Multi-Table Tournaments

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3Bet Cold Called by SittingOut Topic $ 0 2m 11d ago by SittingOut
MTT Study Group - Discord by BankWire Topic $ 18 2m 17d ago by thinkright
Pads new course - Am I blind or is there nowhere to download all the charts (excel sheets) that Pads is showing during his vids? by PH88 Topic $$ 2 3m 9d ago by needs2study
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Preflop GTO 10-15bb - help me grasp it by Douggyfr3sh Topic $$$ 1 3m 28d ago by dannysucks
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First Live tournament for Years ! by Slerachtag Topic $ 0 6m 1d ago by Slerachtag
Bad Beat from a Dealer Error. by Kaseyorr Topic $$$ 0 7m 6d ago by Kaseyorr
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Looking for a coach by Omarlittle Topic $$$ 5 7m 11d ago by Like.a.G6
BVB 4 left $30 MTT by Jimboozie Hand $ 1 8m 2d ago by i-hate-soup
Math time by Stephen Chidwick Hand $$$ 7 9m 16d ago by Linc
Is it more +EV to play early and deepstacked in MTTs or as a shortstack in late stages? by IveGotTheNuts Topic $$ 1 10m 21d ago by beezmans
Social Discord group to hang out while grinding by Pascal Claes Topic $ 1 10m 26d ago by Deactivated User
5R Awkward Preflop Spot by foldnowpls Hand $$ 5 11m 25d ago by Deactivated User
Study Group by JacquetK Topic $$ 3 11m 25d ago by Deactivated User
i play low stake mtt, which pro videos should i watched..? by louis3382 Topic $ 0 12m ago by louis3382
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