Stop leaving money on the table!

Do you find yourself making mistakes you know you shouldn’t make? Do you wish you could always play and study at your best? Today’s poker games are too tough to not be at the top of your game all the time.

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“In this book you will learn exactly how the self-control mechanism works and how you can increase it.”

Leszek Badurowicz is a long-time sports psychologist and professional poker player. His book Mental Edge is the culmination of more than 7 years of work with top performers in poker and chess.

“Most players expect
above-average results, but their poker education looks just like that of thousands of other regular players.”

Excellent results require excellent preparation. Leszek’s book distills the strategies he and his students have used for years to bring out the best in themselves at and beyond the tables. Are you ready to play your best?

As a launch special we are giving away a sample chapter so that you can start improving today, with no commitment.

What The Pros Are Saying

“With edges in poker becoming smaller and smaller, the importance of maintaining balance and the direct impact it has on playing your A game cannot be understated. Leszek does a masterful job of introducing tips and methods for managing your time, avoiding distractions, and honing your focus that will directly translate to increases in your bottom line.”

- Phil Galfond

“This book is well-researched and well-presented. Badurowicz does not shy away from the difficulty of permanently changing oneself into a disciplined, efficient poker machine. Then he makes it all quite do-able, through wise teachings and practical practices.”

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