb). UTG+1: a tight fish who had been drinking and who was not very concentrated. The kind of guy who never bluffs but doesn't really know relatively strength of hands especially when drunk. He has 560€ (280bb).

UTG+1 raises 8€ (4bb), button calls,i call with 89 of spades.

Flop: TJ2 all spades.

I donk 15€ to a pot of 26€, UTG+1 starts collecting a ton of smaller chips and makes it 100€. To my surprise, button flat calls. I decide to call and see how turn plays out. If BTN had folded, i would have very often gone allin.
Turn comes a total brick (a 6 for example). I check, UTG+1 goes all in for 450€ more and button announces a call very quickly. I have around 700€ left and BTN covers me.

First of all, UTG+1 never bluffs here, he either has a bigger flush, JJ, TT, pair+ nutfd or he's overplaying naked QQ, KK or AA. Button's range is imo similar expect that he shouldn't be having those naked overpairs. I think my only problem is the situation of being either very much ahead or very much behind. And can i be that much ahead in any case? My best realistic case would be that they both have a set. However, quite often at least one of them has a big spade, if not a flush, and the other has a set. BTN can also have top two.

Being 350bb deep makes this a tricky call imo. However, there were some things that would have warranted a call: UTG+1 is exactly the kind of player who is prone to overplaying big pairs regardless of board texture. What comes to BTN, he calls very quickly on both flop and turn - it's as if he wasn't even thinking of raising. Usually, if you have a made flush, you want to take some time to consider if you want to slowplay or not. Also, if i'm behind, i have a straight flush open ender, so if BTN has Ax of spades, i still would have 2 outs. Pretty much always, the 7 of spades is an out for me. On the other hand, UTG+1s tight preflop range means that he seldom has worse flopped flushes, like 45s, 56s etc (because he doesn't raise those hands preflop almost ever). His flush range is pretty much entirely K high and A high flushes.

After BTN called the turn, i was pretty surprised, and i ended up folding mostly due to being so deep and not so much committed yet. This time it turned out the situation was pretty much a best-case scenario for me: UTG+1 had AA without spades, and BTN had a set of 2's. I think i had many reasons to fold, but also many reasons to call (mostly player characteristic-based reasons).

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