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Perfecting Analysis, Decisions, & Strategy

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Learn from one of the most feared MTT players in the world.

Patrick Leonard has spent years honing his game to become one of the best MTT players in the world. Over the course of 160+ videos, he teaches you everything you need to know to crush the tournaments that you play.

  • More than $15 million in combined tournament earnings live & online.
  • Founder & head coach of one of the most successful stables of all time
  • Has helped more than 1,000 players move up from small stakes tournaments, with some reaching the highest stakes available online
Patrick Leonard

More than 87 hours of content over 160+ videos

125 Theory Videos On:

  • Postflop & Preflop Play
  • Bet sizing
  • Pushing equity
  • The theory behind limping

23 Live Play Videos On:

  • Sunday sessions
  • Final table reviews
  • Tournament series strategy

30+ ICM Videos On:

  • Playing The Bubble
  • Final Table Play

10-15 bonus videos featuring Alex "Pwndidi" Theologis

10 HU-focused videos with Kevin Rabichow

15+ videos with other MTT crushers

Access to monthly Q&A calls

Additional videos added monthly to keep you updated on the changing meta throughout the poker world.

The Most In-depth MTT Course Ever Created

Course Outline

  • 1. Postflop
    • 60 videos with over 26 hours of content
    • In-depth analysis of sims from 1755 flops for different positions and stack depths, including:
      • playing IP vs BB
      • playing OOP vs BTN
      • playing 3bet pots from the SB
      • playing 3bet pots from the BB
      • playing 3bet pots IP
      • playing Turns
      • playing Rivers
    • Practical examples
    • Short how-to videos
    • Exploits vs population
    • How to adjust vs various player types and leaks
  • 2. PSKOs
    • 12 videos with over 5 hours of content
    • Theory of PSKOs with Alex "Pwndidi" Theologis
    • How to play from different positions
    • How to play at different stack sizes
    • How to play when covering
    • How to play when being covered
    • Multiway jams for bounties
    • Practical examples through individual hands
    • Full hand history review
    • Hotspots
  • 3. ICM
    • 32 videos with over 19 hours of content
    • Final table reviews with all cards exposed
    • ICM theory
    • ICM hotspots
    • Final table live plays
    • Case studies for bubble play for different sized tournaments
    • ICM final table replays/reviews (10+)
    • Range construction in dicey ICM spots
  • 4. Pads Preflop Adaptations
    • 11 videos with over 4 hours of content
    • Playing versus mixed stack sizes
    • Multiway adjustments
    • Playing versus weaker players
    • ICM theory
    • How to Analyse population data and make adjustments
    • Practical examples
  • 5. Live Play
    • 23 videos with over 16 hours of content
    • $530 Bounty Builder win
    • $1k Blowout Series win
    • $1k Sunday High Roller win
    • Several Sunday sessions
    • Navigating a big field in The Big Blowout
    • How to play early, mid, and late stages most effectively
  • 6. Guest Appearances
    • 12 videos with over 8 hours of content
    • Tournament reviews with high stakes MTT crushers including:
      • $680k Pokerstars score
      • $130k GGPoker score
      • $215 Pokerstars Bounty Builder win
      • $150 Party Poker Juggernaut win
  • 7. Heads Up With Kevin Rabichow
    • 10 videos with over 6 hours of content
    • Includes full preflop ranges
    • Final table review with all hole cards exposed
    • HU play in live tournaments
    • Strategy discussion with Kevin
  • 8. Off The Table
    • 6 videos with over 2.5 hours of content
    • Tools Patrick users to optimize his off the table game
    • How to effectively utilize Pio and HRC
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