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Glossary of Online Poker Terms by Eldora Pin Topic $ 0 11m 11d ago by Eldora
X/Raised FD OTF, turn pairs the board. by Risva10 Hand $ 3 2d 17h ago by MJBNone
COvsBB 64BB. Can I raise my Top Pair by Risva10 Hand $ 1 5d 13h ago by MJBNone
Can I 3bet call vs Loose Rec? by Risva10 Hand $ 1 5d 13h ago by MJBNone
Good Tripple Barrel? by RunningItUp Topic $ 4 7d 15h ago by Risva10
AQ UTGvsBB KJ9 rainbow 60BB by Risva10 Hand $ 2 9d 22h ago by Risva10
ICM in post-flop spots by Eddie Spencer-Small Topic $ 0 12d 5h ago by Eddie Spencer-Small
AQs SBvsCO open 50BB effective by Risva10 Hand $ 2 12d 6h ago by Pedro Madeira
Help by bountyman444 Topic $ 1 12d 6h ago by Mikey Stotz
Defending BB vs Big open and rec flatter (deep) by Risva10 Hand $ 0 12d 12h ago by Risva10
Could I be doing anything here? by Risva10 Hand $ 3 15d 9h ago by Pedro Madeira
Underpair on Paired Board 3way IP by Risva10 Hand $ 3 15d 9h ago by Pedro Madeira
LJvsBB 40BB+ by rombaldi81 Hand $ 2 15d 14h ago by Pedro Madeira
Bet sizing math by bowler99 Topic $ 3 21d 15h ago by ValueBetRiver
Iso Shove Range Question by DNegs98 Topic $ 5 22d 10h ago by Pedro Madeira
Charts by ParaRose Topic $ 1 1m ago by Eldora
postflop ICM spot by wanderer_pro Hand $ 1 1m 2d ago by Risva10
$4.4 PKO JQo at SB face three way all-in by Lyndon Topic $ 1 1m 3d ago by Pedro Madeira
Bad bluff OR bad call from Villain on River by ra_raa11 Hand $ 1 1m 3d ago by Pedro Madeira
Nitty fold UTG1 vs HJ 3bet 25BB effective? by Risva10 Hand $ 2 1m 5d ago by Pedro Madeira
AQo UTG vs LJ 30BB stack Flat. by Risva10 Hand $ 2 1m 5d ago by Pedro Madeira
Pot odds software? by MatoStar Topic $ 0 1m 5d ago by MatoStar
3Way A high flop as the PF caller by Risva10 Hand $ 8 1m 8d ago by Risva10
New to SNG/MTT by ryanspicer Topic $ 3 1m 11d ago by Redeth
All in EV vs Net Won line by Aon Topic $ 1 1m 12d ago by Pedro Madeira
Opening BU as FT shortstack 3-Handed by Risva10 Hand $ 7 1m 13d ago by Pedro Madeira
FT line check by Risva10 Hand $ 6 1m 15d ago by Risva10
TT vs overbet allin otf in 3b pot by magik244 Topic $ 6 1m 17d ago by Pedro Madeira
66 @45bbs HJ vs small SB 3bet, PKO. by gnac Topic $ 1 1m 19d ago by Pedro Madeira
2-pair facing ~25bb turn jam by Hoothoot Hand $ 3 1m 20d ago by Risva10
Are the ACR on demand turbo tournaments beatable? by purebird Topic $ 2 1m 20d ago by Redeth
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