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First Live tournament for Years !

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First Live tournament for Years !

Hello all,
My name's Charles, from France, 32yo, played a lot between 2006 and 2013 but mainly recreativly and for fun in private games (CG and Sitngo), didn't play a lot since.
Small tournaments this weekend on which I would have liked to have a return :-)

100euros, 20minutes level

Hand #1: 

8 players at table. Blind 100-100.
First hand of the day for me.

2 flat UTG1 and MP, a raise to 500 on HJ+1, call on the button, I'm from BB with A3d decide to complete, utg 1 call and MP fold.

Board: 8d8hAs. pot .2200

check, OR makes 600 in 2200. Button fold. Here I decide to call because on the one hand the bet does not really represent much strength vs 4 players + I say to myself that with a bet like this it will never be A10S+ and thus that the paired-board can make split pot with OR.
UTG 1 Flat also and it bothers me a bit more than OR. 
Turn 4d Pot: 4000.
Here with the nutflush draw I see myself in front very very often. I decide to lead at 2200. Only UTG1 Call. OR Fold. I realize that I had "ignored" UTG1 a bit and focused only on the GOLD range.
River : 8c Pot 8400.
Here I have my full house. But by reflex vs UTG1 I decide to Check Call following the bet and it is very expensive with a bet at 6500. 
I did not find the fold and he shows 89s for quads.

Set Up right ?

Down by 100BB on the first hand. 

Is the play ok? I feel like this is clearly a set up. and apart from check turn to save myself 2200 I couldn't have done otherwise. Square is still rare! 

Hand N°2 : 

Shortly after, still on blinds. 100-100.

I'm on HJ and open AQd. Maybe a call in MP but every body fold. I raise 400.
Naughty who is now on the button makes 2600 (!) fold from the blinds and the player in MP. I find it very expensive at this point of the tournament (26BB PF) I really hesitate to fold because we are at the very beginning of the tournament and I don't see the point of bet 26BB PF  

However, I can't find the fold button and call telling myself that my hand is too good. (In hindsight I think I should fold here vs. a 3bet so expensive; out of position on villain and this may be my 4th hand of the day) . Opinion? 

Pretty random board vs PF action with like: 
2 6 10x. pot 5500.
I check, and villain check too which surprises me a little bit I think that on this kind of spot if villain has an over he will CBET on many occasions. My thought doesn't go any further. 
Turn: J 
After the check of villain flop and with my belly I decide to bet 2600 here. Nasty call.   River: 9. Pot 10,700.
I must have 6k+ left and for me as played I must push as I can rep AJs 88+ or even KQs. But. I hesitate a lot, I don't want to bust in the 4th hand with a bluff I hesitate again and I think he saw it, he looks at me insistently and I end up discouraged telling myself that I have shown too much weakness, I check, he checks and takes the pot with AKo.

Down 6.5K.
What do you think about this hand? I really think I need to find the PF fold. And as played, all in river ?

After this move and losing 130BB+ in 2 hands I'm a bit frustrated, I know an Rebuy is possible so I decide to wait for a spot and try to double-up quickly or Bust and Re-entry to 20K

Hand N°3 :
Blind 100-200
9 players. 
2 calls in MP, a raise from villain to 800 in CO I am on the button and decide to call with. 78d
SB call BB fold 1 mp Call so we are 4 in the shot pot 3300.

Flop : 63dAs
check Sb. OR looks ultra confident and makes 1600. I call knowing I'm behind for the moment but I play too much draw and came to see the flop to hit exactly that so I tell myself I go all in at the slightest diamond. (Ok?) 
Sb calls too. Pot 8100. 
Turn: 2d   SB check, OR bet 2500 and I go all in thinking I'm facing AdKx or AA. 
Sb Fold 
Or Call with A10d. Brick River. Go re-entry. 

What do you think of these 3 hands? 

On my Re entry, I switch tables. Back to 20k on blinds 300-600 ante 600.

Hand #4:

I don't really remember the lines of villain and I but basically I have KQh in SB. 
There are 2 calls UTG and MP, villain CO raises 2600 I decide to call. BB folds and the two players in MP call too!
4 way 11,900 to the pot! 

Dream flop: 10h 9h Qd

Here I check telling myself I raise any bet (?) . the 2 players in early and MP check. OR makes 2800.
I wanted so much to push All In because we are still in the beginning of the tournament, I know that the structure is very fast (20min) and that people will play a lot of TPTK, small draws or even TPMK and that there is a lot of value to take like that. At least that's what I tell myself. 
But I'm "afraid" of scaring people away and decide to call. 
Fold from the other two players. 

Turn: 3c Pot 17,500

I want to lead but I check, he bets 3500 and again I really hesitate to push but end up calling.... 
I have a weird feeling, it's hard to describe but it only feels like that when I'm playing live in my memory. I sometimes feel like my final decision is not what I really want it to be, and I feel like I make my decisions sometimes too quickly. 

River. 9h Pot 24,500. 

I think the best thing to do after taking this line is to check to induce
But I don't know why, for fear that he will check back and I won't take anything, I decide to bet halfpot 12K and he hesitates a few seconds before folding Q10x and I really regret this lead. I'm so full of strength and moreover I say to myself even if I have to do this or he'll fold a huge hand, I might as well check but again, in the heat of the moment, and despite the fact that I'm thinking about it, I don't make the right decision (in my opinion) 
WHY ???
Second hand where I feel like I played the move really badly and lost a ton of value. 

I'm up to 36k+ on this one

Hand #5:
I don't remember the exact move but I have AQo on the button, 
It raises to UTG, 2 calls, I flatten. Utg looks very serious, he knows people and I learn that he won the Omaha a few days ago so solid. 
Random flop style 296r
Or Cbet small, 2 fold, it comes back to me here I feel my hand is still strong enough to call, I call
Turn : Jx
He checks; I check. 
River 10. 
He checks. I think that with 1010+ or KQ OR would have often continued to aggress, I decide to bluff to 4k+ and take the pot.
Up to 46K+.


There follows a long period where I hit PF well. (AA I raise but fold general), AK, KQs, 66 and 99) But strictly nothing on the flop so I lose a lot of chips like that. I quickly drop back down to around 35K.

The table breaks, I arrive at a new table The big guy at the table seems to have 100K+, another big guy at 70K, the rest like me between 25+ and 40. and a short at 10k.
Here comes this hand that I regretted a lot and for me played in the worst way. 

We are on blinds 600-1200 ante 1200. Every hand has 3K in the middle and I'm down to 27K+ since the table change
full ring at 9. 
UTG raises 3500.

It folds to me and I have JQo
With my stack, to me it's a fold, except I see that SB is with a stack of 4200-4500. and I'm 100% sure he's going to shove because he's really messing around in semi-tilt and he's already shoved in the dark. I'm convinced he's going to shove and I tell myself, the raise will be blocked because his all in is not a 3bet.
I know and am convinced that in this particular situation I should call because there is going to be a lot of money in the middle and in the end I am just asked for 3.5BB. 

2 other people call, the SB goes all-in as expected to 4400, OR Calls. and so do the other two, so we have a pot of 18,800 4way including an All-in 
and the flop comes XXQ 
I'm still mad at myself + / Everyone checks
turn J!!! 
River X 

It checks all the way for everyone ....
Result, the SB who had shove in the dark return KK and Ship the move vs 88 and 2x AKo!!!
I don't want to be RO but even without having seen the board I'm sure it's a call and once again, as above, I may develop a reasoning, I do the opposite of what I think is the play to do ...... 

Yet I don't feel like I'm scared, at least by money! It's a 100 euros and I'm wide in terms of BR. 

I realize at this point that, perhaps, there is another factor scared with the live, it is the time and the personal investment on the events. 
Driving, taking the day for it, gas, that makes that sometimes we hang on a little too much and we don't play our game. That's the reasoning I make myself saying that in fact it's completely stupid, because precisely, if we make the trip it's not for nothing and die and end up by pushing 3bb at 5 places of a 100E bubble. I wake up a little and tell myself that I really have to take the spots, and play luck of all it is a tournament we are here to pass flips. 

It spins a bit more, the blinds increase again and following the reasoning above, I decide to wait for a good spot to re-jam. 
Come this time I'm in SB, on blind 1K-2K ante 2K so each pot is 5k mini. 
I have 25+ still, 
everyone folds, Button looks at his cards, hesitates a bit and says "come on.." before pushing what I think is a small 18K stack.
I have A5o in SB. . 
I know my hand is weak, especially for calling, but I tell myself the dealer knows that SB and BB are pretty short like him, that this one has Ax in his range but his little hesitation and his "go" make me think that he is not nuts. I tell myself that he will be able to do this with KJs or KQs maybe even a small pair. I feel that deep down I can find a fold, because I am SB and right after him I will be button and will still have 9 rounds of cards before my next blinds ...
However I level up after the previous move with JQo and decide to shove he show 77 and it's a 70-30. No miracle and I fall to 3k he had a little more than I thought. 

3 hands later and I call a raise to 3500 with , 2 calls, there is 15K in the middle

Horrible board even if it checks all the way with xKKxx no AS in front but 99 in OR muck at the others and I busto  

That's it! 

I regret a lot my fold JQo .for me my tournament would have been different I would have come back to 45K+, would never have played my A5o in SB or A4d in this way. and... with si....

I hope I'll have some feedback ! :-) And of Course sorry for my French .

I'll never be a reg but I've always loved poker and playing live with buddies, and like any recreational enthusiast, all these low-BI events still make me want to and I have the roll to do it. So ideally, I would like to progress, study my game a bit and progress.

Already if I could take the time to reason well and make the action I think it's the best, that will be good a good start !
I don't have these "difficulties" online where I take my small tickets in CG and make some ITM on small MTT when I play like this and like that so I don't have the impression to be totally monkey, but at the same time ... Way behind the current level and with a lot of weaknesses. 

Thanks in advance ! 


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