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Monthly Elite Q&A
Zoom Calls
Join us on a monthly zoom call with some of our top Elite
Pros. We’ll discuss everything from proker strategy to
living the lifestyle.

Kevin Rabichow's Elite Call

October, 2022

Patrick Brooks' Elite Call

October, 2022

Horseofhell's Elite Call

July, 2022

Daniel Dvoress' Elite Call

June, 2022

Leo Nordin's Elite Call

May, 2022

Espen Uhlen's Elite Call

February, 2022

Krzysztof Slaski's Elite Call

January, 2022

Brian Hastings' Elite Call

November, 2021

Dan Cates' Elite Call

October, 2021

Dylan Linde's Elite Call

September, 2021

Patrick Sekinger's Elite Call

August, 2021

Luke Johnson's Elite Call

July 2021

Alex Theologis' Elite Call

June 2021

Uri Peleg's Elite Call

May 2021

Richard Gryko's Elite Call

April 2021

Phil Galfond's Elite Call

March 2021

Seth Davies' Elite Call

February 2021

Tyler Forrester's Elite Call

January 2021

Richard Gayler's Elite Call

December 2020

Sam Grafton's Elite Call

November 2020

Hac Dang's Elite Call

October 2020

Kevin Rabichow's Elite Call

September 2020

Daniel Dvoress' Elite Call

August 2020

Sam Greenwood's Elite Call

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