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Learn from one of the most feared MTT players in the world.

Patrick Leonard has spent years honing his game to become one of the best MTT players in the world. Over the course of over 220 videos, he teaches you everything you need to know to crush the tournaments that you play.

  • More than $18 million in combined tournament earnings live & online.
  • Founder & head coach of one of the most successful stables of all time
  • Has helped more than 1,000 players move up from small stakes tournaments, with some reaching the highest stakes available online
Patrick Leonard

More than 115 hours of content over 220 videos

139 Theory Videos On:

  • Postflop & Preflop Play
  • Bet sizing
  • Pushing equity
  • The theory behind limping

47 Live Play Videos On:

  • Sunday sessions
  • Final table reviews
  • Tournament series strategy

40+ ICM Videos On:

  • Playing The Bubble
  • Final Table Play

10-15 bonus videos featuring Alex "Pwndidi" Theologis

10 HU-focused videos with Kevin Rabichow

15+ videos with other MTT crushers

The Most In-depth MTT Course Ever Created

Course Outline

  • Postflop
  • PSKOs
  • ICM
  • Preflop
  • Live Plays
  • Guests
  • Heads Up
  • Off the Tables

Section 1


  • Intro Postflop

  • 20BB Full IP Series - Intro to IP vs BB - 20bb and how to study information

    We start the course with an introduction to playing In Position vs the big blind. I give you a look into the deepest data I evaluate and use for this section.

  • 20BB Full IP Series - How to play Ace high boards

    "I look into playing specifically ace high boards, what are the best sizings to use, why and how we can categorise different ""kinds"" of ace high boards."

  • 20BB Full IP Series - Rest of boards + Summaries and Answering Questions

    Before looking at all stack sizes, I finish 20bbs in detail looking across all boards and making a summary we can go to the tables with whilst answering any unsolved questions.

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 1 - Low Boards

    I start the mastering Cbetting In Position vs BB looking at low boards and comparing 15bb (when opening off a covering stack) with 40bb and 100bb teaching the mechanics behind every strategy

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 2: The most difficult boards to play, middling flush draw boards

    I tackle the most difficult board textures to play, the middling flush draw boards.

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 3 - playing dry paired boards and why big sizings are unique here

    Next up is paired boards and looking at why we may want to use some unintuitive sizes on the dry boards.

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 4 - playing the DANGER board 987r

    Danger boards are what I consider scary boards that have a lot of apparant nuts. We look deeply into 987 and what things we need to consider on such boards.

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 5 - T93r, starting to use some BIG bets deep

    I look into developing some really large bet sizes and why it gains us EV.

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 6 - Monotone boards and finding the unnatural bluffs

    I go deep into playing monotone boards whilst finding some pretty unnatural bluffs

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 7 - 3 broadway boards, with fd. What sizing makes which hands indifferent

    3 broadway boards are typically very good for the in position player, I speak in depth about these board textures whilst looking at what sizing makes which hands indifferent and why.

  • Mastering IP CB BTN vs BB - Part 8 - Playing AT2 both on the flop and down the streets

    I look into Ace High boards deeply again, and this time go down the streets to see how our strategy develops.

  • How to play against players who x/r crazy vs small sizings

    Some players have a very high check raise, I look into how to play against this kind of player

  • Punishing the BB with Range Advantage IP on 3 High Card Boards

    A specific look into pushing our range advantage to make our opponent struggle to meet MDF and gain a lot of profitable bluffs with the bottom of our range.

  • The mechanics of big sizing, why its important and how it all works.

    In 2021 if you're not using a big sizing you're leaving EV on the tables, I speak about how/when/why to introduce bigger sizes to your game.

  • How to exploit your opponents who use big flop sizings

    "Whilst people are starting to incorporate big sizings into their strategy, something they aren't great at doing is player the ""next nodes"" in this video I speak about how to play VERSUS big sizings and how we can punish them."

  • HOW TO Exploit passive opponents on the flop

    A lot of players you will come up against are not as aggressive as the solvers we study vs, in this video I speak about how to gain maximum ev vs this player type.

  • Playing shallow stacks on dynamic boards as IP/OOP

    On dynamic boards it can often be scary to bet hands with showdown incase we get shoved off our equity. In this video I go into detail about how to approach these spots.

  • FLOP DONKING - Intro and 20bb Stacks

    Flop donking is a legit strat. In this 3 part series I start to speak about 20bbs stacks and how effective donking can be.

  • FLOP DONKING - Deeper Stacks 30bb +

    At deeper stack sizes, donking still hapens, I speak in this video about 30+bb donks.

  • FLOP DONKING - Short Stacks 15bb and below - Introducing Donk Shoves

    Probably the most important stack size to have leads is 15bb+, however interestingly here a lot of our leads become open jams, a very important strategy vs players who check back a lot.

  • Downbetting Turns

    When Check-Raising Flops from the Big Blind its crucial to have a plan for Turns. I talk about the turn strategies and show you when to bet Turns and which sizings to use.

  • Overbetting Turns as PFR

    I show you spots where we want to use overbets on Turns after cbetting the flop and as always talk about the mechanics and the when and why.

  • Playing Turns IP when the Flop nuts become significantly weaker

    We flopped a strong hand on a dynamic board but the turn changes everything. I show you strategies for these turns and how you should continue down the streets.

  • How to: Play Trip Boards 666/QQQ

    I show you four different situations on two different trip boards. How do we play these boards IP from either EP or LP vs the BB as well as how do play from EP or LP OOP vs the BTN.

  • Nonintuitive Non All in bets on low SPRs on turn - SPR 1.5ish

    On the flop we used a big sizings creating a shallow SPR for future streets. I show you how to play Turns to maximize your EV.

  • Nonintuitive Non All in bets on low SPRs on turn - SPR 1ish

    Just as in the previous video we arrive on the Turn with a shallow SPR, this time around 1. Again i show you with practical examples how to continue to maximize the chips won.

  • How to: Play leads as the bb on very dynamic flops and turns

    I defended the BB of a shallow stack and the Flop comes out very dynamic. I talk about how our range wants to play here, which hands do we lead and which sizing do we use.

  • Riverbetsize Theory

    We are IP on the River and need to decide if we want to bet or not. I show you what to take into account, and which sizings to choose and why.

  • Playing NO LIMIT HOLDEM (big bets) on the river

    I show you how and when to use really big bets on the River. Its called No Limit after all.

  • HOTSPOT Playing double flush draw boards vs wide ranges

    Playing in a Blind vs Blind spot with very wide ranges I show you how I adjust and take lines which are somewhat non theory conforming to exploit opponents and maximize my winnings

  • How to: Playing board pairing Turns as the Aggressor in SRP

    I show you how to proceed on turns vs opponents who do not take the betting lead on equity shifting turns.

  • 30bb OOP Series - Part 1 - Intro

    In similar fashion as you have seen in the 20bb and 30bb IP Series I now look at a different scenario. We open from EP, MP or the CO and the Button calls us. Postflop strategies are quite different when we are the OOP Aggressor and in this series I show you how we need to play.

  • 30bb OOP Series - Part 2 - Monotone Boards

    I look at the mechanics of playing OOP on monotone boards. Is there just one strategy or do we differ between low monotone boards, ace high boards, or broadway heavy boards.

  • 30bb OOP Series - Part 3 - Low Boards

    I now take a look at low boards mainly 7 high or lower. How does our strategy change when we are in EP compared to when we opened from the CO vs BTN.

  • 30bb OOP Series - Part 4 - Low Boards continued

    I continue exploring different low boards. Rainbow boards, flushdraw boards, Connected and somewhat disconnected.

  • 30bb OOP Series - Part 5 - Differentiating between connected and disconnected middling boards

    Im taking a look at middling boards where I explore the differences between heavily connected boards like 987 and compare our strategies to disconnected middling boards like 942.

  • 30BB OOP Series Part 6 - Playing HIgh Boards

    We worked our way up the ladder and now its time to evaluate the high boards. Lots of Broadway cards are now out on the flop and I show you how we want to play those OOP.

  • 30BB OOP Series Part 7 - Playing Ace high boards

    To end this OOP Series I now take a look at the Ace High Boards and show you the mechanics of how to play these.

  • OOP Cbetting, practical example vs Justin Bonomo, facing unnatural aggression

    After studying OOP cbetting in depth, I went into my Sunday Highroller session excited, quickly I was face with unnatural aggression from Bonomo and I went back into the lab on Monday to analyse it.

  • Playing vs and exploiting turn leads

    Over the last year or so, we have seen more and more turn leads, in this video I speak about how we can exploit them.

  • Turn Nudging - Pushing equity w/o Nut Advantage - Theory

    When somebody bets the flop and we call, their range has still got their bluffs, but we have folded the bottom of our range. Getting to the turn we now often have an equity advantage, but not a nut advantage, in this video I show how we approach the spot.

  • Turn Nudging - Pushing equity w/o Nut Advantage - Practical Examples

    I show a lot of examples from games I've played where I decide to lead the turn to good effect and explain the reasons and complexities why.

  • Hotspot Turn Probe strategy vs low flop cbet guys

    I speak about a big leak a lot of weaker players have and how we can exploit it.

  • Turn probing against narrow flop check back ranges

    Often on boards that should be range cbet, we are fearful that our opponent has too strong of a range to probe aggressively vs, I speak in this video about using a variety of sizings and mechanics to approach the spot correctly.

  • Playing vs turn probe line, when and where to find raises

    After checking the flop, raising the turn is very unnatural, in this video I speak about the importance of when to do it, which combos we want to use and how we want to see the spot overall.

  • Playing vs bet flop, check turn as the big blind

    A super frequent node we face every day. Somebody bets the flop, then checks the turn. It's on us in the big blind, how do we play?

  • Making River Decisions in big pots with lots of combos vs narrow amount of combos

    I play a huge hand against Brazilian HS Reg Pabritz, in this video I break it down and look into it extensively in theory

  • 3bet OOP SB vs BB 40bbs, intro + when to open shove and how to play ace high and mono board

    I start a big project on 3bet pots, and quickly we realise that there is a lot of open shoving, I speak about the importance of it and when/how it should occur

  • 3bet OOP SB vs BB 40bbs, Broadway boards, middling boards, exploits, paired boards and megamasters

    "I continue the project looking into specific categories of boards and speak about the infamous ""megamaster"" term."

  • 3bet pots, 100bbs sb vs btn, data analysis

    We continue the big project on 3bet pots, analysing a lot of data and setting goals for the deep stack part project.

  • 3bet pots 100bb SB vs BTN - looking into specific boards

    I go deeply into big analysis on specific boards, starting with AK and then moving to AJ3, KQx, JT2, J97 and T97

  • 3bet pots 100bb SB vs BTN - looking into specific boards 2

    I continue the series looking at middling, lower, paired and moinotone boards.

  • 3bet pots oop, SB vs BTN 60bbs, looking at the similarities between all the stack sizes and which stack size 60bbs is similar to

    "We've already looked into ""shallow"" and ""deep spots"" which occur more often, but I want to also analyse mid stacks to see which direction we sway towards from a strategical point of view."

  • 3Bet Pots - IP BTN 3bet vs CO - 50-60bb eff

    BTN vs CO is a common 3bet spot, I look through how it works post flop and different considerations we should make.

  • 3Bet Pot, Review playing monotone boards deepstacks

    Monotone boards are scary because our opponent defends a lot of suited hands pre flop whilst we have more off suit hands like AKo, in this video I look into the impact of that + other details to work out what our strategy should be

  • BTN vs BB 3bet pots - when to bet big

    Playing 3bet pots from the big blind can be tricky, in this 2 part series I start to look at bigger bets in 3bet pots.

  • BTN vs BB 3bet Pots - when to bet small + summary

    I continue the BB 3bet series not looking at good spots to bet smaller with our range.

  • How to: Play monster draws with and without showdown in inflated deep pots (3b/sqzd)

    I look into a huge draw I played recently, analysing whether it was right to fast play it and how I should approach the spot with my entire range

  • Card Matching Theory: Overbet Bluffing in 3Bet Pots

    I discuss overbetting as a bluff in 3-bet pots and explain card matching theory.

  • WSOP $5k: Analyzing Negreanu Facing a Check-Raise 3-Bet

    I analyze an interesting flop 3-bet jam that Daniel Negreanu faced in a $5k WSOP event.

  • Exploit Opportunity: Playing SB Flatting Ranges on Dry High Card Boards

    I recently struggled with how to optimally play SB flatting ranges on broadway, low, low textures so I use this video to explore the GTO outputs and find a big exploit opportunity.

  • Playing the Big Blind With High SPR After x/c Flop x/x Turn

    This spot sounds very specific at first but actually comes up quite frequently and understanding the OOP river options can squeeze out some nice EV for you.

  • Probe Sizing Lesson with Shallow Stacks

    I break down an interesting turn probe decision that I faced in a $300 Sunday tournament and focus on the optimal sizing choice with shallow stacks.

  • Blind vs Blind 30bb Deep Facing Luc Greenwood

    I analyze a showdown against fellow Run It Once Pro Lucas Greenwood that goes deep into blind vs blind dynamic.

  • Sunday Live Session: Marked Hands Postflop Review (Part 1)

    After a PartyPoker crash during the Sunday Live session that you can find in the December Bonus series, I decided to switch to a hand review format marking the most interesting hands that came up.

  • Sunday Live Session: Marked Hands Postflop Review (Part 2)

    We conclude the Sunday session review with three more interesting hands diving into Odin to gain a deep understanding of the spots.


Section 2


  • Intro PSKOs

  • The Theory of PSKOs with Alex Pwndidi Theologis

    Alex guides us through advanced PSKO theory including math in an digestiable way without. MUST WATCH!

  • Playing the Big Blind

    The series continues into playing as the big blind, what we need to consider and how we can implement in game.

  • Jamming as the big stack

    One of the key components of bounties is playing as the big stack and putting other players all in, Alex breaks down the math and gives example of how we can be a big stack bully.

  • Jamming as the short stack

    Just as important as being the big stack, adjusting as a COVERED stack is crucial for PSKO ROI

  • Rejamming vs squeezes

    "Alex walks us through common spots that happen in PSKOs which can have very different results to "Vanillas"

  • Calling Multiway All-Ins

    In a vanilla tournament we often don't have to do too much math when there are mutiple all-ins, but in PSKOs its very important to realise how much added money is being put into the pot and how the ranges become a lot weaker.

  • High Stakes Hand Review Part 1

    Alex reviews a big $1k PSKO tournament he played recently.

  • High Stakes Hand Review Review Part 2

    The review continues as the tournament gets into the deep stages

  • PKO 1k HH Review with Alex Part 1

    I join Alex and bring 20+ really good relevant PSKO questions that can help everybody have an understanding of how to approach a wide range of spots.

  • PKO 1k HH Review with Alex Part 2

    The discussion continues to the deeper stages where we disucss changing our game due to PSKO ICM

  • PKO 1k HH Review with Alex Part 3

    We conclude the series with Alex running bad against me! + Finishing the final table.

  • HOTSPOT PSKO Playing against aggressive covering stacks

    I bring an additonal PSKO hotspot that works really well when playing vs aggro opponents.

  • New
    PSKO 2023 Intro

    I introduce general principles of PSKO tournaments.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, big stack and crucial concepts to understand

    PSKO's differ in a few key ways from regular tournaments and I provide insight into the critical differences.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, playing covered + crucial concepts

    Playing as the shorter stack has its own unique difficulties and we explore the things to keep in mind when you're covered in the hand.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, playing BVB

    BvB play in PSKO's makes for sticky situations and we learn the differences between bounty and regular tournament blind battles.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, gambling and calling all-ins

    The funnest part of these events is scooping bounties and we talk about when it's appropriate to gamble and go for the KO.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, 3betting OOP

    The OOP 3Bet is one of the trickiest spots you'll deal with. We discuss how to navigate this situation specifically in KO tournaments.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, playing bubbles and an important study..

    The bubble can provide a great opportunity to take advantage of weaker players.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, ICM.. how I see it now

    ICM is an ever-changing aspect of MTT's and I offer my current thoughts on ICM as it relates to PSKO MTTs.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, Final Table BVB concepts

    Concepts and principles that can be applied at any stake for BvB play at the final table of a PSKO.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, $1K PSKO 6max deep run

    Real hands to illustrate some of the key concepts that I outlined in previous videos.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, $1K PSKO 6max the start of the FT

    We've arrived at the final table and we seek to navigate our way to the top.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, $1K PSKO 6max FIGHTING for top 4

    Players are dropping and the ICM pressure grows as I find myself in contention for 1st.

  • New
    PSKO 2023, $1K PSKO 6max, SICKEST SPOTS... and HU!

    A number of wild spots are explored in this installment as well as a few HU pots.

  • New
    2023 PSKO Double Deep Run P1

    The early stages of my run in the PSKO.

  • New
    2023 PSKO Double deep run P2

    I'm building my stack as we break down the middling stages of the tournament.

  • New
    2023 PSKO Double deep run P3

    Bubble and nearing the final table.

  • New
    2023 PSKO Double deep run P4

    The final installment of my run in this high stakes event.


Section 3


  • Intro ICM

  • Preparation for Big Spot - Prelude for 10K FT

    I show my approach for preparing for the deepest runs of the year. This kind of approach makes sure that you're ready for the final day and will likely be the highest studying hours of the year.

  • 10K FT Reviewing myself vs 8 elite Regs Part 1

    "I analyse every hand from the $10k Final Table that we prepared for in the previous video. We attempt to play ""ICM Correct"" whilst putting into play the exploitative adjustments we have planned for."

  • 10K FT Reviewing myself vs 8 elite Regs Part 2

    I've managed to navigate myself to the critical stages of this massive tournament and look to convert a medium stack into a 1st place prize.

  • ICM Collision Effect

    There will often be spots where we can make a profitable open, but folding is better because of people behind clashing. In this video I explain the concepts behind it with some real life examples.

  • Hot spot, cold 4bet shoving as short stack vs polarized range

    "A final table ""hot spot"" which generates a lot of EV where a solver wouldn't allow us to because of the solver ""protecting"" itself"

  • ICM 3 handed - Playing as a 15-40bb Stack vs big stack bully on the button - Simple Preflop + HRC

  • Approaching top heavy payouts and 5k ft footage

    Before playing a $5k High Roller final table, I show you my study process live and prepare for the smaller field payout structure whilst also showing live play from the start of that deep run.

  • LIVE PLAY - Sunday Session - Playing Start of FT

    Approaching the start of a final table will be very different to the mid of late stages of a final table. I have an interesting high roller tournament with 9 players left where I speak live about my decisions based on this stage of the tournament.

  • FT REVIEWS - 10k WSOPC GG with €uropean

    GGpoker often has a very shallow structure on it's final tables, in this video I look at a lot of ICM spots that came up on a final table with a wide variety of player types, speaking about ICM, Collision Effect, GTO and edge passing.

  • 25k FT Review with Adammo, Bencb and Apestyles!

    I analyse a recent final table which included Bencb using an unorthodox limping strategy and Michael Adammo using a very aggressive pre and post flop strategy. Very interesting one!

  • 25k FT Review The final few!

    The final table continues to its latter stages where Adammo ups the pressure on his opponents and we look at how to play back vs aggressive big stacks.

  • GG Poker 10K Final Table Part 1

    10K High Roller with Niklas Asted, Adrian Mateos, Rui Ferrera and others. Commenting on all hands, showing HRC and PIO Sims ...

  • GG POker 10K Final Table Part 2

    Part 2 of this FT Review starts with the Final Table being 7 handed. It plays quite deep at this point with only 1 player being under 20bb and everybody else having 40-60bb.

  • FT Review Crazy 1k Part 1 9 to 6 Handed

    I review the Final Table Replay of this 1k with all cards exposed. I take you through all hands, talk about what i would do, and run some ICM Sims to show you how the spots work.

  • FT Review Crazy 1k Part 2 6 to 4 Handed

    We are down to 6 Players and have some interesting dynamics, as two players have 60bb+ while the other 4 are all around 20bb.

  • FT Review Crazy 1k Part 3 4 Handed to Winner

    We pick up the action 4 handed. The stacks have somewhat evened out and promise some interesting spots for us to analyze.

  • 5k Final Table Part 1 - 9 handed to 6handed feat thenerdguy, 1conorb and tinno!

    Some Big Big Winners battle on this 5k Final Table including tinnoemulder, Lena and conorB1.

  • 5k Final Table Part 2 - 6 handed to 4 handed

    The Players are down to 6 with tinnoomulder having a commanding chiplead sitting on 85bb.

  • $5k Part 3 4 handed to HU

    The Tournament is now down to 4 players with tinno still chipleading. It is an interesting battle for the 210K Up Top.

  • $530 Super Tuesday feat Tinno and an AGGRESSIVE SIMON1471

    I did not want to only include Super High Stakes Tournaments in these reviews, so this time I take you through the Final Table of the 530 Super Tuesday which many Midstakes players can play as well. There is plenty of satelites for this one, so its a good opportunity to fire a shot.

  • $530 Super Tuesday Part 2

    Nobody has yet busted in Part 1, so we resume the action still 9 handed. Again we have tinnoemulder battling here at this FT. Longtime reg and streamer Bparis is also at this FT.

  • $530 Super Tuesday Part 3

    Still no bustouts to start Part 3 but then the action goes quite quick with some interesting spots.

  • 1k Sunday High Roller FT Review 9 to 6 Handed

    Lots of good Players with some recreationals mixed in at this 1k 300K Guaranteed to start it off.

  • 1k Sunday High Roller FT Review 6 to 3 Handed

    We start 6 handed and go through interesting spots with HRC until we are down to 3 Players.

  • 1k Sunday High Roller FT Review 3 Handed to Winner

    Botteonpoker, graftekkel and lissi battle 3 handed at the Start of this video. They are quite deep with interesting ICM implications as we have 90bb 60bb and 25bb stacks to start it off.

  • 10k GG ft feat benCB_girafganger nickpetrangelo Part 1

    I analyse one of the most talked about recent final tables where Bencb clashed with Girafganger, Nick Petrangelo and other high stakes players.

  • 10k GG ft feat benCB_girafganger nickpetrangelo Part 2

    The final table continues as dynamics increase A LOT!

  • 10k GG ft feat benCB_girafganger nickpetrangelo Part 3

    The final table concludes and we analyse shorter handed play and how ICM effects it.

  • Case Study Bubbles in 150-200 Runner fields

    A lot of tournaments we play have 150-200 runners, in this video we analyse the bubble effect in these tournaments and the value of chip preservation vs chip accumulation.

  • Looking at Bubbles in various MTTs with different fieldsizes and % to the money

    I look into different MTTs that we all play and how the bubble effect is changed based on field size.

  • "Developing a shoving range as a ""deep mid stack"" into big stack and small stack"

    I analyse a recent $5k tournament I played where I got 3 handed and had some difficult ICM spots vs difficult stack sizes.

  • Analysing our shoving range for 20+bb when we want to have a rc range.

    I look deeply into how to construct shoving ranges in ICM when we are deepstacked but still want to gain EV with the top of our range too.

  • Winning the $5k SCOOP Part 1

    I review the $5k high roller tournament that I won during SCOOP that was filled with regs.

  • Winning the $5k SCOOP Part 2

    I continue my review of the $5k SCOOP tournament that I won and play down to 4 players.

  • Winning the $5k SCOOP Part 3

    I finish my review the $5k high roller tournament that I won during SCOOP, playing from 4 handed down to heads up.

  • New FT Replay Review: THE CURRENT META

    Description: I review my final table appearance at the High Roller Club $1k event which was filled with strong regulars and lends itself well to discuss the current meta in those tough fields.

  • November Bonus - $1K Sunday High Roller Final Table (Part 1)

    I review my high roller final table from mid November and we start things off with a middling 30BB stack that leaves enough room to play some interesting spots.

  • November Bonus - $1K Sunday High Roller Final Table (Part 2)

    We start part two with two preflop sims of the hands where I got dealt pocket aces and AJ before I continue to break down the action with eight players remaining.

  • November Bonus - $1K Sunday High Roller Final Table (Part 3)

    Just five players are left as I pick up the end-game analysis of the final table. The chip distribution prescribes heavy ICM adjustments which should make for valuable lessons to be learned.

  • New
    Playing as a big stack on final table. Benny Glaser vs Elliot Hudon analysis

    When we have the big stack at the final table we want to be able to utilize it to our advantage and apply pressure where appropriate. I offer my thoughts on how to go about this.

  • New
    Playing your BB on final tables & with ICM implications

    The BB presents a unique situation for us at the final table and we examine it throught he lens of ICM.

  • New
    2023 ICM, 5K Titans Review

    We examine ICM spots from this $5k event.

  • New
    2023 ICM, 5K Titans Review PT2

    More ICM spots from this high stakes MTT.

  • New
    2023 ICM, 5K Titans Review PT3

    The final installment of ICM spots from the $5k Titan.


Segment 4

PADS Preflop Adaptations

  • Intro Preflop Adaptations

  • Deepstacked Blind vs Blind - Maximizing EV with Top of our range at all stack sizes

    I speak about why we want to have a heavy limping range and how to get the maximum EV out of our strongest hands

  • Deepstacked BTN vs SB vs BB

    I look into simple pre flop to analyse how to play in the blinds vs late position and establish the best sizes to use from the two different positions.

  • Mixed Stacksizes - how to play vs Short Stack RFIs as bigger Stack

    I start off looking at the HJ with 50bb and CO through BB having stacks of 12-20bb and later give the BTN a bigger stack as well play around with the SB and BB stacks and look how strategies for both RFI and the responses vs opens change.

  • Hotspot - 4bet shoving 30bb BTN vs SB

    I show a spot that currently prints a lot of money against population.

  • Mixed Stacksizes - Playing 40bb stacks vs 20bb opens

    I take an indepth look at strategies with the Cutoff opening of 21bb and BTN, SB and BB playing with stacks of 35-45bb.

  • Case Study into rejamming SB 3way and how different stack sizes behind influence

    I do a casestudy about squeezing from the Small Blind, changing around stacksizes of both opener and caller as well as the Big Blinds stack and compare which strategy is more profitable.

  • 60bb eff - Entering Pot as 3rd Player

    I look at strategies when two players entered the pot already. Which hands do we call, which do we squeeze and why.

  • HOTSPOT - Squeeze Jamming as 40bb Stack - Importance of Blockers - (video directly related to 004)

    I show the adjustments we need to make when squeezing or overcalling when we are slightly shallower as now Jams become more present and we need start paying more attention to blockers.

  • Mixed Stack Sizes, playing vs short stack jams and playing vs raises when the bb is short

    How do we play when super short stacks go all in but we play deeper effective vs the Stacks behind.

  • Mixed Stack Sizes - Adjusting our Strategy vs passive Limping Whale

    How do we adjust our strategies when a player who plays a very heavy limping strategy and plays 75% of hands entered the pot.

  • Adjusting our strategy with population data. License to raise!

    A lot of players we encounter play much different then a solver or theory suggests. I take a look at population data and provide adjustments on how to react vs such opponents.

  • How to crush the new GGpoker structures and play short stack big blinds properly!

    I discuss an eye opening preflop situation that becomes more and more important in today's tournament landscape - defending the big blind with 5 BBs or less. The defending range will surprise you.

  • How to play pre flop when the blinds are shallow

    I look at the same situation where the BB sits with a super short stack but I switch the focus to adjusting our opening strategy, including finding the optimal RFI sizing.

  • BVB Series Part 1 - Theory And Population Analysis Of BVB

    I discuss some BVB theory and try to give you some practical takeaways that you can use in-game.

  • BVB Series Part 2 - Mid Stack

    I discuss the inflection points between deep stack play and mid stack play and what that should mean for our strategy.

  • BVB Series Part 3 - Playing Shallow BVB

    I discuss shallow stacked play BVB and the differences between theory and what you see in practice.

  • Simple Pre Flop ICM Analysis BTN vs SB vs Remi Lebo

    In this video I use Simple Pre Flop to review a BTN vs SB hand that I played vs Remi Lebo.

  • Simple Pre Flop ICM Analysis 3bet calling "thinly" in ICM

    Using Simple Pre Flop, I review a hand where I 3-bet call AJs SB vs BTN.

  • Jam Ranges When Facing Cold Callers

    I go over a preflop decision that involves an in position cold caller and discuss how his range interacts with our jamming strategy.


Section 5

Live Plays

  • Intro Live Plays

  • $530 Bounty Builder Win: In The Money

    On my birthday I traded birthday cake and beers for a deep run in the high stakes tournament we all love - The Bounty Builder $530!

  • $530 Bounty Builder Win: Final Table

    I navigate my way to the final table with a massive chip lead and speak about how to navigate a big stack into converting a tournament.

  • $530 Bounty Builder: Win Live Play Part 3

    I manage to get short handed vs Dominik Nitsche and run into some really interesting spots vs him which will be critical to come out on top if we are to win the tournament.

  • HAND REVIEWS - Interesting Hands from last LIVE PLAY and important concepts

    After finishing the tournament, I review the footage and go deeper into the spots and concepts that I spoke about.

  • Day 2 of $1k Win - Part 1

    I make day 2 of a really nice $1k series event with a massive chiplead and start recording from the first hand. I also have some other really interesting tables and opponents up.

  • Day 2 of $1k Win - Part 2

    I manage to make strides towards and into the final table with a really good stack, I have some critical spots vs some of the best players in the world.

  • Day 2 of $1k Win - Part 3

    I continue the grind towards victory with some pivotal big pots.

  • Sunday Highroller Session

    Making my way to the last 6 tables of a Sunday session I start recording, especially interesting as we are about to make the final table of a big $1k tournament that should be very interesting.

  • Sunday Highroller Session: Playing Short handed

    I continue the run to victory trying to bully the table and use our big stack to our advantage.

  • Sunday Highroller Getting Heads Up with Girafganger

    I make it to the deepest stages, but a tough GirafGanger won't make it easy.


    I've got a lot of tables with huge stacks and I talk about how I try to convert them into $s

  • Getting to the FT

    My big stacks have progressed and I'm now on a huge final table thats playing BANANAS.

  • Finishing the session

    I finish the session looking to lock up some wins.

  • Live Play from 2 big tournaments

    I had two nice runs on screen and speak about the strategy of playing at the start of ITM

  • Playing a shorter stack in ICM

    I run my stack up and then down and speak about the importance of not playing a short stack too slow

  • PSKO High Roller FT with interesting player profiles

    The final table brings a lot of interesting discussion about how much risk to take and how we can capitalise on good fortune

  • Insane short stack spots + Tough Heads Up Battle

    I get into some sick short stack spots and then navigate to Heads Up where we have a huge battle.

  • Sunday $5k + BIG BLOWOUT

    I have a few really interesting tables open, including the $109 big blowout which I eventually finished 15th out of 35,000+ people. I speak about playing the bubble and the mid stages whilst battling the biggest HR's

  • Another High Roller Deep Run

    I make another deep run in the Blowout series and focus on the final two tables against some very aggro regs!

  • Sunday $5k

    I have a Sunday session where I'm building a big stack in a $5k tournament, we start to approach the bubble.

  • 5K Big Stack on bubble

    I make a big stack going into the money and speak about when and how to be careful and navigate in fields that are polarised between top regs and amateurs.

  • LIVE PLAY - Sunday 13th Part 3 - Day 2 5k 2 Million GTD

    I'm down to the last 20 players in this big $5k tournament and I pull up every table and follow all the action.

  • LIVE PLAY - Sunday November 22nd - 1st live Session

    The first live footage I did in the course! Early play on a Sunday, playing chipev before any exciting stuff.

  • March Bonus - Live Play Deep Run and FT of 5K Part 1

    Day 2 of the $5k on Stars kicks off just before the bubble with 25 players remaining and 23 making the money and I'm sitting on a 60BB stack which puts me firmly in the top 5

  • March Bonus - Live Play Deep Run and FT of 5K Part 2

    I near the final table bubble looking to abuse some of the smaller stacks as I hold a commanding chiplead at my table and am second overall in chips.

  • March Bonus - Live Play Deep Run and FT of 5K Part 3

    I pick up the action on the final table discussing the tough table draw, including fellow Run It Once coach Kevin Rabichow, before jumping right into play.

  • March Bonus - Live Play Deep Run and FT of 5K Part 4

    Second in chips with six players left, I look to leverage ICM to close the gap between me and the chipleader.

  • Stars $1k Main Win (Part 1)

    I do live commentary of the $1,050 Sunday High Roller on Pokerstars as the chip leader with 14 players remaining.

  • Stars $1k Main Win (Part 2)

    I continue live commentary of the $1,050 Sunday High Roller on Pokerstars as we approach the final table bubble.

  • Stars $1k Main Win (Part 3)

    We continue the $1,050 Sunday High Roller series as the chip leader with 4 players remaining.

  • August Bonus - Sunday WSOP Session (Part 1)

    I launch this session just after having won the $1k Warm-Up but I'm still deep in 5 more tournaments including the $1k WSOP event playing for $600k and the $5k High Roller Club.

  • August Bonus - Sunday WSOP Session (Part 2)

    We pick up the action with three deep runs left and quite deep stacks on all tables which makes for some interesting decisions.

  • August Bonus - Sunday WSOP Session (Part 3)

    Part three of this Sunday session kicks off with two tables left and us being the chip leader at a $1k Final Table which makes for some interesting Final Table ICM.

  • Sunday Session Day 2: $5,200 Titan w/ $200k for First (Part 1)

    Day 2 of the $5,200 Titan on Stars kicks off with 19 players left and I'm in a promising position as 2nd in chips.

  • Sunday Session Day 2: $5,200 Titan w/ $200k for First (Part 2)

    We continue the end game of the $5,200 Titan with 12 players left having both tables on screen to make sure that we don't miss any crucial action.

  • Sunday Session Day 2: $5,200 Titan Final Table (Part 1)

    The final table is in full swing and I'm third in chips but the stack sizes are very close which should make for some tough ICM decisions.

  • Sunday Session Day 2: $5,200 Titan Final Table (Part 2)

    I launch this final installment of the $5,200 live play series with four players left hoping to lock in the title along with the $200k first place price money.

  • December Bonus - Sunday Live Session: Regging and Early Game

    I press the record button right at the beginning of a Sunday live session regging every tournament with a buy-in over $500 across Stars, Party and GG.

  • December Bonus - Sunday Live Session: Building Some Big Stacks

    I busted some bullets in part but we also return as the chipleader in the $1k as we try to build up some stacks across more tournaments.

  • December Bonus - Sunday Live Session: Battling vs High Stakes Regs

    We start off the hour with a small upset but soldier on ready to battle some strong regs like Sam Greenwood and Alex Theologis who are sitting to my direct left across two tables.

  • $5k Final Table: Grinding It up From Last Place

    I just advanced to the final table of the $5,200 on Stars and hit the record button as the short stack at the table. During the video we check out tonkaaaa's time-delayed stream to get some further insight on interesting hands.

  • $5k Final Table: Getting Back in Business

    Having ended part one on a disappointing 3-bet fold that crippled our stack we are not giving up on our plan to grind it up again with seven players left.

  • $5k Final Table: $45k Guaranteed - Fighting for $160k

    In part three we find oursevles in a more promising position! We're ready to get into some interesting ICM decisions covering three players whilst also facing two big stacks.

  • Tuesday Session w/ Deep Runs (Part 1)

    I find myself in promising positions across three tournaments in a Tuesday session and decide to launch a live play series.

  • Tuesday Session w/ Deep Runs (Part 2)

    Part two picks up the action at two final tables and with a good chance to add a third one and we find ourselves faced with some action right at the start of this installment.

  • Tuesday Session w/ Deep Runs (Part 3)

    The final instlalment covers the heads-up battle for the title in the $525 High Roller on GG as well as both final tables on Stars with middling stacks.


Section 6

Guest Appearances

  • Intro Guest Appearances

  • HH review with Patrick Brooks 215 Bounty Builder Win on Stars Part 1

    Patrick Brooks, longtime BitB Player and Coach joins me to review his 215 Bounty Builder Win from Pokerstars. Part 1 takes us through the early stages of the Tournament.

  • HH review with Patrick Brooks 215 Bounty Builder Win on Stars Part 2

    We progress through the tournament and end up at a very interesting and super active Final Table. We get an indepth look at Brooks approach to poker.

  • Pads reviews 530 GG Poker Millions with Ceis - Part 1

    Ceis is an up and coming 19 year old finish player who had a fantastic 2020. Being a low stakes player he won an 11$ satelite into a 1k and chopped it HU for a massive 70K score. Then within weeks of each other he finished 3rd twice in the 530 HR Millions on GG poker for 130k each time. Ceis and Pads take us through one of his 130k scores and talk about the main differences in approaching events that are well structured and play deep vs events that are quicker and shallower at the end and demand a different strategy.

  • Pads reviews 530 GG Poker Millions with Ceis - Part 2

    We are in the midstages of Day 2 through this video and Ceis and I talk about the important hands he played here.

  • Pads reviews 530 GG Poker Millions with Ceis - Part 3

    As we approach the money we continue to look at key hands Ceis played.

  • Pads reviews 530 GG Poker Millions with Ceis - Part 4

    Ceis now reached the Final Table and we talk about the unique things from GG like seat selection at the start of a Final Table. The FT plays quite shallow compared to some other Big Series Final Tables.

  • Pads reviews Juggernaut Win by Mrbradleyy Part 1

    Bradley Harwood streams on twitch and has seen a quick rise to the higher stakes within a short period of time. He started his journey with Low Stakes Sit and Goes with a 2k Roll just 2.5 years ago, built his Bankroll through $3.50s 180 Mans and is now a regular in higher stakes games with an Average buyin over 100$. He won the GG Masters for 45k, had a SCOOP score for 90k and ended his 2020 with over 220k of profits. In this Guest appearance he talks about game selecting across various sites while Pads and him take us through his Juggernaut win on Partypoker.

  • Pads reviews Juggernaut Win by Mrbradleyy Part 2

    In Part 2 we go through the midstages and look at the key hands.

  • Pads reviews Juggernaut Win by Mrbradleyy Part 3

    In the Final Part we are close to the Final Table and talk about strategies in the late stages of a Tourney while later looking at every hand from the Final Table.

  • HH Review with escapemissio 530 Big Blowout for 680K part 1

    Przemek "aka" Escapemissio recently chopped the $530 Big Blowout Main Event on Pokerstars for a lifechanging 680K score. In Part 1 Pads and Przemek take us through some big hands from Day 1 and 2 where both discuss strategies as well as the general approach to early stages of a huge field MTT with many recreational players.

  • HH Review with escapemissio 530 Big Blowout for 680K Part 2

    Part 2 picks up on Day 3 with 16 Players left. To start Patrick and Przemek discuss how to prepare for a big spot like this, what research to do on opponents and how to generally prepare for the big spot. Midway through Part 2 the Final Table begins.

  • HH Review with escapemissio 530 Big Blowout for 680K Part 3

    Part 3 resumes with the rest of the Final Table where every major hand is talked about. Przemek made a deal Headsup for 680K.

  • New
    Analyzing Adammo

    Adammo is one of the best in the business and we try to glean what we can from how he approaches the game.


Section 7

Heads Up

  • Intro Heads Up

  • Preflop Strategies

    I show you the preflop ranges for various stack sizes for Heads Up Games. In this video I focus mostly on Raising Ranges from the Button and the Big Blinds response vs those.

  • Preflop Strategies - Cementing our Strategy based on limping frequencies

    I take you through limping strategies and responses vs limps.

  • HU with Kevin Rabichow - Preflop Strategies - General Discussion

    Kevin Rabichow joins me to talk about Heads Up Preflop Strategies in general.

  • HU with Kevin Rabichow - Preflop Strategies - Stacks above 30bb

    Kevin and I go through Ranges, talk about how to adjust vs certain player Types and what to take into account for Deepstacked Heads Up Games.

  • HU with Kevin Rabichow - Preflop Strategies - 30bb and below

    In this Part Kevin and I focus on the shallower Heads Up Stages where we play 30bb effective or less.

  • HU with Kevin Rabichow - Hand Review Part 1 - Super Deep Stacks

    Its time to review some hands, and Kevin and I picked the Heads Up Match between Michael Addamo and Isaac Haxton from the WPT. In this first part we look at hands where both players are extremely deep with stacks sometimes over 100bb effective.

  • HU with Kevin Rabichow - Hand Review Part 2 - 40-60bb eff

    As blinds go up the effective stack size went down in this Heads Up Match and Kevin and I now talk about strategies of mostly 40-60bb Heads Up Play as we review the hands from this WPT Championship Match.

  • HU with Kevin Rabichow - Hand Review Part 3 - Playing Down To a winner

    In the Final Part the HeadsUp Match reached the shallow effective Stack territory and thus strategies again shift and we review how both Players battle down to a winner.

  • Play and Explains for HU - 530 Bounty Builder HU vs Dominik Nitsche

    I reached the Heads Up in this 530 Bounty Builder Tournament and battle vs Dominik Nitsche for the title and all the bounties. I commented on my play live while playing so you get my direct thoughts from in game.

  • HU Liveplay 1k Blowoutseries

    Another Heads Up Match, this time its me playing in the 1k Blowout Series Event for the Title. I comment no my play while playing this Tournament.

  • New
    Heads Up 2023, slightly adjusting our strategywith some new sizes

    If we're routinely finding ourselves HU, that's a good thing! I provide a few tips and tricks for sealing the deal.

  • New
    Heads up 2023, analysing Romeopro vs Selouan

    We look at two elite players to see if we can find anything that we can implement into our own HU play.


Section 8

Off the Tables

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT! How to plan and view your week of poker

    I speak about where EV comes from in poker and how you should base your week to maximise it.

  • Bankroll management, variance, tournament data and investment plans

    I talk about variance, how to analyse your win rate,how to create an investment plan and how to manage your bankroll.

  • Legal tools I use in game to gain an edge

    I show the tools that I use to make my sessions as smooth as possible.

  • What i use to go over HHs

    I show the best site imo for analysing your game and working with a coach.

  • How to use study with HRC

    I show how to use different functions of HRC and a look into the monte carlo function which takes into account blocker effects to a higher degree.

  • Pio Tutorial

    "I show how to use Piosolver, which inputs to use, how to analyse the outputs and little features you may not be familiar with. Definitely would recommend watching this before ""postflop"" if you're not super familar with Pio."

  • PADS Q&A Session #1

    I answer the questions that you have submitted since PADS on PADS launched.

  • Simple Pre Flop Tutorial

    Getting started building your own preflop solutions with a solver can be challenging at first. In this video I guide you through everything you need to know when solving preflop for the first time with Simple Preflop.

  • Introduction to Odin: Playing Against Aggro Big Blind

    In this video, I use Odin to examine how you should play against aggressive Big Blinds.

  • New
    Playing 100 hands against the bot to train ourselves

    You can't always rely on playing to get better in specific situations so here we turn to the bot to study the scenarios we want.

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