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Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Pin Topic $ 0 9m 14d ago by Eldora
Getting 3bet deep with PP by Risva10 Hand $ 5 1d 4h ago by Sextonhardcastle
FT 32BB effective QTs SBvsBU open by Risva10 Hand $ 11 5d 12h ago by MJBNone
A2s UTG vs BTN fish by MJBNone Topic $ 4 5d 13h ago by MJBNone
AKo BB vs 2 players by MJBNone Topic $ 3 5d 19h ago by Sextonhardcastle
on the BB vs 3x BU open, 2 from the Bubble by Risva10 Hand $ 3 5d 19h ago by Sextonhardcastle
99 MPvsCO Tight Reg small 3bet by Risva10 Hand $ 6 6d 12h ago by Risva10
Are Turbo's/hyper turbos inherently bad? by ryanspicer Topic $ 2 9d 2h ago by Sextonhardcastle
HJ SNG $3 by ryanspicer Topic $ 3 13d 13h ago by Risva10
Silly question A6 from the UTG near to the bubble by irabu1 Topic $ 5 16d 2h ago by irabu1
Lead the river or check by Puma1 Hand $ 7 22d 8h ago by Sextonhardcastle
3way Pot with SP + Backdoors by Risva10 Hand $ 1 24d 2h ago by Sextonhardcastle
JJ 3bet preflop against tight player by Goodfellahh Topic $ 8 26d 23h ago by Pedro Madeira
PP on BU with awkward stack sizes by Risva10 Hand $ 2 1m ago by ValueBetRiver
Quick question: check back river? by devwil Hand $ 4 1m ago by ValueBetRiver
Should I open a hand that is -EV as a shove? FT by Risva10 Hand $ 3 1m 2d ago by Sextonhardcastle
MTT with only winner getting a prize by belrio42 Topic $ 3 1m 5d ago by Eldora
3way pot 170BB deep by Risva10 Hand $ 7 1m 10d ago by Sextonhardcastle
Should I be peeling this 3bet? by Risva10 Hand $ 2 1m 16d ago by Risva10
AK in the BB facing a lot of action by belrio42 Topic $ 3 1m 16d ago by Sextonhardcastle
Big mistake or not? by Risva10 Hand $ 1 1m 17d ago by Sextonhardcastle
3bet shove or call by Risva10 Hand $ 1 1m 18d ago by Sextonhardcastle
When do we defend the BB REALLY wide? by Threepwood Topic $ 1 1m 21d ago by Sextonhardcastle
ICIMIZER problem, How importaint is ICM in early stages of the tournament by Puma1 Topic $ 1 1m 21d ago by Sextonhardcastle
Did I punt the river? by good2CU2 Topic $ 3 2m ago by KristsLV
FT with set facing big bet OOP on terrible river by Hoothoot Hand $ 1 2m 1d ago by Matcofly
What to do OTT vs recreational /regular by Risva10 Hand $ 5 2m 5d ago by q3timmy
Good exploitative fold? by Risva10 Hand $ 3 2m 5d ago by TGMezza
Overshove or flat by Risva10 Hand $ 14 2m 6d ago by q3timmy
AcQcJx6x 20BB deep, very loose table. How should I have played this? by JuzForShow Topic $ 0 2m 7d ago by JuzForShow
$3 1k GTD by ryanspicer Topic $ 8 2m 8d ago by MjeuMjeu
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